What Is HD Wireless For Custom Installation Used for?

Wireless HD can be used for custom installation as all installations are unique in nature. Custom installations also confront challenges that are common when an attempt is made to wire the video sources to a display or multiple monitors. The hassle of HD wiring in existing or new facilities are recognized by professional installers throughout the globe.

Perhaps the only technology which is presently available that can overcome the challenge by transmitting wirelessly audio and video signals in their entirety from any source to multiple displays is available from Amimon. This company has eliminated the need for expensive wired installation.

The solutions from Amimon provide excellent video quality along with zero delays while maintaining the qualities in the line of sight and even in non-line of sight situations. They work just as well with moving objects between the source of the video and the HDTV.

Wireless HD can be used with custom-designed home installations because they present the designer and system integrator with solutions that are extremely flexible. Regardless of whether they are offered when purchasing a new home theater or other installations the wireless HD video products from Amimon can satisfy the choice of the customer of how the projector on the display should be placed without the fear of being near the video source. The capability is offered by avoiding the use of cables or together. The solutions from Amimon support the transfer of remote control signals and other necessary functions including CEC by offering a suitable alternative to cabling.

Enterprise and educational facilities need single or multiple display devices along with screens and projectors. Even in these situations, the retrofit solutions from Amimon can become a natural choice as they can offer support for real-time HD video links which enable the use of a camera or player transmitting live video to multiple monitors. Choices are available even to use a computer for the facilities mentioned above.

The solutions from Amimon can eliminate cabling helping to save time and money which would otherwise have been spent on installation and maintenance. Wireless solutions are always the best when speedy installation is required as it is the most efficient way to build an audiovisual set up with video sources and screens that are remotely located. Custom installations can be carried out in conference rooms, auditorium, classrooms, karaoke rooms to provide wireless connection of the lecturer or performer to a projector or a large TV screen which may have been installed.

The solutions for wireless HD can also be used in smart homes to connect any video sources to the TV or projector even with no line of sight. Having wireless HD does not mean consumers have to compromise on the quality of transmission they receive because the range of available with HD wiring is approximately 150 feet with a delay of fewer than 1 ms. the transmission mode allows a point to multipoint transmission for up to four monitors simultaneously with a bandwidth of 40 MHz. Consumers and therefore rest assured they are investing in the latest technology news by simply making a choice of staying away from expensive cabling and opting instead for the wireless HD solutions offered by Amimon.

As the days pass by it is certain that more and more people will consider eliminating cabling altogether from locations where HD wiring can be used. The fact that it prevents a lot of clutter making it easier for people to maintain a place while at the same time also reducing expenses is a plus point in favor of wireless HD which is soon likely to replace the conventional methods that are being used everywhere.

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