Professor David Vorcheimer Explains How Patients Are Benefiting With Sleep Apnea Diagnosis from Home

Professor David Vorcheimer explains it all:

Quite a few descriptions of sleep apnea tests have been provided by a number of medical professionals who have all confirmed that it can take months before an individual suffering from the problem of sleep apnea can even get an appointment to be diagnosed for the condition. Information about how the tests are intrusive and will require the patient to travel far and wide, spending a lot of money and also wait for sometime before he or she can get the results of the diagnosis make it difficult for many people even to accept they are in need of the tests. The descriptions provided by medical professionals can very well be considered the truth as they are are only stating the facts and are fully aware of the kind of difficulties people are required to encounter when confronted with the need for going through a sleep apnea test in a clinic.

While the descriptions provided by medical professionals cannot be ignored one must also take a look at the explanations provided by Professor David Vorcheimer who is a cardiologist in New York and is affiliated with a number of hospitals in the area. Professor David Vorcheimer as he is popularly known is also aware of the problems which are faced by people suffering from this condition and provides an information of why he believes people should be more concerned about this problem rather than consider it just a minor issue which will go away by itself.

Prof. David Vorcheimer practices in a role at a large medical facility in New York looking out to both inpatients and outpatients within the cardiology department. The professor explains how he observed patients becoming confused as to why cardiologists were inquiring about sleep apnea problems when they were approached with a problem related to cardiac care. Professor Vorcheimer had to explain to the patients that they were adopting a holistic approach and trying to provide the person total care rather than just provide attention to the heart before they were convinced and decided to accept the advice provided by the professor.

Prof. David Vorcheimer explains how patients began to understand and appreciate his view when he explained to them that he was not just trying to make changes to their prescriptions but also making an attempt to find the underlying causes which were resulting in problems for the patient and making them more susceptible to cardiac problems. The professor explains how the awareness about sleep apnea has increased among the community after patients were provided explanations about the reasons why they could be suffering from the problems.

Sleep apnea is not a problem which was discovered overnight and has been prevailing among a number of people for years together. Most people are aware of the old methods which were being used for testing and diagnosing this condition and fully understand the kind of difficulties they will have to go through before they can get a diagnostic view from the treating physician. This is apart from the costs which are involved and the time that people have to wait for the testing which in many cases exceeded weeks or months. The methods used earlier not only caused a lot of stress among the patients But also made it difficult for them to get the treatment needed in the early stages simply because technology had not advanced to provide physicians and doctors immediate results which are now available from home sleep apnea testing devices such as watchPat.

Professor David Vorcheimer explains how many people have informed him they were able to begin losing weight after being treated for the problem of sleep apnea while others have mentioned that they find themselves more energetic during the day which was a problem they were unable to overcome earlier. The improvements in patients have been attributed to the home sleep apnea testing device which is presently available in the form of WatchPat which is a device for the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea and the treatment. Patients are now in a position to benefit by using the home sleep study equipment and avail for themselves ongoing care with convenience. The cardio sleep solutions which are presently available can provide patients with a total sleep solution with the sleep study monitor which considers there is an established link between sleep apnea and cardiac health.

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  Professor David Vorcheimer: Apnea Monitor Manufacturers