How to Backup Your OneDrive Data Securely?

An increasing number of businesses are opting to save data on the cloud by using solutions such as SharePoint Online, OneDrive for business and office 365. Business owners are gladly accepting the solutions which are offered to them at low prices without really understanding whether the solutions mentioned above are suitable for their requirements or not. Solutions such as OneDrive for business or SharePoint online have certainly been created for businesses that want to store a huge amount of data at a remote location in order to be able to access the same whenever required from any location. However, most businesses often ignore the fact they also have to invest in OneDrive backup solutions or other such services whenever they decide to utilize cloud-based storage and collaboration services. All the cloud-based services mentioned above lack the essential ability to recover documents after they have been removed to the trash bin. Therefore it is strongly suggested that businesses also consider investing in a OneDrive backup before they begin moving their data to this platform.


The type of data being stored by businesses on cloud-based storage services such as OneDrive is usually essential for the business and isn’t in the position where it can be left open to risks of being deleted or even targeted maliciously. Loss of important data can have drastic consequences for businesses which they will find difficult to recover from. They are likely to find themselves at a disadvantage because they simply ignored the need to have a backup solution confident in the knowledge that their data on the cloud cannot be compromised. However, businesses need to understand storage services like OneDrive can prove to be a hindrance especially when their data is manually or automatically removed from the trash bin without any means to recover the same.


Using cloud-based storage services such as OneDrive is definitely beneficial for businesses but without the option of recovering data which has been removed from the trash, businesses will find themselves facing a problem. It is strongly recommended that businesses make arrangements to have a OneDrive backup for themselves which will remove the concerns from their minds and leave them confident they have a solution available to them which can be accessed whenever needed.


Backing up OneDrive data securely is not a difficult task and can be accomplished easily with the help of third-party service providers like CloudAlly who can protect all their data by automatically backing it up to Amazon S3 storage secularly. CloudAlly is providing the best in the class solution for data protection for a number of cloud-based storage service providers including OneDrive. This is the service provider which businesses should consider using rather than risk losing their data inadvertently.


The data restoration process offered by CloudAlly is nondestructive and allows businesses to recover data without overwriting information which exists. They can even surf through their data and obtain backups by date and keyword search in order to quickly recover even individual items. The data recovered can be restored back on the original site or another as preferred by the business. Archives can be exported for online storage with a single click of the mouse. The services offered are compatible with all plans giving the business options to backup from team sites, private site collections, public sites, and all subsites.


Businesses that are not aware of OneDrive backup are advised to view the website of Cloud Ally where they will be given an opportunity to begin a free trial and convincing themselves of the advantages before they move over to a Pro plan. We strongly recommend businesses to use the services offered by CloudAlly to ensure they don’t lose data just because they had ignored the need to invest in OneDrive backup solutions.