Reducing Motorcycle Accidents By The V2M Solution

Motorcycles are often difficult to observe because of their smaller size and the higher speeds at which they travel. These are the primary reasons why motorcyclists are involved in automobile crashes which are on many occasions likely to be a fatality. The E-bike computer in the form of the V2M solution which has been developed by companies such as AutoTalks will help numerous motorcyclists save their lives.

If drivers of other vehicles are not able to view an oncoming motorcycle traveling at high speeds it would be difficult or impossible to assume that the motorcyclist would be in a perfect position to view any hazards on the roads. A motorcycle is but a vehicle which is driven by an individual who has no sense of hazards lying around corners or following other vehicles. Motorcyclists do not have in them the capability of detecting warning signs unless they are provided the same from solutions developed by companies such as AutoTalks.

The V2M solution developed by this company is capable of providing motorcyclists warning about upcoming hazards which will allow the drivers to sense what’s around the corner or hidden behind another vehicle. It is similar to an E-bike computer which can be used by the motorcyclist to save themselves from unsavory accidents which may leave them with serious injuries on their body if they do not succumb to an accident.

This solution will be highly beneficial to motorcyclists who are susceptible to being involved in a number of accidents especially when they are driving in unsuitable conditions. Motorcyclists are worst affected by the conditions of the weather, poor light, and other factors. Data provided by many researchers give evidence that over the last decade approximately 5000 fatalities have been recorded for motorcyclists involved in accidents with other vehicles.

There are a number of reasons why motorcyclists are getting involved in accidents some of which are mentioned in this article. Changing lanes in unsafe conditions is one of the primary reasons because motorcyclists fail to observe the blind spot or signal appropriately when they decide to change lanes. Speeding, inexperience, car doors and driving under the influence are other reasons which are primary. The total number of fatalities is increasing significantly every year and contribute to nearly 15% of all fatalities among vehicle accidents that are recorded in the United States.

According to the Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the US Department, a motorcyclist is 37 times more likely to be killed in a motorcycle accident than a car accident. They are also nine times more likely to be injured when using a motorcycle than a car. Motorcycles by themselves cannot be termed as dangerous despite being involved in numerous accidents and causing injuries and fatalities. Motorcycles are an affordable method of commuting for many who are averse to using public transport or even purchasing a car for a number of reasons. The responsibility of driving the motorcycle appropriately rests on the shoulders of the driver who needs to make every effort to ensure he or she does not expose themselves to conditions that can prove hazardous. At the present moment, the best method which motorcyclists can adopt is to use the V2M solution as an E-bike computer to assist with discovering hazards on the roads and safeguarding themselves as best possible.

The solution developed by AutoTalks has been tested and standardized and is ready for deployment as and when the governing authorities also make arrangements to provide access to high-speed Internet to everyone. This will be an essential requirement for motorcycles equipped with the V2M solution because it is the method by which vehicles will communicate with each other for providing information about themselves.