Tips That Help You Choose Medical Power Supply

The only thing you wish for your loved one when they are admitted in hospital is that they get well soon. However, once they get admitted, all you can do is rely on doctors to save your loved one’s life with their knowledge and expertise and pray to the Almighty. However, medical experts need medical equipments to save an ailing patient.

To use those equipments to save an unfortunate victim of an accident they need a reliable medical power supply. So you can see how medical power supply units become a vital factor when treating a patient. All kinds of medical equipments need medical power supply units to work properly – from dialysis machines to USG and X-Ray machines, all of them need a stable power connection. Therefore, you should choose a medical supply unit that can successfully revive the patient and save a family.

But, do you know what you should look for when buying a medical power supply?

What’s Different about Medical Power Supply

Be aware that the term “medical grade” covers a lot of equipments including commercial-grade equipments. Make sure you buy the correct medical power supply unit that is designed to meet the safety standards. A medical power supply unit that meets the safety standard will have controlled power output design. Keep in mind that the medical equipments need different and enhanced design cycle, which is quite different from the general power suppliers. Medical equipments also require greater life expectancy, so the medical power supply unit has to be able to support such equipments for a long time.

The Power Output

The first thing that you need to consider is the power output. Check the volts, amps and make sure it meets the safety standard set by the law. The power requirements must be met by the power supply for medical instruments as early as possible. Do the quality check thoroughly before buying the medical power supply. You can choose a standard power supply. However, be cautious before customizing its design. Look for other solutions before that if possible. Also, keep a backup source if possible.

What Electrical Requirements Must It Meet?

Keep in mind that the medical power supply system will supply the power to medical equipments which have very different requirements from other electronics and therefore, the supply must be stable and controlled.

Here the first thing to consider would be the input/output requirements. Check well that input/output is DC-DC or AC-DC. Check the number of outputs and also the voltage and current of each of those outputs. Make sure it is a Class 1 (3 wire AC input) or Class 2 (2 wire AC input) medical power supply. Do not compromise when it comes to powering medical instruments!

You need to also add all of the output wattage to calculate the total power supply wattage. This will help you understand how much output the medical power supply unit can offer.

Also check the EMC/EMI, efficiency, holdup time, control and monitoring functions which are crucial to powering the medical equipments.

Be Aware About the Mechanical Requirements

While choosing your medical power supply unit, check its length, width, height and weight. It is better and wise to choose a unit that is smaller in size and light in weight so it is easier to place and easier to carry if need be. Also make sure you know the installation process. It will be better to hire a professional to do that.

A good medical power supply unit will have good cooling, convection or conduction system. It should provide you the benefit of low thermal anomaly and good airflow. It will also provide controlled shock and vibration where it is needed. Also check the acoustics in case it will be used in a noise sensitive instrument.

Do not forget to check other factors like electrical connections, connectors, wiring harness, MTBF, Life and QAV. Choose a reliable power supply unit for it to last for years.

Safety Measures

Among other requirements, safety is one of the most important factors. Make sure your modular power supply unit is safe to use and works in every environment and even in high altitudes. With these points in mind, you can easily get top-quality medical power supplies!

Medical Power Supply
Medical Power Supply