How A Transparent Background Is Helping Sellers Achieve Higher Conversion Rates?

The benefits of using a transparent background for images submitted to e-commerce marketplaces by sellers of products is proving extremely beneficial because the images are resulting in better conversion rates. Sellers on the online marketplace need to make use of every option available to enhance sales. When shoppers observe white background images on the online marketplace they become aware of what they are getting making it better for them to decide about the product. However, creating a white background for hundreds or thousands of images can be an arduous task for sellers who may have most images with colored backgrounds.

Major e-commerce marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and Magento have policies that specify only images with white backgrounds will be accepted for display on their websites. They prefer to have a white background for any product offered by them. This indicates that sellers of products will have to invest in tools to remove colored backgrounds from the images in their possession.

Sellers can find many options available to them for removing colored backgrounds from images. Perhaps the first option which comes to the mind of every seller is Photoshop which is quite popular but is also expensive. Photoshop moreover is not scalable and therefore is unsuitable for sellers with many images. Other options that are similar to Photoshop are also available and can be chosen but the sellers need to understand they too are not capable of providing them the desired services.

Businesses can consider outsourcing their images to designers working in the market but must understand that the designers will be charging them by the image and therefore they will be required to spend large sums of money. The designers are not capable of working at high speeds and images entrusted to them will only be returned after 24 hours. Both the options mentioned do not offer any scalability which is an essential requirement of most businesses.

With existing options available being unsuitable but the requirement of having images with transparent backgrounds becoming essential requirement sellers are recommended to consider other options which have been developed and are also available from providers like Malabi. This is an option businesses should not be ignoring because it provides them the ability to clear the backgrounds of as many images in their possession for display on popular e-commerce platforms.

Malabi can help businesses to automatically remove image backgrounds online. The tool is available for every business that is currently selling products over the Internet. Businesses must research to find the website of Malabi where they will be able to create an account for themselves after reading through the plans offered by this provider. They can rest assured that the plans are extremely affordable and will not cost as much as the options discussed earlier.

Clearing backgrounds of images by using the tool offered by Malabi is also extremely easy because businesses simply need to upload a single image or up to 30 images at a single time for bulk background cleaning. They will be presented with a result which can be previewed within a few seconds with a white background which can also be replaced by a transparent background. Businesses have the option of touching up the images if needed by using the editing interface which is offered. Thereafter the images just need to be saved before they are downloaded by the business to be used for selling their products over the Internet. Rather than remain concerned about how the backgrounds of hundreds of thousands of images can be removed businesses will benefit immensely if they choose in favor of Malabi for the white background images they need.

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