The Oxygeneo Facial Is Similar to Three Skin Treatments In One

The Pollogen Oxygeneo treatments are similar to a regular oxygen facial which is very fast and the treatments only take about 30 minutes or fewer. A number of women who have undergone this treatment have left positive Oxygeneo reviews to provide others the information that this is the treatment they should choose over any other which is being offered for RF skin tightening. The Oxygeneo machine redefines facial treatments by combining the three most effective skin enhancing technologies which are available on the market to provide the ultimate super facial. This is an all-in-one skin continuing treatment which can deliver skin nourishment and tightening while also reducing wrinkles which have appeared. The geneO + super facial platform makes use of ultrasound to enhance skin permeability for maximum infusion of essential nutrients. The TriPollar RF is used for skin tightening, rejuvenation and firming.

The Oxygeneo facial involves three steps. The first step in the process is the exfoliation which takes about six minutes. The aesthetician applies a treatment gel over the skin before he or she fits a handpiece of Capsugenn and begins buffing it all over the face resulting in some gentle foaming. The aesthetician can also concentrate on any areas of concern such as areas of hyperpigmentation and the comedones around the nose. The individual will feel no irritation or discomfort but may fail a mild tingle. Warmth will also be felt in the face which is a sign of oxygenated blood coming to the surface.

Dermal infusion is the second step of this process when the foam is washed away and more gel is applied for this step which concludes in about eight minutes. The aesthetician will remove the used Capsugen capsule to replace it with a massage tip on the handpiece and gently moves it over all areas of the face to ensure the treatment gel is absorbed. This part is more relaxing because the individual feels no bubbling or tingling.

The final step of this procedure is the hand massage to remove the remaining gel on the face and ensure that every drop of the gel gets into the skin.

The aesthetician finally hands you a mirror to view the results and admire the glow of your plumped up skin.

The advanced face rejuvenation treatments from Pollogen are clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in a safe, effective and virtually painless procedure. The treatment is capable of removing dynamic wrinkles, fine wrinkles, and skinfold wrinkles which can appear on the faces of countless men and women. This is a technology which should be the preferred choice of people who do not want to display the signs of aging on their faces.

Throughout the globe, a number of treatments have been introduced with claims that they are the best in the market for removing fine lines and wrinkles. Unfortunately, the products have been accepted by people with the belief that these are the products which must be used when they begin developing signs of aging.

Aging is a problem which cannot be controlled by an individual. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is a common feature among all people beyond a certain age. Rather than search for and find cosmetic treatments which need to be used over and over again wouldn’t it be better for people simply to contact companies like Pollogen who will be happy to provide them with a treatment protocol at a clinic close to them. People stand to benefit by opting for Pollogen Oxygeneo treatments which have been confirmed by aestheticians as well as the medical fraternity as safe and effective. an Oxygeneo facial will just require about 30 minutes and leave the individual undergoing the treatment feeling better and rejuvenated. What is even better is the fact that it is similar to getting three skin treatments in a single go.