Trouble waking up? Top waking up apps

Having trouble waking up in the morning or after taking your afternoon nap? How about getting a special and fun wake-up call to start your day by using waking up apps. After using and trying around 50 different and special waking up apps from all over the world, I would like to recommend some of my favorite ones

Having trouble waking up?

AlarmMon: Do you consider yourself a gamer? Do you love the gaming industry? Do you like being challenged in the morning? How about computer graphics?
If you’ve answered most of the questions with a yes then Alarmon is especially made for you, personally I don’t like challenges early in the morning and would love to be left with my coffee alone but I consider myself a gamer, love the designs and sometimes I sleep in the afternoon so that later on I am definitely up for some if not all challenges

Wake up apps

Alarm clock for heavy sleepers: I admit I am a heavy sleeper and I have trouble waking up, a type of person who used to use 3 alarm clocks all at once and sometimes one after another placing it in three corners of the room, since I found this waking up app it made my life much easier, You can assign each alarm with a separate audio track and volume and customize it any way you want, so I tried a variety of waking up apps
If you still have a very hard time struggling with waking up I suggest adding a puzzle so the alarm won’t shut down until you solve it

waking up app
Alarm Clock for heavy sleepers

Good morning Alarm Clock: By taking care of your sleeping routine the good morning alarm clock will show you the way, you can enjoy very soothing and gentle sounds, natural sounds, if you are into a heavy metal apps in the morning then this one is not for you.There is also an option to customize the alerts such as setting the ringtone to gradually get louder and eventually waking up calm in a spiritual state, many features to examine.

wake up app
Good Morning Alarm clock

Snap me up: Although this alarm is a simple invention it has one of the cutest features ever.
The idea of the app is for you to snap a selfie of yourself first thing in the morning, until you take a picture of yourself it’s safe to say the alarm just won’t stop, you do not have to send the selfie immediately and it is saved automatically for later
When I wake up I have black circles around my eyes but am still tempted to use this app, I also highly recommend it for kids, teenagers and everyone from age 8 to 100

Snap me up

Wake and Shake: Do you like to keep it minimal and simple?
This app is perfect for IOS and it completely does its job whether you are a deep or shallow sleeper, there is no snooze button because it has no mercy on you, so get up and start shaking… not too hard though

wake up apps
Wake and Shake


Sleep as android: Living a healthy life? This app which is made for both android and IOS is designed to track your sleeping habits by calculating the quality of your sleep, it is designed for waking up quietly and naturally, similar to other apps you have a choice of adding challenges or a shortcut such as shaking, flipping it or circling around. This is a free app for android for people having trouble waking up, I recommend you give it a try

wake up apps
Sleep as android

After naming my favorite waking up apps I am very curious to what app works out the best for you, hope you give the apps I mentioned a try and would love to read your comments and feedback


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I dedicate this article to a good friend of mine who’s suffering from a serious sleeping disorder named sleep apnea, having trouble too or just curious for more information? Click here: sleep apnea