Mbappe VS Modric – FIFA World Cup 2018 in Google Trends

If you are not familiar with the Google Trends tool – you better be. ‘Cause its amazing, like everything Google does. And even a bit better.

In a few words – Google Trends is a free tool, allowing you to see statistic data for search terms searched with Google. The numbers are not absolute, of course. One can’t just learn how many times people searched for a brand or a person. This would be too much power for any responsibility 🙂 Not for free, anyway. But you can see the trend and it is more than enough data one can learn a lot from.

So, we decided to check, how the last World Cup affected Google search in the United States. We took the data from the last 90 days in the US.

  1. We started with “Mondial” obviously. As you can see, till the middle of June, nobody was really bothered about it 🙂 
  2. This year the World Cup took place in Russia, so we expected the term to grow as well. And it definitely did.
  3. Croatia was for sure the biggest hero of this Mondial. France, I am sorry, nothing personal, but you’ve been there, done that. And the Croatian guys did the impossible. So, we’ve included Croatia too. You can see that here that the trend is a bit different, it’s clearly aligned with the progress the Croatian team made during the world cup.
  4. And what about the players? One of the biggest fan disputes in the last few days was “Modric or Mbappe”. The Young French talent received the best young player award, but many people think he could take the Golden Ball. So, these guys for sure are quite popular in Google. Lets see:

So, at least in the US, we can say that Mbappe was way more popular. Its also interesting, that Modric queries are much more “personal”, people want to know about his wife and height for example 🙂

Using Google Trends, you can learn a lot about brand seasonality, popularity, awareness etc. And its fun too, isn’t it?