Do You Need Photoshop For Batch Background Removal?

E Sellers were perplexed when leading online marketplaces mandated they would only accept images for products which had clear backgrounds. Online marketplaces had data to prove that images with clear backgrounds converted faster and brought in better revenue both for the marketplace as well as the seller. Under the circumstances, they decided they would no longer accept images from sellers without their backgrounds. Sellers with a few images could opt for the services of a professional who could help them for a price. Things, however, were different for sellers with hundreds or thousands of images because they needed to look for batch background removal of the images which they had. Using Photoshop was an option which many sellers may have considered but would have left aside because of the higher prices charged by Photoshop.

Sellers promoting products on online marketplaces would have been better placed if they conducted some research to understand that removing background without Photoshop is also possible in the present conditions. The demands made by e-commerce marketplaces had initially caused panic among sellers of products that were trying to find every possible method to remove the backgrounds from large batches of images. They could not afford Photoshop or even consider visiting professionals who could manually remove the background of the images in their possession. Things would have been entirely different if these businesses had invested some time to conduct research of the number of apps that are presently available which can help them with batch background removal.

The demand made by e-commerce retailers for clear backgrounds of images may have caused concern among a certain set of businesses but it also spawned another business where software developers began providing apps that could remove the background from a single image or even batches within a matter of minutes. This was definitely an option that businesses opted to choose because the apps were affordable, could be integrated within the online marketplace, and did not require the business to spend hours trying to remove the background from a single image.

Presently one can find a number of developers offering software for batch background removal. Businesses that are looking for a suitable option for themselves are recommended to consider Malabi which is now the leading providers in this business. Major e-commerce retailers have confirmed that the solution offered by Malabi was cost-effective and improved conversion rates both for their sellers while at the same time improving revenue for themselves.

Sellers that want to have the Malabi software for themselves will be happy to understand that the process of removing backgrounds from batches of photographs is easy and is just a four-step process. The user can upload up to 30 images for bulk background cleaning from the computer. They will then be presented with a preview with a clear background. If they need to touch up the image for any reason the option to do so will be available in the editing interface. Users can satisfy themselves with the result and save the changes in their computer before clicking the download button to have the images they want with a clear background.

There was a time when removing background without Photoshop or the help of professional services was unthinkable. However dramatic changes have been seen in the recent past after e-commerce retailers began proving that sellers could promote more products and benefit from the higher sales while at the same time the e-commerce retailer could also increase revenue for their business making it a win-win situation for everyone. Sellers on e-commerce platforms just need to realize that they need to contact a reliable provider of solutions to remove backgrounds from images by considering the quality, the speed of the background removal and also the costs which they will have to pay when they obtain these services. The job will become even easier if sellers decide to contact Malabi for the API for removing background without Photoshop.