The Most Reliable And Accurate Home Sleep test Equipment In 2018

Would it have been possible even to consider having home sleep test equipment at home for a diagnosis of sleep apnea a few years earlier? It would have been unthinkable for most as physicians did not have the option of using home sleep study equipment and had to refer patients to sleep study clinics which often had a waiting time of months apart from costing the patient a pile of money for the study which was needed before sleep apnea could be diagnosed.

Home sleep study device
Sleep study device

Over the last decade, things have been changing especially after the American Academy Of Sleep Medicine published the guides for the use of unattended monitors for diagnosing obstructive sleep apnea. The study by the Academy was published in December 2007 and physicians had been using home sleep test equipment just three months later from March 2008. Thereafter the Academy has accepted in 2017 after technological advances were observed to confirm home sleep tests were technically adequate for diagnosing obstructive sleep apnea in patients.


WatchPat which is one of the leaders for providing the most accurate and reliable home study equipment in 2018 is an ideal solution both for cardiologists and patients because it provides a number of benefits for both. Insurance carriers have begun approving sleep apnea tests conducted from home with the help of this equipment as the first line of defense for patients with the possibility of having OST. The test is conducted in an environment which is friendly and familiar to the patient and is comfortable than a test in a lab. The tests are not stressful because patients are not required to travel to a sleep clinic and undergo preparations of different kinds before they are diagnosed as having the condition of sleep apnea. Most importantly it is also resulting in lower out-of-pocket expenses and leaving the patient happier.


Cardiologists find themselves in a position where they can focus on improving the quality of life of their patients after receiving the outcome from the home sleep study equipment by providing speedy treatment for the condition of sleep apnea. The equipment WatchPat combines the accuracy of PSG along with the simplicity of pulse oximetry and being cost-effective provides patients an opportunity to decide quickly about having the tests rather than delay the diagnosis of the condition simply because they do not have the finances available with them.


It is an established fact that most patients are not comfortable subjecting themselves to a sleep study beyond their house. Patients often mentioned they were not convinced with the results because of the discomfort they were going through which did not allow them to sleep. WatchPat is perhaps bringing about a change in the minds of patients who seem to be convinced that a test conducted at home and in their own bed without being invasive is a better method and are therefore prepared to accept the diagnosis as well as the treatment which follows it.


Patients who are suffering from sleep apnea and have for reasons best known to themselves refrained from undergoing a sleep apnea test can now reconsider and have a consultation with their cardiologist to understand whether they can arrange for the home sleep study equipment to have the condition diagnosed and begin receiving the treatment they need. The decision will perhaps make it easier for them to receive treatment for sleep apnea as well as prevent them from having to deal with other conditions which could follow easily. Patients need to understand things are changing fast and making it convenient for them to have a number of tests conducted from the comfort of their home rather than searching for a clinic and going through a lot of stress.

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