11 Popular Tools for Broadcasting Live Video Online

The trend of live streaming to social media is spreading faster than a jungle fire these days and people who are active on social media platforms often wonder how others do it. If you are the same and you want to know more about live web streaming then here’s a list of 11 popular tools for broadcasting live video online that are simpler than you think. Have a look.

1. Facebook Live

This is the most popular option chosen by people who want to try live streaming to social media. All you need to do is click on the “Go Live” Button and click on “Finish” when you are done. You can save the video for future use or simply delete it. You also control who sees it and what quality it should be in.

2. IBM Cloud Video

If you own a business and you want to cover an event like a new product launch, using IBM’s cloud video is your best bet. You should opt for a 30-day free trial and upgrade when you want to. Upgradation would give you access to custom plans.

3. YouTube Live

Go to the Video Manager section of YouTube, click on “Live Events” and enable live streaming. Then turn on the webcam and engage with your followers in real time. You can also reply to comments in real time. You can also monetize these broadcasts and earn some good money.

4. Instagram Live Video

People who have a lot of followers on Instagram and want to show them something new like a new recipe they tried or a new workout they did, they do it by sharing a live video with followers in real time. Do note that when this video is over, it won’t appear anywhere on Instagram. So, make sure your audience sees it in time.

5. Periscope Producer

If you are an avid Twitter user and you wish to try live streaming to social media, you can use Periscope Producer to stream live videos via Android and iOS smartphones. These videos will be saved as a tweet and you can delete them whenever you wish.

6. Livestream

People who want to create top quality live streams can try any packages offered by Livestream, a website that powers 10 million events on an annual basis. The fast and outstanding customer service of the company sets it apart from the rest.

7. Twitch

Video gaming enthusiasts use Twitch to live broadcast their games, compete with others and teach other gamers. This platform is suitable for hardcore gaming lovers only.

8. YouNow

If you wish to create more casual live streams and need a platform, YouNow might be a good option. It’s popular among teenagers but privacy is a concern here as the company reserves the right to use content any way it wants.

9. Tinychat

In case the core aim of your live streams is to engage with the audience and chat with people then you can trust this online video chat community. Here you can create a video chat room in any category and invite people to it or join an existing room.

10. Bambuser

When looking to create live videos with low latency, you can trust this platform. It is awesome choice for meeting all your mobile live video stream needs. Go for a free trial and buy premium membership if you find it good enough for your live streaming needs.

11. XSplit

If you want to create a live HD broadcast in a short amount of time then the free version of XSplit is perfect for you. Many event professionals trust it to provide tools & plugins that clean up video and audio of their live streams.