5 best background eraser tools online

Why does one need a background eraser? If you are an SMM or digital marketing specialist – you know that it always takes a lot of time to find a matching image. And usually when you do, it has some strange background you need to get rid of. It has been proven that a clear white background improves conversion rates and increases sales. Moreover, it even decreases the storage space required for images.

Fortunately, there are some free services that can help you with removing image backgrounds. Of course if you are a Photoshop guru, you will do it better and faster, but if not – you will probably find these background remover tools useful:

  1. Malabi  – Our choice. Simple, straightforward solution. Upload your image, click the button, enjoy your image without the background. Worked for us for 8 images out of 10. Pretty good.
  2. Clippingmagic – Similar technology, but less handy marking tool. That’s why it gets the second place. Worked for 7 images out for 10.
  3. Background burner – Has a nice feature that tries to guess the background and remove it without the marking tool, giving you 4 different versions of the formatted image.  The problem is that the tool worked for only 3 images out of 10. As a manual background eraser worked for only 5 images out of 10. 
  4. Autoclipping  – The tool has additional basic design tools such as adding text. So if you are in a hurry, it might be helpful. This tool doesn’t have automatic background recognition. 
  5. Photoscissors  – The best manual removal tool, but we want to work less, right? So it only made the cut at number 2 on our list. In any case, If you have a tricky image, you might want to try this one first.

If you take images by yourself (for your product collection or e-commerce site for example), here are some tips on how to take it, so it will be easier to remove the background:

  1. Make sure the object is in FOCUS
  2. Use a light filled image
  3. Use a clear and uncluttered background
  4. Make sure the object is in contrast to the background