How Live Streaming To Social Media Can Expand Your Reach

Many people may not have paid proper attention to the fact that live streaming to social networks as fast gained ground making it very popular and leaving people questioning how it can be used to build an audience of screaming fans. Until 2000 when we did not have proper tools and the know-how to provide live streaming services for social media things were dramatically different. With the launch of YouTube in 2005, another change was observed in the way how the world of videos worked.

The technology of data compression expanded significantly contribute to the rapid growth and success of streaming video. As the technology for video streaming became better people began consuming it at a mind-boggling scale. It would surprise you to understand that over 1.1 billion hours of video is presently being watched on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter every day.

The popularity of live video streaming began peaking in 2015 and for the last few years, a number of social media platforms have been trying to grab the attention of consumers by introducing their own brand of live streaming services. This is brought in a time when people can watch their favorite content creators, entertainers and online celebrities in real time.

A real-time video that is broadcast live through a social network or online platform from where it can be viewed by the public can be defined as live streaming. Live video can be considered at the Broadway show of content which is raw, personal and real time. Anyone who is interested can begin using live streaming to social networks to tell the story of their brand.

The choice of what you are going to stream is left to your discretion. You can consider going to a local cafe and sharing with your audience how to create the perfect cup of coffee to start your morning or alternatively if you have any business of your own you could take people behind the scenes to show them your experiences on how you conduct your day. Live streaming opens up endless possibilities for you which you can use to your advantage.

Having read about how live streaming can help you to expand your reach you must also understand that social media networks will not provide you any hardware or software for streaming your content. This is something you will have to arrange by yourself. You can definitely consider the LiveU Solo video encoder which can offer you one-touch wireless live streaming from your camera to popular online platforms of the type described earlier. This equipment makes it easier to go live faster.

The LiveU Solo video encoder makes it possible for you to deliver professional quality video without a large crew, heavy equipment or even technical streaming experience. All types of live streaming become reliable and affordable with the equipment from LiveU Solo. You Can Become Involved In Outdoor Live Streaming, LifeStreaming, In Real Life (IRL), Live PodCasts, Tabletop Gaming, Events, Concerts And A Lot More.

Simply having the equipment from LiveU Solo in your possession will not help you to begin live streaming services to social networks. You need to spend some time testing, checking to learn the gear which you intend to use outdoor for the streaming before you actually choose an event to stream live over social media. We are certain you will not encounter any difficulties with the equipment from LiveU but there is no harm in verifying everything yourselves because you would not want to look like a novice when your live stream finally hits the social media network chosen by you.