Visual IVR Benefits

The world of technology is changing rapidly and thanks to it, new ways of serving customers are coming up. One of the technologies that have gained a lot of attention lately is visual IVR. As the name suggests, this innovation is a support platform that guides inbound callers so that they can have a web-based support experience. The customers are free to choose from self-service options or talk to a support resource that can offer an instant resolution.

Why Should You Think of Adopting Visual IVR Platform?

You should seriously consider opting for visual IVR because many of the customers still prefer phone assistance over chat or emails. Also, many customers complain that they can’t get the self-service option to work for them. Visual IVR allows customers who want to contact you via phone and understand their problem perfectly to get the best of both services. A customer can call the customer service agent via phone and get instant solution for the problem by transitioning to web-based support experience.

Why Is Visual IVR the Best Customer Service Tool?

If you wish to know why visual IVR is the best customer service tool then here are a few benefits that might enlighten you in this regard.

  • Customers Love It

A key benefit of opting for this service is that it will keep the customers happy. When customers get to explain their problems in detail and get a perfect solution, they will be more likely to choose you over the competitors, and you will get a loyal customer.

  • Easy Routing

The customers are usually able to route themselves by seeing the next course of action on the web. They don’t have to listen to all the options (like with telephonic services). They have to pick the option they like and connect to the right agent during the first attempt only. This leads to less frustration among the customers and lower zero outs.

  • Reduced Call Volume

When all your existing and prospective customers get used to visual IVR, they will be less likely to contact your customer support team via voice calls which would lead to reduced call volume. Reduced call volumes would increase the productivity of the employees and help you to reduce the workforce, as well as most queries, would be solved in less time than the phone call method.

  • Customer Retention

Research has shown that majority of the customers who are not satisfied with the customer service support of a company the first time don’t even bother to buy from that company again. If you don’t want the same to happen to your brand, then you better get visual IVR and help your customers to feel privileged and respected.


In essence, it can be seen that though telephonic IVR is a good option, visual IVR benefits are much more and highly substantial. If you adopt the latter, you will start reaping the aforementioned benefits from day one. You would also enhance the value of your brand as most customers prefer to buy from a brand that adopts latest technologies and offers the best service to the customer way before the competitors.

Impressed? Seek a good visual IVR providing company now and make a difference to how your customers get the opportunity to solve all their queries.


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