Cheapest B2C Shipping Rates Are Not Offered By Most Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces despite serving clients from throughout the globe are for unknown reasons unable to offer the cheapest B2C shipping rates. Customers visiting their marketplace are often disappointed when they are informed they need to pay a higher price for heavy or bulky items which they order. This in spite of the fact that a B2C ecommerce shipping solution is available for serving customers.

Online ecommerce stores must be making every effort to increase global sales in and hassle-free manner. They should not be under the impression that the size of the item ordered by the customer should matter especially when they are asked to ship the same to an international destination. This is a common belief among most ecommerce marketplaces who believe they will not be able to ship large and bulky items at affordable prices. It is perhaps a travesty that most shipping companies such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, and the others have also made no efforts to overcome this belief and are content to charge higher prices from customers located in international destinations.

In sharp contrast to the belief of online marketplaces with regard to the higher prices charged for shipping heavy and bulky items finding an affordable B2C ecommerce shipping solution is now possible. Rather than leaving customers in a quandary about how they can find affordable shipping solutions for their purchases it would be better if online marketplaces incorporated the cloud-based ecommerce shipping solution being offered by Ladingo. The solution can ensure seamless international shipping to the global shoppers of the marketplace and also include large and bulky items.

Ladingo is presently offering the cheapest international shipping rates along with the most affordable way to ship heavy products across the globe. It is enabling the international B2C ecommerce of large and bulky items. The cloud-based software and ecommerce shipping solution from Ladingo automates the fulfillment of international parcel services for maximum efficiency with minimum complexity.

Any online shop or marketplace can easily integrate the solution offered by Ladingo and offer it to their shoppers at the checkout counter as an additional solution for international parcel delivery. Customers of the marketplace will find it easy to choose Ladingo just as any other shipping provider. The online marketplace will be happy to offer the solution to their customers because this is the only ecommerce shipping solution which currently provides large parcel delivery in addition to small parcels.

Ladingo is the first company to offer a robust enterprise cloud-based solution which is connecting sellers and online shoppers along with ocean freight forwarders for enabling the cheapest way to ship large and bulky business to consumer ecommerce internationally along with smaller items in a scalable and modular manner.

The solution being offered by this company is expected to expand international B2C ecommerce by trillions of dollars simply by including large item courier to their services. Ladingo must be commended for optimizing every container carrying B2C ecommerce purchases every single time.

The company has a commitment to transform the ecommerce or bulky and large items into a seamless, affordable and accessible endeavor. Massive changes coupled with the cheapest way to ship heavy items or large packages are already available with the enterprise cloud-based solution developed by Ladingo.

Online ecommerce retailers must be making every effort to become a logistics partner with Ladingo as it will give them the ability to offer the cheapest shipping solutions to their customers especially when they are ordering heavy and bulky items which they need to be shipped to an international location.