Going Live From Anywhere Made Easy By Broadcasting Equipment From LiveU

There was a time when broadcasters did not have the flexibility to go live from a place of their choice because they just did not have the broadcast equipment needed which could be carried around to a location of their choice. The live broadcasting equipment was heavy and was also accompanied by cables which made it difficult for the broadcaster to stream live events whenever they came across them. The only option available to them was to use the equipment in their possession until LiveU began to offer a cost-effective cellular alternative for their convenience.

LiveU enabled a shift in live video acquisition away from expensive satellite transmission by offering an alternative which provides resilient broadcast-quality video uplink while increasing the freedom of mobility in the field for all live broadcast media outlets. The new technology being offered by LiveU are allowed professionals working in media outlets the freedom to move around without being concerned of the need to carry on heavy equipment or cables as it allowed them to broadcast live from anywhere.

Broadcasting live from any location on breaking news even from remote destinations, rural areas and crowded events became easier with the LU 500 from LiveU. It allowed broadcasters to take their live broadcasts to places they had never considered before. The small size and the robust bandwidth of the LU 500 ensured that the device could be carried to places where no satellite truck can ever make its presence felt.

With the technology being provided by LiveU broadcasters can take live broadcasts on the road with the cellular broadcast truck. The LiveU Xtender when paired with the LU 500 or the LU 700 can maintain a signal even when positioned in a moving vehicle. Newscasters now have the ability to cover severe weather from the streets and follow breaking news as it develops without terminating the broadcast. It also makes it easier to capture breaking news because the equipment is similar to grab and go cellular broadcasting equipment. The ultra tiny equipment which weighs about 500 g is an ideal companion to any camera in order to turn your camcorder into a live streaming device by allowing broadcast teams to get to the scene faster.

Professionals in this industry must always be prepared to bend their live shot by having in hand the power of LiveU with them. A notable incident which must be considered is the use of the equipment from LiveU by the broadcasting team of NBC 4 when covering the springs wildfire in California. The broadcasting team was separated from their SNG truck and all broadcasting equipment they had been carrying. It was only the LiveU app on their smartphones which made it possible for them to broadcast the wildfire even as it was happening.

The world of broadcasting is looking at revolutionary changes being introduced by companies like LiveU. This company has made broadcast equipment smaller and easier to carry around without having to worry about cables or even encounter difficulties if the broadcaster is not in a position to invest in the technology which can make it easier for them to broadcast live from any location. LiveU can provide the equipment needed by broadcasters in a place from where they intend to broadcast by offering event rentals for the broadcaster making it easier for them even to cross borders without having to worry about customs and duties.

LiveU has an extensive range of customers located throughout the world that have been accepting the solutions being provided by this company for broadcasting live news, sporting events, and political events. More and more broadcasters are now using the live broadcasting equipment from LiveU because of the convenience it offers and makes it easy to broadcast live from anywhere at any time

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