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Recently it is increasingly becoming evident that enterprises, organizations, and businesses are moving towards the text message marketing platform rather than confining themselves to the traditional methods which were earlier being used. Text message marketing has made it possible for them to contact their clients at short notice to provide valuable information of various types in order to enhance their interactions with the clients.


Looking at the popularity of text message marketing quite a few service providers are offering an SMS API which allows the businesses mentioned above options to send out thousands of messages with a single click of the mouse. Businesses are not required to invest in heavy infrastructure or even spend time mastering the software which has a user-friendly interface. However, it is essential for businesses to make the right choices before they decide to incorporate text message marketing into their existing infrastructure.


The popularity of marketing via text messaging has encouraged a number of entrepreneurs to begin offering the SMS API leading to a saturation of the market. Under the circumstances, it has become necessary for businesses only to deal with companies like MessageWhiz which offers an innovative and smart SMS marketing software. This is the company which has a comprehensive range of tools which are helpful for all industries. The solutions they offer are designed to deliver the results organizations are looking forward to from their campaigns of mobile messaging. Using the API from MessageWhiz organizations will have access to a unique method which this company calls ‘results-driven messaging’ which has better delivery dates and higher engagement with their clients resulting in a direct increase in conversion rates.


MessageWhiz has a proven system which can deliver the right messages at the right time based on timing, strategic routing and post send analysis. They have an effective mobile number validation system which ensures that the mobile database is clean and up-to-date. They have included sophisticated protection systems to guard against malicious attacks, unsolicited messages and fraud apart from having an advanced network protection system. They use an intelligent logic for comprehensive control and routing of the messages to ensure maximization of delivery rates of the messages. In order to achieve the highest rates of engagement, they have systems in place to determine the ideal content which will help them achieve their objective and adapt to subsequent messaging after looking at real-time results.


Analyzing the reliability of text message marketing is not easy unless the service provider has the ability to identify the carriers who can provide the best performance in order to ensure that future messages are delivered faster and with additional reliability. The smart messaging box offered by the company can engage the clients of the organization across various channels in order to maximize each and for improving the results of customer engagement by including voice reminders, in App messaging, email, and faxes. Organizations also have the option of sending domains or short link URLs to their clients in order to share links that are memorable to save on character limits and obtain the ability to track clicks. MessageWhiz also provides organizations the options to forward MMS messages which include multimedia content including a video of 40 seconds, an image, a slideshow with multiple images or audio.


Is MessageWhiz which is offering a host of services on a single SMS API an expensive company to deal with? Organizations will be surprised to understand this is the only SMS API which has flexible business models and payment options which ensure they are only required to make payments if they succeed in achieving their objectives. Under the circumstances, businesses of all types are suggested to contact MessageWhiz for the text message marketing software they need rather than search elsewhere for solutions which are unlikely to be suitable for them.


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Text message marketing


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