5 Easy Steps To Migrate Content From Google Drive To Dropbox

People who are storing large amounts of data on their computers will definitely be using some of the popular web-based platforms such as Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive, and other platforms as storage points which at sometime would begin overflowing because of the limited storage capacity they offer. People begin feeling the need to migrate their content and files to other platforms and begin searching over the Internet for a suitable option for themselves. It has commonly been observed that people are looking forward to moving away from Dropbox to other platforms but in this article, we are considering how people can indulge in Google Drive migration without compromising on the quality or quantity of their storage.

People that want to move from Google Drive to Dropbox now have the choices available to them and provided by one of the largest developers in the world. Adding files and content from Google Drive to Dropbox is no longer a hassle because people do not have to get into file conversions that are messy as well as inconvenient. This is particularly useful if people are collaborating with others that are not using Google Drive. The following five steps will give people an idea of how they can synchronize Google drive and dropbox efficiently.

People considering a move from Google Drive to Dropbox will initially need to visit the chrome web store and conduct a search for sync Google drive. They also need to install the extension and be prepared to authorize it to access their drive and Dropbox accounts when prompted.

People will have the option to sync their files both ways and therefore they should select the two cloud accounts they want to sync during the initial synchronization. Alternatively, they can also switch to one-way sync if it is suitable for them.

They should thereafter drag the Google drive icon into the box selected earlier after making a choice of the files and documents they want to sync.

Thereafter they can drop the Dropbox icon into the second box after selecting where they are likely to sync the files chosen.

After completing the initial four steps people only need to click start sync and begin observing their files begin to move from Google Drive to Dropbox.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

All this while people have been concentrating on migrating files from Dropbox to other platforms and often complaining that Dropbox does not provide them the kind of flexibilities they need. However many have overcome these problems and are finding dropbox a better platform than the others. They have even decided to invest some money in a paid account with Dropbox and it is common for such people to want to have all the files in one location to another then spread them across different cloud-based platforms over the Internet.

Developers over the Internet have thus far concentrated on moving content, pictures and other documents from Dropbox to other platforms and haven’t given much thought to whether a few would want to work in the opposite direction and move from Google Drive to Dropbox. Fortunately, things are now changing and developers are beginning to realize they need to serve all users and not just the people that are making the most popular decisions. This realization by developers has led to platforms for Google drive migration also being developed and helping quite a few people successfully to move from Google Drive to Dropbox without the hassle of getting into messy conversions and most importantly also collaborating with people who have stayed away from Google Drive until this moment.



Google Drive migration
Google Drive migration