Steps You Can Take Before SharePoint 2007 To SharePoint 2019 Migration

The announcement by Microsoft about SharePoint server 2019 some time ago elicited numerous questions around the new introduction from users. Users were generally concerned about how best they could leverage it for their organization and whether SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2019 migration was possible. It could be understood that users that were enthusiastic of migrating their content from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2019 with the expectation that it would be a better platform than the earlier one. However, users need to understand they need to remain patient even as they prepare to migrate content to SharePoint 2019 from earlier versions. Here are some of the steps we advise users to follow when they consider SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2019 migration.

Understand The Environment – surprises are always around the corner even when upgrading to the best environment. This is not just a matter for amateurs to be concerned about but also for the most vigilant administrators. It would be a great idea to understand the kind of content the organization is storing on SharePoint 2007 because it may be the best action one can take to ensure a stress-free upgrade to SharePoint 2019.

Understand Whether SharePoint 2019 Is Suitable For Their Environment — trying to understand whether SharePoint 2019 is really suitable for the environment of the organization is another step which we suggest. It gives the administrators an opportunity to adjust the current plan being used and developed a new one to understand how SharePoint is being used. It also provides information about areas where more user education will prove beneficial. Understanding these things before actually beginning the migration is better than waiting for the migration to begin.

Cleanup Unwanted Stuff — when trying to upgrade a version of SharePoint it is best recommended that unwanted stuff on the earlier version of SharePoint be cleaned up because it can complicate the upgrade. Even if the organization is 100% successful they would have upgraded stuff they do not want. Administrators will have a general idea of the unwanted stuff in SharePoint 2007 when they make an attempt to understand the environment. It would be in the form of abandoned site collections, Web applications, and other stuff that didn’t get used as believed. It could also be third-party software that wasn’t functioning as expected or just turned out as a wrong investment. When organizations consider an upgrade they should be cleaning up their present environment because it will prove beneficial for them.

Consider Moving Content to Other Platforms – all content with organizations cannot be considered as unwanted but there is no reason why it should all move on the SharePoint platform. Organizations holding office 365 licenses can consider moving some of the content on office 365 to SharePoint online. Everything that is moved to office 365 ensures that the content being prepared for SharePoint 2019 is reduced by a small margin. Understanding how this can be done will help administrators when they begin moving SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2019.

Before administrators consider moving any further they are advised also to consider having SharePoint migration tool for their organization. SharePoint migrations are complex and even the best experts can encounter difficulties when migrating content to the latest version of SharePoint 2019. Administrators are therefore advised they look for the Tzunami deployer for SharePoint which is an easy to use solution that has a graphic user interface. It is simple to learn and incredibly powerful. The tool allows administrators even to migrate security settings with the content which can be managed and modified by using the Tzunami deployer for SharePoint.

Migrating from one SharePoint version to another brings along a set of difficulties that need to be overcome by organization intended to successfully move the content they have to SharePoint 2019. Organizations may not hesitate to make a small investment for the Tzunami deployer that can make it easy for them to migrate their content on SharePoint to the latest version without having to undergo plenty of stress.

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