Do The Cheapest International Shipping Methods Actually Work?

Cheapest International Shipping Methods

Shoppers contacting e-commerce stores for large items from international locations are often concerned about how they can find the cheapest international shipping methods. Shipping companies have left shoppers in a quandary especially when it comes to shipping large items. Shipping companies believe shoppers should be paying more for the shipping of large items while on the contrary one shipping company has proven that size of the item does not matter and is offering the cheapest international shipping rates to all its customers.

Shoppers from any location can contact a store of their choice and select items which they need without being concerned about the size of the item. They can rest assured that the item will be shipped to their doorstep at an affordable price to leave them wondering how it has become this easy to ship large products to any location when most shipping companies are still demanding higher prices for large item courier. The changes being observed are because the shipping company Ladingo has introduced a revolutionary method of shipping which is benefiting the buyer as well and the shipper. The method introduced by Ladingo does not consider the size of the item which needs to be shipped. The cloud-based e-commerce shipping solution introduced by Ladingo ensures seamless international shipping to overseas shoppers for items of any size.

Shoppers from international locations may be apprehensive of how this system can drastically reduce the price of international shipping when other shippers are still demanding higher prices. The reason for this change is simple. The solution of the buyer to choose a large product of their choice, proceed to checkout and provide their overseas address for shipping the item. The buyer receives a quote for the shipping including duties and taxes to the last mile and estimated time of delivery for the cheapest way to ship large items overseas. The wire can place the order for the large parcel delivery giving the seller the option to conduct the local shipping address for large parcel courier and ships the product to it.

The forwarder from Ladingo accepts the package and the warehouse and assigns the same to preset the international parcel service container. The Customs for international parcel export are also handled by the forwarder who then loads the item on a container after considering the loading times preset by the seller. Thereafter the product is shipped to the buyer’s destination. The forwarder accepts the product in the destination country, handles customs and all documentation which is auto-generated giving the forwarder precise information of how much it would cost to receive large parcels from overseas locations.

After the product is cleared by the forwarder it is shipped to the doorstep of the buyer leaving him or her happy with the services.

Ladingo is presently offering the cheapest shipping rates and the most affordable way to ship heavy items internationally opening the door for international B2C e-commerce of large and bulky items. The cloud-based software and e-commerce shipping solution from Ladingo is automating fulfillment of international parcel services for maximum efficiency with minimum complexity. Shoppers looking forward to buying large and heavy items from international e-commerce stores can now rest assured they will have access to the revolutionary system introduced by Ladingo which makes it easier for them to choose items of any size and have them shipped to their overseas address at an affordable price.

Ladingo is the first shipping company which is offering the robust cloud-based solution which helps to connect online sellers, shoppers and ocean freight forwarders for enabling an inexpensive way for shipping large and bulky B2C e-commerce internationally in addition to small items in a scalable and a modular manner. Shoppers no longer have to believe they will have to pay huge sums of money whenever they decide to purchase any bulky items from overseas retailers because Ladingo is here to offer them the cheapest prices for shipping items to any location in the world.