Photoshop Vs Malabi -Tools for Removing backgrounds from Images

This is a small introduction to Adobe Photoshop tools for background removal. With lots of work you can get the results that you want with Photoshop, but depending on your goals and requirements, a background removal tool may be more convenient. This article was written out of my love for graphics and my experience as a professional photo editor for leading e-commerce retailer sites.

Are you having trouble removing the background from your image?

That is what I am here for. Welcome to the graphic editor known as Adobe Photoshop that can be used on windows and macOS by the developer adobe systems. Check out the old and latest tools for removing backgrounds:

How to remove Image backgrounds with Photoshop – Tutorial

Photoshop has mainly been made for graphic designers and art directors and is considered popular in the creative industry for design.
Photoshop has many tools for removing backgrounds such as:

  • The Clone Stamp Tool
  • The Pen Tool
  • The Magic Wand

Here is an explanation of how to use each tool for Image background removal.

1. The clone stamp tool – By using the brush you can duplicate by movement a portion or anything you lay the clone stamp on, it is also popular for removing a defect in an image whether it is a microscopic detail or a larger one:

Place the stamp on the place you wish to copy, click and move around till you have removed your whole background, make sure all the area you wish to choose is selected so you won’t copy it to an area you don’t want to make it part of the background, the clone stamp is one of many great tools to removing background, it is a great tool but you also have to be patient and gentle while using it

Photoshop clone stamp
Photoshop clone stamp

2. The pen tool –  you can draw freely using the pen and it is also used to create a precise path using anchor points to be able to isolate and also be used to remove the background from an image

Photoshop pen Tool
Photoshop pen Tool

3. The Magic Wand – Use the magic wand to mark areas you want to remove… playing with the numbers will give you larger areas to mark, it is hard to do it precisely, for example it can mark areas of your photo you won’t want to remove:

Photoshop magic wand
Photoshop magic wand

Shape Tools can also be used making vector graphics by using the shape tool, shapes such ellipses, rounded rectangles, lines and polygons.

If you’re an eCommerce seller looking for an automatic background remover for product images, especially if you are looking to remove image backgrounds in bulk, I recommend using Malabi’s background remover API tool.

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