Can You Backup to Alibaba Without Difficulties?

Alibaba object storage service is an encrypted, cost-effective, secure and easy-to-use service which enables you to store, backup and archive huge volumes of data in the cloud. The services provided are reliable and the APIs allows storage and access to the data stored from anywhere over the Internet. You can scale the capacity according to your needs and processing capability and select from a variety of storage types to optimize your storage costs. This is a mobile operating system which enables clients and organizations to make use of the cloud for storing massive amounts of data. When organizations consider Alibaba cloud migration they will not be able to backup to Alibaba without a tool specifically designed for this purpose.

Organizations desiring to backup to Alibaba will be aware that object storage services function as an encrypted central storehouse. The storehouse can be used to access files safely from across the globe. It is extremely suitable for global teams and international project management because it can guarantee 99.99% availability.

Alibaba OSS does not require a long-term commitment or upfront costs and is available to everybody. Clients of Alibaba are only required to pay for the actual usage of storage space, network traffic, and the number of requests processed. Best of all, the OSS from Alibaba is available with no limits on data storage. Perhaps the only drawback with this platform seems to be the claim made by Google that the version presently available is not compatible with Android.

As mentioned earlier, organizations that decide to backup to Alibaba will require a solution for Alibaba cloud migration. Migrating data to the cloud is a complex task and is better handled with the help of a solution which will allow the user to complete the migration process without difficulties. While a number of developers are providing different types of solutions it is suggested that organizations choose the cloud migration solution developed by CloudsFer because this can provide them the ability to instantly transfer and backup their files in a location of their choice. This developer offers cloud data migration from on-premise to cloud or cloud to cloud with over 20 cloud storage providers being at your fingertips. You have options to choose cloud service providers such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Egnyte, OneDrive, and many more. This is a solution which organizations will prefer over many others that are available because of the benefits it can offer them.

Clients of CloudsFer can continue working on their source systems even as they begin the migration of their data to the chosen target simultaneously without interfering or disturbing each other. This clearly means that the user can continue to work on their source cloud system for any purpose while CloudsFer is executing the requested migration. After the migration is over the user can perform a Delta migration for transferring any freshly created, modified, or accumulated data. The user will be able to migrate all types of files without compromising the hierarchy structure while applying filters by file size and modified date.

CloudsFer can support migrations from Alibaba cloud OSS to a number of systems including Amazon Cloud Drive, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, OneDrive For Business, SharePoint Online, Amazon S3, Mega, FTP, WebDAV, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, BlackBlaze, Egnyte, and many others. Organizations that are considering migrating data to the Alibaba object storage service will not be disappointed because they too will be able to use popular cloud storage platforms mentioned above to back up their data. If Alibaba object storage service is offering flexible pricing for organizations for storing their data CloudsFer has taken this requirement into account and is offering clients an opportunity to register for an account for free with them. CloudsFer initially offers five GB of storage space free of charge before requesting the user to subscribe for a professional account. With solutions like CloudsFer available Alibaba cloud migration should be easy to accomplish for most organizations.