The Cheapest Way To Ship Internationally Is Now Available Even To Forwarders

People that want to ship large items from one part of the world to the other are often concerned about the prices they will have to pay for the shipping. Shipping companies are using outdated methods to calculate the prices of items which are offered for shipping. The companies have a traditional mindset which does not allow them to offer the cheapest way to ship internationally. They rather prefer to increase international shipping cost by offering prices according to the size of the items which need to be shipped. This mindset is concerning a number of people that fail to understand why they should be paying higher prices for larger items.

Shipping companies cannot be faulted for their traditional thinking because they haven’t made any attempt to revolutionize the world of shipping like it has been done by Ladingo for individuals as well as freight forwarders. Ladingo is presently allowing forwarders to increase their revenue with the international parcel service from this company. The company’s enabling ocean freight forwarders and opportunity to scale their business by receiving large items from online e-commerce platforms for shipping without allocating additional resources.

Ladingo automates the entire international shipping process beginning from e-commerce purchase delivery to the doorstep of the shopper via ocean freight. The services offered by Ladingo include custom documents, container allocation and optimization, labeling and a lot more. This ensures that the automated service is the cheapest way to ship heavy items such as books, furniture, and packages both for ocean freight forwarders as well as e-commerce sellers.

Forwarders can monitor the status of the package, container assignment, incoming shipments, documentation, and various other tasks in order to help optimize and plan their international shipping operations well ahead of time. Forwarders in the business should be looking forward to partnering with Ladingo because it will provide them opportunities to enjoy a growing mass market rather than being left behind.

Partnering with Ladingo will not be difficult for ocean freight forwarders and the company is already accepting partners from any part of the globe. Ladingo is committed to helping forwarders grow their business effortlessly by selling big and scaling. This is the only company which has presently revolutionized the shipping of small and large items across the world and reduced prices significantly both for forwarders and individual customers.

Ladingo offers a cloud-based e-commerce solution to ensure seamless international shipping to all international shoppers that are trying to purchase large and bulky items from their favorite online store. Ladingo believes that size should not matter in a market where the cheapest prices can be offered to ship heavy items internationally. The Cloud-based e-commerce solution is automating the fulfillment of international parcel services with maximum efficiency and without any complexities involved. Ladingo can also be integrated easily with any online shop or marketplace and can be offered to shoppers at the checkout as an additional international parcel delivery solution. Dealing with Ladingo is as seamless to the shopper as dealing with any other shipping provider. Moreover, Ladingo is currently the only e-commerce shipping solution that is providing large parcel delivery along with smaller parcels.

Shoppers browsing on their favorite e-commerce platform for large items no longer need to be concerned of how they will arrange for the shipping because even if the e-commerce platform is not integrated with Ladingo they can contact forwarders that have partnered with the company and request for a solution which will gladly be offered to them by the forwarder. This is a great option not just for ocean freight forwarders but also for shoppers from across the world to have large and small parcels shipped at affordable prices because of the services being provided by Ladingo.

Cheapest way to ship internationally