Dealing with A Leading Solutions Provider Is Suggested When Trying to Backup SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online is a powerful cloud-based collaboration and storage service. If you are using SharePoint online you must be aware that the storage service lacks the essential ability to recover documents after they have been moved to the trash bin. Therefore despite using a cloud-based collaboration service which is acknowledged for its reliability you still need to invest in SharePoint backup. Losing the data in your possession after investing in SharePoint would not be beneficial if you cannot recover documents from the trash bin. Therefore you are recommended also to invest a small sum of money to backup SharePoint online.

When you begin considering solutions to back up SharePoint online it is strongly suggested you only deal with a leading solutions provider without relying on the information you collect by researching the Internet. Your efforts over the Internet will undoubtedly expose you to several solution providers that claim to be masters in the field of SharePoint backup. However, most are unable or incapable of satisfying your needs making it necessary for you to begin searching again for the leader in the market.

The solution you choose for SharePoint backup must be compatible with all plans and help you to backup from team sites along with subsites, private site collections, and even public sites and all subsites. The restore process offered by the solution must be nondestructive to allow you the ability to recover data without overwriting existing information. You should be able to drill down through the backups by keyword search or date for quickly locating and recovering individual items or even restoring an entire site for a comprehensive point in time recovery. The data recovered should be capable of being restored to the original site or any other preferred option. A single click should give you the option of exporting archives for on-site storage. You cannot ignore the need to backup SharePoint online and do so with a leader in the market especially if you need an easy way to keep track of your SharePoint online backup activity.

You can begin your SharePoint backup right away if you visit the website of which is a leading solutions provider for backing up Office 365, G Suite, SalesForce, Dropbox, Office 365 OneDrive Backup, And Online Exchange. You will not be required to invest any funds to understand whether CloudAlly is the best solution available on the market. When you visit the website of this solutions provider you will have access to a 14-day free trial which you can use to begin backing up your data on SharePoint. You can subscribe for an account with CloudAlly after you are fully satisfied with the authenticity of this provider.

CloudAlly was founded in 2011 as one of the first cloud to cloud backup services provider in the world for Google Apps and SalesForce. CloudAlly has been leading the industry with the first available Microsoft office 365 cloud backup in the first quarter of 2014. This provider is accredited by ISO 27,001 and is HI PA A and GDPR compliant. The best practices within the industry for information security management are adhered to by CloudAlly and it is for this reason that this company has customers and partners in over 40 countries.

CloudAlly is providing online cloud to cloud backup and recovery solutions which backup everyday changes in your SaaS to unlimited Amazon S3 storage to make it available for you to restore or export. The solution provider ensures your backup remains simple while keeping your online data secure. Therefore this is the solutions provider you should consider as the leader in the market and prefer to deal with them rather than many other providers who may also be offering similar solutions.

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