OpenText to SharePoint Migration Is Possible With The Right Tools For This Task

OpenText is a bundled group of content management software developed by open text Corporation that has also provided solutions for better decision-making. It is the largest software company located in Canada and is recognized as one of the top employers of the country. Despite OpenText providing solutions that are suitable for businesses of all types some are preferring OpenText to SharePoint migration for various reasons. Businesses that decide to migrate their data between the two platforms usually begin a search for OpenText to SharePoint migration tools for ensuring they can easily accomplish the task of the migration without having to encounter many difficulties.

Migrating data between two platforms in the cloud is complex because different types of folders, documents, cabinets, and even virtual documents need to be migrated conveniently along with reliable migration of documents from old ECM’s to SharePoint technologies. The tool being used during the migration must consider all aspects of the business related to the data and support different versions of OpenText which could have been employed by the business.

Researching for OpenText to SharePoint migration tools over the Internet will expose businesses to many developers that are operating on the market and offering OpenText to SharePoint for any business that is looking for the tools. Finding the tools needed will not be a challenge for businesses because of the numerous developers that have set shop in the market. However, it would be essential for the business to make a proper selection and choose a tool that is suitable for their business by ensuring the search for and find tools like the Deployer for OpenText developed by Tzunami. The Tzunami deployer migration tool can help businesses to easily move data from OpenText LiveLink, Documentum And E Docs To SharePoint. The Tzunami Deployer for OpenText is part of the products developed by the Tzunami Deployer Family which has been developed specifically to respond to all SharePoint requirements such as SharePoint Moss 2007, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2019, SharePoint Online, and office 365.

The solution from Tzunami allows the user to run the export command from one machine while migrating their data in the target system from another. The ability to connect remotely to the OpenText content server as well as SharePoint systems efficiently and easily allows you to to complete the overall migration process while exporting content from the source and migrating onto the parallel target.

The Tzunami deployer for OpenText migration allows the command line to be used for learning the exporter to allow them to run as part of scripts as a background process. Users can also schedule the exporting as well as the migration process which can be scheduled to begin at any specific hours chosen by them.

Contrary to popular belief that migrating data from OpenText to SharePoint technologies is difficult or impossible the Deployer powered by Tzunami has proved that leading providers of SharePoint data migration solutions that are reputed to have the tools necessary for supporting data migration to all SharePoint versions and can offer data and content migration and not just a secure and professional manner but with a highly skilled team and legacy systems. The Deployer from Tzunami offers these wide ranges of systems backed by years of experience in the migration sector by continuously providing its services to numerous large organizations and companies working in different segments. The Deployer powered by Tzunami can enable OpenText to SharePoint migration speedily, accurately, while ensuring you do not lose any data. Therefore you are suggested to understand the importance of having the right OpenText to SharePoint migration tools is just as important as migrating your data from this platform to any version of SharePoint.