5 Applications For Professional Handheld 3D Object Scanners

People who decide to invest in a portable handheld 3D object scanner would want to understand the kind of applications their new 3D object scanner will be suitable for. After investing a huge sum of money in a device of their choice people would want to make the best use of their investment and make all attempts to learn how the scanner can be used for best results with 3D scanning.


The professional handheld 3D object scanner despite being one of the best scanning devices on the market is best used for the applications mentioned below. This does not mean that people cannot have some fun on the side with their device to show everyone how they have suddenly become more creative. Here are the five applications for which these devices are best suited for.


Reverse engineering. 3D object scanners are highly precise and a fantastic solution for both new and experienced users effortlessly to capture the data needed by them quickly for any purpose. As the portable scanner is light and easy to use users will find their workflow improving even as they get accurate results and manage to serve both time and money.


Industrial design and manufacturing. When developing new product designs it becomes necessary to take measurements of objects with complex geometry or to automate workflow at manufacturing facilities which were usually a cumbersome task before the introduction of 3D technology. The 3D object scanner can be used to capture any industrial object from small mechanical parts of a turbine with amazing accuracy making it which is useful for such applications.


Healthcare. Professionals in the healthcare sector are also using the 3D object scanner for designing customized prostatic and orthotic devices which require precision and paying attention to the anatomy of the patient. These devices can be successfully used to produce accurate scans of the body or even body parts even if the individual is moving slightly during the scanning.


Science and education. Universities, laboratories, and colleges are adopting 3D scanning technology because it is a powerful tool which can allow teachers and students to study artifacts in great detail than earlier without risking the potential of causing any damages to them. Some of the leading museums of the world are also using the portable handheld 3D object scanner to digitize artifacts for creating online galleries. The technology has facilitated access to academics and art specialists the ability to access collections from remote locations and viewed the 3D copies from any angle they choose.


Art and design. 3D scanning has opened up unlimited possibilities for artists of all types giving them the option of translating their most creative ideas into reality. The technology is driving forward the industry of movies and video games by making it easier to visualize stunts and special effects with the help of 3D scanning. The portable handheld 3D object scanner has even been used on former president Obama of the United States to present the president in 3D.


As it is clearly evident the creativity of the user will decide how the 3D object scanner can or should be used. We have just provided five applications where these devices are being used to derive the best results. With the possibilities of enhancing the applications remaining limitless users can decide how they will use the portable handheld 3D object scanner to display their creativity to everyone. After investing in a technological marvel people would not want to hold themselves back and would certainly be looking forward to finding new methods how these devices can be used for best results.


Handheld 3d scanner
Handheld 3d scanner