5 Reasons Why CloudAlly Is a Leading Cloud Backup Solutions

Are you looking for cloud backup solutions as more and more companies are doing in the small and mid-size market? You may have your reasons for searching for cloud backup solutions. They could be related to the costs, staffing as well as space. While searching for the solutions you need you may also wonder whether you will have access to a backup and recovery software from the provider you may choose to associate yourself with.

The market for cloud backup solutions has expanded significantly as many businesses are trying to safeguard the data in their possession from any unwanted mishaps. You will undoubtedly receive a number of offers from cloud backup solution providers that offer a lot but disappoint their customers when it really matters. Under the circumstances, you would be relying on a service provider who may not really be capable of safeguarding your data as needed. This is unless you are dealing with one of the best cloud backup software providers that can also offer you a backup and recovery software with their solution. You are recommended not to deal with any provider of solutions but only to consider CloudAlly as it is one of the best for the following reasons.

1. CloudAlly is a cloud to cloud backup and recovery solution which can backup daily changes in your SaaS to unlimited Amazon S3 storage. The storage will be available to you to be restored or exported with a single click of the mouse.

2. You cannot afford to believe your data in the cloud is safe because popular services such as office 365, SalesForce as well as Google apps are still relying on the trash bin for data recovery. This indicates that if your data from the recycle bin is purged automatically or manually your data is lost forever. The cloud backup solution from CloudAlly provides you the option of backing up your data to the cloud even in these conditions.

3. CloudAlly has an enterprise standard backup solution. The automated cloud backup software for businesses offers secure enterprise backup solutions ensuring that the valuable data of your company remains safe for an unlimited period.

4. The cloud backup software from CloudAlly ensures you can back up all your online data in one place. Regardless of whether you have saved your data in office 365 exchange, SharePoint or OneDrive, SalesForce, Box.com, or any other apps you have an opportunity to back up your data in a single place by using the solution provided by CloudAlly.

5. As a business owner, you will be concerned about the costs of investing in a solution which is considered as one of the best available. When you decide to deal with CloudAlly you are dealing with a provider that also understands your concerns. You can begin working with this cloud backup solution provider by beginning a free trial that lasts for 15 days. Upon convincing yourselves of the authenticity of CloudAlly you can subscribe to an account which will be offered to you at affordable prices.

As a business, you cannot compromise your data at any stage because the information in your possession will be extremely valuable for your business. You must always make an attempt only to deal with the best providers of cloud backup solutions that are also including a backup and recovery software along with their initial offerings. Backing up your data in the cloud by using the services of providers that are not reliable will not serve your purpose. Therefore we strongly suggest you only deal with CloudAlly as it can offer you everything you need and more for safeguarding your data.

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