Craton 2 Is a Global V2X Communication Processor

The second generation chipset specifically designed for connecting autonomous vehicles in the form of Craton 2 is highly advanced and secure apart from being the only V2X solution for communication. It can integrate mobility optimized IEEE802.11p DS RC apart from C-V2X direct communications via PC 5 modems, low latency V2X hardware security module, hardware acceleration engines that are powerful for line rate message verification, single or dual ARM Cortex A7 processor capable of managing full V2X middleware AND applications along with optimal secure CAN MCU. Additionally, support for IE EE 802.11 a/B/G/N/AC for enabling external vehicle Wi-Fi for value-added services is also available from Craton 2. Craton 2 is optimized for costs as it can reduce development, integration and certification effort while ensuring quickest time to market. This new ECNR solution is combined with NXP chipsets for car play precertification.

The main features of Craton 2 include dual diversity/channel IE EE 802.11p and C-V2X for direct communications with PC 5 rel. 14/rel and 15 mobility optimized modems. It is concurrent with 802.11p/WLAN connectivity. Due to the high-temperature manufacturing process it has minimal thermal constraints. It is available with integrated dual-core ARM Cortex A7 application CPU. It also has a secure CAN MCU option with CAN FD and FlexRay interfaces along with a rich array of interfaces such as the USB 2.0, ethernet100/1000 AVB. The software of the Craton 2 is pre-integrated.

The Craton 2 EV K is a development platform for the evaluation of V2X DS RC and PC 5 (C-V2X) technologies based on the second-generation craton chipset from AutoTalks. It demonstrates the superior technology developed by AutoTalks within the lab or out in the field. The Craton 2 EV K is the best platform for evaluating the advanced features of the Craton 2 chipset along with the best performance for communications and the most advanced security capabilities which include a rich array of interfaces.

The Craton 2 communications processor from AutoTalks for the vehicle to everything is available with mobility optimized baseband transceiver and security accelerator. It also has a phantom power cable compensator port for optional EV K HW variation.

AutoTalks is at the forefront of producing the vehicle to everything or V2X technology which enables vehicles to communicate with each other and provide information about their environment. V2X is all about knowing ahead without the benefit of visibility. The Craton 2 is proving to be a beneficial device in this direction for enabling vehicles to begin securely exchanging information including position, the direction of travel, speed, acceleration and road safety because these factors can be significantly improved. Drivers receive alerts of dangers in their path leading to a reduction in collisions on the roads. Estimates are available to show that approximately 80% of accidents will be avoided when the NXP chipsets for car play precertification eventually become available for the entire market. Whether the technology will be available in the near term or a longer time will depend on the introduction of a reliable infrastructure for the Internet because currently, the lower latency Internet which is needed to make this technology truly effective is not fully available in the market. Estimates are however available that the technology will be introduced soon for the benefit of drivers that are regularly using the roads.

The Craton 2 is headed for mass-market adoption as the largest original equipment manufacturers in the world have announced their intentions to equip all new car models with this technology. A few years down the line we may not even be able to comprehend how we were driving on the roads without this technology.