4 Leading Wireless Video Transmission Companies Are Putting LiveU As #1

If 4 of the leading wireless video transmission companies are putting LiveU as the 1 wireless video transmission company it is certainly an acknowledgment that LiveU is way ahead of the competition in the business of wireless video transmission. It is also an acknowledgment that the 4 leading companies will need to make extra efforts if they intend to catch up with LiveU. Let us look at why the leaders in the business of wireless video transmission have suddenly realized they have a great deal to catch up with companies like LiveU.

The revolution of live video is being driven by LiveU which is providing live video streaming for TV, online, mobile and social media. LiveU has allowed broadcasters to begin wireless video transmission with high quality and flawless live video which can be transmitted from any part of the world. The broadcaster only needs to use the patented bonding and video transport technology which will be provided by this company.

LiveU can create a consistent bandwidth along with a reliable connection to ensure broadcasters can acquire, manage, and distribute live broadcasts of high quality even from remote locations. LiveU has a portfolio of products which is wide and is setting the industry standard for live video production. Presently this very technology is also available for use with any camera through a web-based portal which can enable high-quality live streams directly to Facebook live and numerous other popular social media as well as online video providers. LiveU enables broadcasters of all sizes to acquire and share live video with liability or any viewing platform by using the robust cloud-based live video management and distribution software.

The technology is provided by LiveU is the perfect solution of global broadcasters, news agencies, online media, as well as social media for covering breaking and developing news along with high-profile events. The company has over 3000 customers spread globally in 100 countries. The wireless radio transmission equipment offered by the company was utilized for transmitting the US presidential election, the FIFA World Cup, winter and summer Olympic Games, US Collegiate Championships, Super Bowl, as well as red carpet events.

LiveU has been the recipient of numerous awards and is acknowledged as the industry innovator. The number of customers the company has and the awards it has received are a confirmation that LiveU certainly deserves the 1 position which has now been conferred upon it by industry leaders. With the passage of time, one can confirm that the position will only be strengthened by the company by making it even easier to become involved in wireless video transmission.

As things presently stand LiveU is already providing equipment for global events, bespoke wireless network solutions, roaming solutions, online streaming, at home production as well as vehicle solutions which are all 5G ready. They also provide solutions for providing public safety in the form of mobile video surveillance which has real-time uplink and sharing capabilities. LiveU has enabled a new mode of communication between responders in the field along with their command centers. They have made it easy for law enforcement agencies that often require immediate intervention in challenging situations to use the equipment for public safety by observing wireless surveillance.

Industry leaders may have considered all the factors which have been discussed in this article before they decided that LiveU was the 1 wireless video transmission company and this company has overtaken the leaders in every aspect by considering the needs of everyone starting from the average individual right up to the major events which are being transmitted live by using wireless video transmission.

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