Why Deal With A Reputed Provider For FileSystem To Cloud Migration

FileSystem to cloud migration will become easy if you decide to deal with a reputed provider that can support migrations from FileSystem to a wide range of cloud platforms. When you make an attempt to understand what is FileSystem migration you must understand it is important for you to have the best migration tool on the market because it is an important aspect of safeguarding your data.

Cloudsfer is proud to present to you its latest addition to the systems it is supporting in the form of FileSystem. Their OPA (On-Premise Agent) can enable data migration from Windows systems on-premise to a cloud storage provider. You can transfer the data on FileSystem from the on-premise file system to over 20 different cloud storage providers which will be at your fingertips. The kind of storage platforms supported by CloudsFer is Microsoft Azure blob storage, Dropbox, Google Drive, office 365 and many others.

Transferring FileSystem data to the cloud is easy with the cloud migration tool offered by Cloudsfer. Initially, you simply need to download the OPA agent with a unique token provided by Cloudsfer. You can then choose the desired source for the data and select your target which will be the destination cloud storage platform and migrate the on-premise data to any one of the platforms mentioned above. You even have opportunities to begin the migration process instantly or schedule it for a later date.

Cloudsfer can offer you several benefits for FileSystem to cloud migration. You will have the ability to migrate files of all types including multi-user migration. You can maintain the metadata while having complete scalability as well as maintaining the hierarchy structure. The option of applying filters by file size, creation, and modification dates will also be available to you. Your data is fully secure during the migration process as all communications between the systems are encrypted.

Cloudsfer offers you 24 x 7 support as well as flexible scheduling. The process of transferring the data is automatic with this tool eliminating the need for manual downloading and re-uploading of the files. You also get a comprehensive migration report to confirm the authenticity of the migration.

Cloudsfer provides you with multiple systems in one user interface. You can use a common easy to use migration process for over 20 systems such as moving on-premise data to Amazon Cloud Drive, Alibaba cloud OSS, black blaze B 2, egnyte, and Yandex disk.

As long as your on-premise systems are meeting the following requirements you will have no difficulties with FileSystem to cloud migration. You must have Microsoft.net framework’s 4.5, Windows Vista or higher or Windows Server 2008 or higher for the migration. If your system requirements meet the standards you can easily complete the migration of data from FileSystem to any platform of your choice including Dropbox, onedrive, SharePoint online, Amazon S3, WebDAV and many others.

Migrating data to cloud platforms can be a complex task which shouldn’t be assigned to developers of tools that are not reputed. This is a task that is better handled by the leaders in the market such as Cloudsfer that has made a mark for itself as one of the best providers of cloud migration tools. Moreover, you do not need to have any expertise for using the tool developed by this provider. You can instantly transfer and backup your files to a destination of your choice. With the large number of cloud storage providers being offered by CloudsFer, you will have no difficulties choosing a suitable platform for your needs. Additionally, you will be giving your IT administrators a migration solution for your entire organization because you decided to deal with the leader in the market Cloudsfer.