Reducing Two Wheeler Accidents With V2X Communication

The availability of V2X communication should not make drivers of motorcycles overconfident that they just need to hold the handlebar of the motorcycle and remain unconcerned about any hazards. Motorcycle drivers must understand that the technology is still being developed and is unlikely to be fully functional until 2024 when it is expected to be fully operative.

When compared to other vehicles motorcycles are tiny and are also fast which makes them difficult to visualize. This is the reason why motorcyclists are likelier to be involved in car accidents and the crash is more likely to cause fatalities because of the physical vulnerability of the rider. The V2X solution is capable of warning motorcycle drivers of hazards that are upcoming and helping the drivers to understand the dangers around the corner or which may be hidden behind other vehicles.

Is V2X Communication Really Essential?

It is an acknowledged fact that a major portion of drivers that are involved in an accident with a motorcycle often claim they never visualized the motorcycle arriving. Motorcycles are difficult to visualize because of their tiny size as well as their high-speed and maneuverability. Identifying or predicting their path can be immensely challenging and increase the vulnerability of the driver. The NHTSA has confirmed that fatalities among motorcycle drivers are approximately 27 times higher than the drivers of other vehicles. A rough estimate states that about 5000 fatalities of motorcycle riders are recorded every year and nearly a third of the drivers were not seen when the accident occurred.

The sensor technology available presently is not reliable and the figures mentioned above prove clearly that a third of motorcycle drivers weren’t even seen because they were obstructed. The V2X solution which is promoted by the DSRC has the potential to reduce a major portion of the accidents that are presently recorded. V2X communication is capable of operating independently or as equivalent to additional sensor technologies. The technology being promoted by DSRC is widely believed to be the premier solution for communication and security that will prove helpful for drivers to prevent motorcycle and car accidents. Manufacturers of the technology are joining the connected motorcycle consortium in order to achieve the vision of a uniform platform for motorcycles for communication between the vehicle and the motorcycle.

What Is The Concept Behind V2X Communication For Motorcycles

The concept behind the V2X solution is simple. This is an affordable solution which is easy to install on motorcycles potentially to create a greater impact in reducing motorcycle accidents. This is a comprehensive resolution which can accelerate combining V2X solutions among all users on the roads.

Motorcyclists are advised that these solutions haven’t still obtained full functionality and the software as it is presently available depends on various factors to alert the motorcycle driver of hazards which may be around the corner. As mentioned earlier the full functionality of the solutions is still some time away and will only be available in 2024. Easy as it may be to install and operate it is still in its infancy despite high-level functionality being reported by a number of promoters.

V2X communication is certainly one that will be widely anticipated by motorcycle riders because it is an advance warning system of the type that is presently being used in autonomous cars. V2X solutions have the potential to prevent accidents by warning both motorcycle and vehicle drivers of the dangers ahead and therefore using the solutions even as they are presently being promoted will ensure a degree of safety for drivers of all vehicles. The advances that are being made in technology may make these solutions indispensable in the future and greatly reduce the number of accidents that are being seen at the moment.