5 Ways Visual IVR Solutions EnhancesThe Self-Service Experience

Consumer empowerment as well as self-service always go hand-in-hand and presently quite a few consumers are looking forward to getting quick answers. In order to win consumer confidence and establish long-term loyalty, it is essential to give them the tools for faster and optimize services. One of the tools which can be offered is visual IVR which is an interactive speech response or a conversational IVR which utilizes either language recognition or other technology to facilitate the identification and the routing of callers to agents that are most qualified. However, in order to benefit from the feature of IVR, there is a necessity to offer visual IVR solutions because it can speed up the experience of self-service by giving consumers the ability to quickly sweep their way through lists and obtain the services they need. Given below are five methods of how visual IVR can enhance the experience of self-service to achieve optimum consumer satisfaction.

Visual IVR Offers A Modernized Self-Service Experience

Visual IVR basically offers the consumer a method to touch their way through menus that are visible. The need for consumers to listen to long menus is eliminated by allowing them quickly to skip ahead by using their mobile devices to get the information they need. Moreover, visual IVR also allows the consumer to get into the queue of an agent when required and even supports text to speech in various languages on both sides of the call. Visual IVR makes self-service easy and allows the agents better to manage consumer lines and precisely determine expected times for the overall achievement.

Time-Saving Privileges For Consumers And Contact Centers

Reaching a consumer service agent within a short time certainly proves beneficial for the consumer. However visual IVR ensures that the call is routed to the agent best qualified to handle the problem. The problem of consumers being transferred to different agents is eliminated and so is the problem of explaining their issue over and over again. Additionally, visual IVR also eliminates the problem of dropped calls because it has a system of automatic callbacks which save time for the consumers especially when they have been waiting for some time in a queue.

Visual IVR Ensures Better Efficiency From the Agent

Efficiency is not just about reducing time but is also about accomplishing tasks in an organized manner and confidently. Visual IVR solutions enables contact center agents to deliver optimum services because their skills are almost matched to the needs of the consumer who may be looking for specific expertise. Moreover, the efficiency of the agents also improves because they gain additional time to focus on various tasks or serve consumers on various channels.

Visual IVR Is A Portable Self-Service Medium

Visual IVR has become the perfect tool for consumer support because the use of smartphones is increasing especially for matters related to consumer service. Studies conducted by Google reveal that more customers are likely to return to a user-friendly website of a company while nearly 48% are frustrated if the website is not optimized for mobile services. It is essential to give customers fast and easy access to customer service because it is critical for the growth of the brand and preventing loss of customers.

Enhancement Of Consumer Satisfaction And Reduction In Costs for The Contact Center

Finally, Visuals IVR Solutions are extremely cost-efficient. It is inexpensive to deploy than conventional IVR systems and can be combined seamlessly into an IVR system which already exists. Contact center agents do not need to be trained to locate the information provided by the system automatically thereby indicating that agents are not likely to spend extra time on the phone with customers and therefore reduce the costs for the contact center. Eventually, the consumer receives a quality self-service encounter which displays the efficiency of the brand and enhances the satisfaction of the consumer along with his or her loyalty.

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Visual Ivr Solutions
Visual Ivr Solutions