Cyber Security Technology

How Webint Tools uncover Cybercrime in the online Gaming Scene

It is somewhat ironic that almost all table games that focus on gambling have come from countries where gambling is forbidden, while at the same time being banned in their country of origin. The invention of the internet and the expansion of the deep web have given many an opportunity to bypass laws that forbid gambling. Most of the online gambling in these countries takes place on the deep and dark web and it is one competitive market.

Scams, Frauds, and Competition

Online casinos in countries where gambling is forbidden aren’t legal entities and as such, they usually don’t follow any rules at all. They mostly exist on the deep web and they are hard to track down because of two main reasons:

– The deep web is estimated to be at least 400 times larger than the surface web so tracking down criminal activity can be a problem

– Websites that are created on the deep web don’t stay online for too long so it is almost impossible to keep track of them

Dark web intelligence is not easy to gather and just a few years back it could be considered an impossible task. Temporary websites and almost complete anonymity allowed criminals to operate in the dark for far too long. To showcase the extent of this online gambling “business” you should know that these competitors don’t only pray on the uninformed but also launch attacks on each other. DDOS as a service is very common on the dark web so many gambling operators hire attackers to bring down their competition. It is a never ending war that has been going on for years and without the right web intelligence tool, they could probably keep doing what they are doing indefinitely.

How to prevent Illegal online Gambling?

As already mentioned, to prevent illegal activity on the deep web you would need a sophisticated artificial intelligence tool. Cobweb Technologies offer AI-powered web intelligence that could be the perfect solution for countries affected by this online gambling problem. Rather than tracking down the perpetrators manually, officials could leave this work to AI and focus on productive tasks that can benefit from manual labor. AI has the power to do something humans can’t – crawl and investigate message boards on the dark web. The only information it needs is a keyword (or a set of words) and it will get straight to work. Forums, message boards, and many other communication-based websites can be crawled in a matter of minutes. This is an automated process and the AI will not alert operators unless there is something to look at. While the team works on something else, the AI makes sure it looks into every single keyword and collects data that is noise-free. Once a threat actor is identified, the team in charge is informed immediately. These timely alerts enable officials to focus on their office work until there is a need for their attention


Online gambling is just the tip of the iceberg but it serves as a good example of how advanced technology can work both for and against threat actors. Just like humans can use the dark web in hopes to conceal their identity while profiting from illegal activity, the AI can do the same but much faster and more precise. Every message and piece of conversation that is left on the dark web can be found and processed by AI in minutes. A prompt response based on the AI alerts could make a big difference between bringing down a serious criminal organization or losing them from sight forever.

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Migration Solutions

Planning SharePoint Content Migration? Here’s What You Need To Know


Microsoft SharePoint is one of the best collaborative platforms in the world. Thanks to its direct integration with Microsoft office suite, it contains lots of applications as a content and document management system. If you are considering a SharePoint content migration, then you should definitely enlist the assistance of a reliable and powerful platform migration application.

A powerful deployment and migration application will allow you to make all modifications and customizations through the interface of the SharePoint program itself. If you are considering a switch to SharePoint from your existing workspace, then you should first look into a powerful deployer and migration application. So that you know precisely what to look for, here is some information that you should definitely keep in mind while looking for the perfect migration tool.

  1. Offline Simulation Environment:

To make sure that the entire migration process runs smoothly, modern deployment software allows administrators to run offline simulation environments. First, the deployer loads all the information about the source and target files into a temporary memory location called the “Project”. By doing this, it will allow the administrator to make the necessary customizations and changes according to the unique requirements of your organization. These modifications aren’t executed immediately. The admin can run various simulations until they get what they want.

  1. Proper Accessibility of Permissions:

The chain of command and control is the entire backbone of an organization. The best way to ensure efficiency and security is to implement and enforce a proper system of privilege and access control. By doing this, you will be able to ensure the proper safety and security of all your organization’s sensitive information. The deployment tool that you use will first analyze all the information about the source files and users. This will be replicated at the target site.

  1. Proper Security of Transferred Data:

A collaborative system is going to be at its most vulnerable during a change in administration and operating platform. To ensure that the integrity and safety of your sensitive information is not compromised, you need to invest in a powerful deployment and migration tool. The retention of the data is made possible by the thorough mapping of all source metadata to the corresponding metadata of the target locations. This system ensures that no information is lost during the transfer.

  1. Editing and Administration of Metadata:

It is important to preserve the integrity of the metadata of all the files and information present in the collaborative system. Metadata literally means “information about information” and is used to denote the various identifying characteristics of a file. Metadata is crucial for the smooth functioning of a collaborative platform. While you are transferring control from one collaborative system to another, you have to make sure that all of your organizational metadata is properly preserved for administrative purposes.

  1. Modelling of SharePoint Targets:

The biggest advantage of using a deployment and migration tool is that it will allow you to engineer the most efficient and effective method yourself. Nowadays, the best migration tools allow system administrators to model their SharePoint targets beforehand. This modelling arrangement will allow you to demarcate and preserve memory locations, files, folders, personal workspaces, etc. during the migration process. It will allow you to modify platform structures, portal areas, libraries, customized lists, metadata, node metadata, security and permissions, etc. In a nutshell, there are three necessary aspects of SharePoint content migration and they are:

  • Metadata
  • Permissions and Security
  • Structure
  1. Customizability of the Migration:

It is unrealistic to think that there is one perfect migration process. The entire process of platform migration is a dynamic and continuous affair. This basically means that the administrator has to adjust the variables all the time, even after the migration process is completed. To ensure that this customizability doesn’t affect the efficiency of the workspace, migration tools have started to offer this new feature called a Rule Engine. This will allow you to customize your migration easily.

Perform successful content migration

This is the basic information that you will need to keep in mind while you are choosing a tool to help you transition from your existing platform to Microsoft SharePoint. These features will allow you to transfer all your pre-existing objects, documents, workspace, etc. in a safe and reliable manner.

Sharepoint content migration


Cloud Solutions SaaS

Ways A Robust Backup Dropbox Service Can Help

Are you planning for cloud storage? If so, then it is a great idea, and for that, you need to look for a robust backup Dropbox service. Picking up the right service can help you in many aspects. With that, syncing can be done in one click, which is not possible otherwise. The best tool for drop box backup can sync and save changes faster than other random tools. Also, you can update the security changes according to the need and follow any process to share your file. Apart from that, many ways the Dropbox backup service can help you. Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. One User Interface and multiple systems

The best Dropbox service can migrate from at least 20 cloud systems. With a convenient and simple migration process, the entire migration process can be completed with great ease. But if you pick up any other Dropbox service, you might not experience such benefits.

  1. No issue with scalability 

With an appropriate Dropbox backup tool, you can migrate files of any size. There is no upper limit that you need to maintain. It gives the flexibility to a lot of companies to migrate big folders in one click.

  1. On-Premise to Cloud

With a suitable Dropbox backup tool, migration can be done from more than 12 various on-premise devices to any cloud storage. It indicates how essential it is for a company to select a proper tool which will help them enjoy such features.

  1. Maintains metadata 

You can keep the original metadata of files once you use the best tool. But you might see that the metadata is no longer available if you pick up any Dropbox tool. If you pick up the best Dropbox service only then you can retain the original metadata.

  1. Security features 

The best platform allows you to apply security features according to your needs. As a result, a random person will not be able to access your file without your permission. The best service keeps the sharing settings only to the targeted system. You can also use custom permissions when required.

  1. Filtering files 

You can filter files based on size, date, file type, etc. With that, it would be easier for everyone to pick up the folder that contains all the necessary details regarding specific data. As a result, the entire process becomes easier; otherwise, you would have wasted a lot of time searching for the information.

  1. Scheduling

Scheduling means you can fix the time slot when the backup process needs to takes place, such as during the weekend, off-hours, etc. Scheduling cloud migration will fit your needs as it will start without bothering you. Fixing a particular time slot also ensures that all the information is available in the cloud, and you do not need to follow the same process all the time.

  1. Migrate various files with date modification 

With a well-known and reliable Dropbox backup service, not only you can upload files but also modify them. Whenever you make necessary changes to the file, you will see that the file has two dates, one resembles the creation date, while other resembles the modification date. It clearly gives you a view of what work you did and when. It is a great aspect that can help you recall the things that you have done previously. But if you pick up any platform, you will not get to experience all such aspects, and you may not be able to recall what you did last.

  1. Start migrating within seconds 

Some services might consume a lot of time after you create your account to migrate files. But with the best tool, you do not need to worry about any such aspects as you can start migrating file with the best application within seconds. Therefore, you can decide if you wish to experience such aspects or want to go with a random service.

Pick up the best Dropbox service!

To enjoy a reliable and faster cloud service, ensure to pick up the best Dropbox backup tool. You can enjoy all the aspects mentioned above, making your work easier. When you invest some time in looking for a suitable Dropbox service, you will come across a lot of options and then you can pick the best one by comparing each of them.



Broadcasting Software

Your Guide to Best Live Streaming Equipment

It doesn’t matter what kind of live streaming you are into; you will need to have a proper checklist for essential equipment. These are necessary to create those perfect streaming videos that can help you gain a large and loyal audience. Great content is a different thing altogether, but to make it presentable, you need to surround yourself with the best possible technology. A reputed live broadcast software is always on the list. Without good live broadcasting software, it won’t be possible for you to stream well enough.

We have prepared a list of must-have equipment for beginners that they must possess to keep up with good production value. Once you are in a better league and start earning through your streaming, you must upgrade all the necessary equipment to give your beloved audiences a better experience.

Let us check out the list:


The most basic and essential requirement is a Laptop or PC with a good configuration. It should have an updated processor with at least 8 Gb of Ram. A high functioning SSD and a lot of USB ports. It would help if you had at least these to run all the video related software, including the live broadcasting software.The added advantage of using a desktop over a laptop is the availability of several USB ports and the scope of expansion of configuration in case you go PRO.


In case you are just a beginner, you must not invest much in a camera and settle down on a smaller USB camera. These cameras are within budget and won’t be heavy on your pocket; you must make sure that you do a quick Google research before you make the purchase. It would help if you always bought a tripod to shoot videos with stability. You will also need a long cord if you need to put them in many positions, so make sure that you get a USB enabled extension cable. A live broadcast software is a must if you wish to add multiple camera inputs.


Great audio quality is always desirable when it comes to creating good quality videos. Audiences don’t want to struggle when trying to hear your narration. Condenser or Lapel microphones are good options for beginners and can get you the desired audio quality.

Audio Mixer

If you plan to use multiple microphones and for your stream, then you must get your hand on a good audio mixer. Audio mixers will allow you to manage volume levels of multiple microphones at the same time. A mixer with a USB should be preferred to transfer audio files to the Laptop or Personal computer.


To have a high-quality stream, live broadcasting software is a must. It will allow you to take inputs from multiple cameras, with multiple options of software available in the market both paid and free. It is only natural that you will end up confused. These differences in software are based upon the kind of purposes they serve. You must select an excellent package before you end being on a live stream.


It comes without saying, live streaming will require you to have a stable high-speed internet connection for uninterrupted smooth streams. A cable-based internet connection will be appropriate for live streaming than wi-fi. Before you go live, you must put your internet connection to test before going live to avoid any issues during the streaming process. As a beginner, you should keep in mind that these mishaps can push the audience away, as they will think of you as a non- serious person.


Streaming Channel

A streaming channel is where you would find your audience; extensive research on different kinds of streaming platforms will give you a good idea about which channel will provide you the type of audience you seek.


With our deep understanding of the streaming industry, we have equipped you with all the gadgets and resources you must possess to begin your live stream adventure. Ensure that you check out the prices on different platforms before making the purchase and get your hands on the best deal possible. Many e-commerce platforms also provide active discounts on gadgets, keep an eye on for your best buy.


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Cyber Security Technology

How to Ensure Oil and Gas Cyber Security With Integrated Digital Platforms

Experts and academics say that the present manufacturing and production industries are undergoing the fourth Industrial Revolution, also known as Industry 4.0. This term refers to the digital transformation that has taken place in all the major industries and systems in the world. One of the biggest advances that have been made during this period is the complete automation and digitization of production processes. Manufacturing and production systems are becoming more connected and efficient.

However, this efficiency and connectivity is coming at a price. All these industries are facing massive risks in the form of cyber security threats. Oil and gas industries in particular are at a vulnerable position. If you want to protect the integrity and proper functionalities of your outfits, then you have to invest in oil and gas cyber security. The most efficient way to keep your business secure is by implementing integrated digital platforms.

  1. Ensuring that all the equipment is operational

Modern oil and gas mining outfits have to rely heavily on automated equipment and wells. All of these devices and mining equipment are centralized, monitored and controlled by the team members in charge of oversight. Operational technology elements like these are susceptible to cyber-attacks which have the potential to put a stop to the overall continuity of your oil business. An integrated digital platform will protect your outfit from surprise cyber-attacks and security risks.

Cyber-attacks can have a devastating effect on the overall production levels and efficiency of your oil/gas wells. Production slowdowns or shutdowns caused due to problems with the automated equipment can result in huge financial losses as well. Apart from financial loss, a slowdown or bottleneck in the production process can have devastating effects on the reputation and capability of your oil mining business. An integrated digital platform will provide you with comprehensive security against all kinds of cyber security issues and OT threats.

  1. Ensuring the safety of your critical infrastructure

Oil and gas mining outfits work with advanced machinery and engineering systems that need thorough oversight. If this oversight is not present, there will be massive and unmitigated losses to your personnel, production processes, finances, etc. If you have an automated mining system that is overseen with the help of OT software, then you should know that you are extremely susceptible to cyber-attacks. Proper cyber security measures will keep your critical infrastructure safe and secure.

All companies have to take all the necessary steps to ensure that their critical infrastructure, personnel, production processes, etc. remain protected, safe and fully continuous. Cyber security systems have to be put in place so that the physical safety of all of your employees, engineers, automated systems, etc. will not have to be compromised. Cyber security flaws can have devastating consequences on your business’ entire production processes – and a comprehensive cyber security system needs to be put in place for this sort of dangerous situation.

  1. Ensuring the safety of third-party contractors and personnel

Oil and gas mining outfits frequently engage the services of third-party contractors and personnel, the ones who are actually responsible for the on-site oversight and maintenance of the mining equipment. That is why oil and gas cyber security is so important – because these third-party contractors are one of the biggest vulnerabilities in the system. These third-party contractors and middlemen can also be a source of malicious operatives, operational threats, corporate espionage, sabotage, etc.

For example, oil and gas outfits usually require a huge amount of electrical power. Since getting this power directly from the grid would not be cost-effective, they frequently team up with electricity plant conductors. These third-party contractors might not be updated on the various cyber security threats that their systems are vulnerable to. As a result, malicious individuals would be able to gain access to your systems by breaking into their systems. A pervasive OT security system can actually lend protection to third-party contractors also.

Final thoughts

These are the various ways in which a fully digitized and integrated operational technology cyber security platform can help you to protect the continuity and efficiency of your business. Gas industry cyber security is extremely important and the services of a dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC) would be extremely beneficial for your oil/gas mining outfit.

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Volumetric Video: The Future Ready Video Technique

Over the years, the world of photography and videography has changed tremendously. There have been massive developments in how we picture a moment in the best way possible. Whether it is the advancements in cameras or the technique to capture a scene, every bit of change has contributed significantly to the industry. There are countless ways in which you can shoot a scene and make it appealingly perfect when it comes to video techniques.

Volumetric video is one such video technique to shoot a three-dimensional space. Videographers use a volumetric studio to make everything happen in a much more defined way. Since its inception, the volumetric video has made quite a buzz in the industry.

In this article, you will learn more about volumetric video and how they are gaining popularity in the videography world.


What is Volumetric Video?

There are different techniques used to capture various scenes and locations. Volumetric video is a video technique to shoot a three-dimensional space, which is difficult to cover with a regular videography method. Sometimes, a volumetric 3D studio is used for better efficacy.

With volumetric video techniques, data is acquired from the scene, which can be further displayed on a flat-screen, VR goggles, or 3D displays. The best thing about the volumetric video is that the customer will get the immersive experience of watching a three-dimensional video.

Brief History of Volumetric Video

Before the volumetric studio came into existence, and this video technique got worldwide popularity, there was a time when this method was struggling to enter the mainstream.

Over the years, we have watched sci-fi movies that take 3D real-world visuals to another level. But it was not possible to imbibe in the videography world. With constant evolvements and the growing advancements in the videography industry, data processing, computer graphics, and optics became a reality.

After the invention of 360 degrees videos and stereoscopic movies, the volumetric video brought the next evolution in the world of videography. It changed all the norms by offering real-time immersive three-dimensional video experience. It amalgamates the special content with immersion that has proven to be the record-breaking development in the videography since the formation of contemporary cinema.

There have been plenty of changes in the volumetric video over the years, be it the introduction of volumetric 3 D studio. This video technique got so much popularity that it got its own video market report in May 2018, and the online publication for the volumetric video came out in November 2019.

In the coming few years, we can witness volumetric video taking over the world of videography and motion pictures. With its current growth, we can certainly assume that volumetric video is here to stay for long.

The Market Growth of Volumetric Video

There’s no doubt in asserting that volumetric video is becoming everyone’s favorite. The market in APAC (Asia Pacific) for volumetric video is segmented into Japan, South Korea, China, New Zealand, and Australia. The Asia Pacific is considered to be the growing market for volumetric video.

When it comes to the major hike in demand for the volumetric 3D studio, China and Japan certainly top the list. Consumers in these countries have a growing interest in 3D imaging systems, thereby increasing the popularity of volumetric videos. As it has a diverse application and can be used in various activities, many industries have also taken help from this video technique, such as sports, medical, engineering, etc.

The market dominants for volumetric videos are Microsoft Corporation, Intel Corporation, Google LLC, Facebook Inc, 4D View Solutions, etc. According to Volumetric Capture, Application, and Content Delivery, the volumetric video market is expected to from $ 1.4 to $5.8 billion by the year 2025, which is quite a stunning forecast. The increasing application of this technique is a clear indication of its future prospects. As several industries have already adopted it into their practice, it will not be hard to sky-rocket its reach.

The Bottom Line

Different techniques of videography are used to capture things differently. Volumetric video is the current sensation that allows us to capture three-dimensional space with ease. The video can be further displayed on a flat-screen, VR goggles, and 3D devices. With the inclusion of a volumetric studio, people can get a more immersive experience and get all the data collected rightly displayed in real-time.

For more information on Volumetric Video Capture Booth



Power Supplies Technology

What are modular power supplies used for?

A wide variety of aspects need to be considered while getting a new power supply, starting from efficiency to wattage to everything. Along with that, the modularity also needs to be taken care of. As a new builder, you might be unaware of the differences in the types of power supplies available in the market, like a semi-modular and fully modular power supply. Here is a brief description of both the different forms for you to take a look. You should also know the reasons they are used for. After getting in-depth information regarding this, you can pick the one that you need.


Modular power supply 

The modular power supply eliminates the involvement of excess cables that consumes a lot of space. In modular power suppliestwo modular power supplies are there. One is fully modular PSUs, and another one is semi-modular PSUs.

  1. Fully Modular PSUs

The fully modular PSUs are where each cable on the power supply can be moved without any difficulty. Fully modular PSUs are highly recommended as they are compatible with various colored power cables. It gives a bit of extra flair when you are building. The features of using full modular PSUs are:

  • Excellent airflow 

There is an increase in airflow because of the flexibility of better cable management. Also, there is no “nest” in the middle of the case, and only the cables are available. As a result, there is enough space in the device, which helps in proper airflow.

  • Reduction in the cables

As there are only lesser cables available, so the amount of dust building up inside the device reduces. Extra space and lack of cables lead to a lower temperature, and this is possible only in fully modular PSUs. It also eliminates messing up of wire, which is higher in non-modular PSUs.

  • Aesthetically good

There is good cable level management offering a better aesthetics. It offers a cleaner look that is not present in non-modular PSUs.

  • Efficiency 

The new modular plugs make them easier to use, increasing efficiency. As a result, it is more convenient for you as there are not many cables available. It might sound a bit expensive to you, but they are the best when it comes to comparing the features with non-modular PSUs.

  • Larger computer casing 

The only aspect that needs your attention is it requires a larger computer casing. The device cannot fit in a smaller or usual computer casing.


  1. Semi-Modular PSUs

A semi-modular PSU has specific cables, which are not used in every device. So, while looking for a semi-conductor, you also need to look at the main connectors, which cannot be disconnected. In semi-modular power supplies, the main cables, such as 8-pin CPU, 24-pin, and a PCIe cable, are connected to a single circuit board. There are connected next to the SATA cables present there. To understand a semi-modular PSU, you can consider it is a combination of attributes. Here are some of the reasons for using semi-modular PSUs:

  • Cost-effective 

The essential aspect is they are cost-effective, and you can save a lot on a new build. As you will be plugging pre-attached cabled, so there is no need to compromise much on unused cables. With semi-modular PSUs, you cannot use braided cables to ensure that you know about it while selecting the wires.

  • Better temperature

Compared to non-modular PSUs, the right cable management offers better temperature control. But when compared to full-modular PSUs, the temperature is a bit higher.

  • Decent airflow

Proper cable management helps in decent airflow, which enhances efficiency. When the same is considered with full-modular, it is a little less but higher than non-modular.

  • Large size casing 

Compared to non-modular, it requires a larger-sized casing. But with a larger casing, there is an easy way to replace wires. It is possible because there are lesser wires that you need to unplug. But the same thing is not possible with non-modular PSUs.


Get a modular PSU!

The above reasons will help you make a choice between a semi-modular and fully modular PSU. If you are ready to spend a bit more, it’s better to get a fully-modular PSU. However, you wish to go for a cost-effective product; a semi-modular PSU would be apt. Since you are now aware of the reasons to use them, it would be easier to get one for your requirements.

modular power supplies




Cyber Security

The Various Application Areas Of Biometric Security Technology

Biometric data is extremely sensitive. It needs to be protected and stored in a way that malicious hackers/organizations cannot steal and misuse it. If your organization stores the biometric information of its employees and customers, then you should invest in a biometric security system of extremely high quality. The human face is full of biometric data, and facial images can actually be manipulated and stolen by identity thieves. To block facial recognition systems from accessing your facial images, you have to think about investing in an advanced security system. This system will also help you to stay in compliance.

The technology developed by the best identity theft protection software developers will help you to stay in compliance with regulations established by data protection and privacy frameworks such as CCPA, GDPR and BIPA. At a much simpler level, it will also help you to protect the integrity of all the sensitive information stored in your database. Here are some of the applications of biometric security technology.


  1. Image and Video Protection

The image and video protection technology will protect your business’ facial images and videos from being misused with the help of facial recognition engines. It has come up with a sophisticated and elegant de-identification system, which can be used to remove all traces of sensitive biometric information from facial images. To the human eye, there will be no difference between the original picture and the protected version.

This de-identification system is encoded into the biometric security system with the help of a Cryptographic Hash Function (CHF). CHFs are one-way functions with no backdoors, and they cannot be reverse engineered. As a result, the facial and video data that you store in your company’s database is going to be completely hack-proof. Even if there is a data breach, the data thieves will not be able to get anywhere with the stolen biometric data.

  1. Biometric Database Security

The de-identification algorithm is one of the most powerful biometric security technologies that are available today. The entire de-identification process is extremely sophisticated – but in terms of concept, it is actually very simple. This simple de-identification and encryption process can successfully take on some of the most powerful facial recognition systems in the world in a head-on manner. Many biometric databases store and disseminate facial information for security or marketing reasons today.

It is the responsibility of these organizations to provide their biometric databases with the highest level of security there is. At the very outset, the data that they hold has to be devoid of any Personally Identifiable Information. The de-identification algorithmic encryption system removes all the recognizable biometric markers from a person’s facial image, and that is why it is one of the most powerful biometric security systems of all time.


Applications of Biometric Security

The biometric security systems are extremely advanced and can be easily adopted and applied by all kinds of organizations. Apart from corporations, businesses, financial institutions, etc. the de-identification and video anonymization system can also be applied by social networking websites and platforms, smart city developments, government institutions, access control mechanisms, etc.

The de-identification system is especially useful for organizations that have to store and work with facial images and information. To prevent the wilful misuse of facial recognition software, organizations need to step up and implement stringent biometric security solutions.

The de-identification system blocks facial recognition algorithms and engines from accessing stolen and protected visual images. Even though the images can still be analyzed with the help of human observers, they will be absolutely unreadable and useless to artificially intelligences.


Compliance with Data Protection and Privacy Regulation

The de-identification process will also help your business to be in 100% compliance with all of the personal information protection regulations set forth by GDPR. According to the GDPR, facial images are extremely sensitive biometric information and businesses may only store them if they can satisfy the stringent security requirements. If you work with the data of EU citizens, then you will have to invest in the proper tools to help keep all of your personal information and data safe.

“Privacy by Choice” is crucial. If your business is responsible for many individuals’ personal information, then you have to do everything in your power to keep their credentials secure. Adopting the right technology is the right step to doing it.

Biometric security technology
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How Urban Mappings Works

Urban planning and decision making were very static before 3D city models were introduced to the world. By using a 3d city modeling aerial camera, experts can now foresee potential damage caused by a natural disaster, plan accordingly due to population changes and prepare for any changes in the structure of their city. A holistic look at the urban environment is required by city planners and they now mostly rely on equipment such as an aerial mapping camera or a 3d mapping camera. These tools help them gather very accurate and measurable data that can be changed, modified, and examined for better and more precise planning. These innovative tools help them acquire oblique images that have a big advantage over conventional, vertical view mapping. With access to the 3rd dimension, city planners have access to the most detailed 3D point clouds and 3D mesh models that help them make better decisions and more precise measurements. So how does all of this work and is your city missing out on this innovative technology? Let’s have a look.

Urban Mapping with 3D City Models

Photogrammetry and Lidar are the most common methods of acquiring 3D mapped models of any structure, building complex or an entire city. While they do produce similar results, they work in different ways.

Photogrammetry is performed by recording, measuring, and interpreting photographic images. Methods of optics and projective geometry are used to produce detailed 2D and 3D models alike. In simple terms, many images and recordings are made from a lot of different angles so that a 3D or 2D model can be recovered in post-processing. By putting these images and recordings together, city planners can obtain a clear 3D view of a structure and look at it from many different angles.

Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) uses lasers instead of images. A 3D target area is illuminated by a pulsed laser and the information gathered is rendered as a 3D model of that structure or area. The difference in reflected light return time and wavelength can provide more than enough information that is used to create a very precise and detailed 3D model. This is all made possible thanks to 1,000,000 pulses per second that Lidar produces.

Almost all phases of construction can benefit from these mapping models because they can provide fast and very reliable data in real-time. Early groundworks are made easy with an aerial mapping camera because scrap, fill volume, and position can be easily measured. As the construction progresses, both techniques can be used to check if construction is going according to plan. Any anomalies in the construction process can be easily identified and addressed before they can even pose a problem.

Which one is better?

There are some obvious differences between Photogrammetry and Lidar so the best practice is to combine the two. Photogrammetry is highly dependent on daylight because it relies on light reflection. Capturing water, snow, foliage, and areas of concrete accurately is almost impossible with this technique. On the other hand, Lidar has an immediate drawback because it is unable to capture the true colors of the object that is captured. It relies only on the data provided by the lasers so color images are not an option. Different conditions require different approaches so both Photogrammetry and Lidar have their time and place in construction.


3D modeling is a complex and sensitive process. Without a proper 3d city modeling aerial camera and additional equipment, it can become an impossible task. Thanks to technological innovations in aerial imagery construction and urban planning have become more simplified and accessible. Cities that own the right equipment have a clear insight in their current situation and a perfect blueprint for further improvement and advanced problem-solving.


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Software Technology

Can Text Messaging Software Optimize Customer Engagement?

It is an established fact that over 23 billion text messages are circling the globe every day and making the messaging applications among the most popular mobile apps. Businesses across industries have tapped into the power of text message advertising by using text messaging software to enhance the experience of their customers, simplify transactions and boost security. Text messaging software had not been developed only for businesses because large enterprises can also benefit from corporate text messaging software.

Corporate text messaging software from MessageWhiz is ideal for corporate’s involved with financial services, health, travel, gaming, retail, logistics, and many other businesses. The SMS marketing services promoted by this company include bulk business SMS service which is an absolute requirement even for corporates. It allows the corporate to indulge in instant communication in real-time with their customers by delivering messages in context.

Multiple industries can consider using a single text messaging software which will also function as a bulk SMS service solution. Financial services such as banks, credit card authorities and lending institutions are already using these services for a number of reasons. They are able to automatically generate messages to verify log in details of accounts, send one-time pin authorizations or even notifications of account activity.

The travel sector is also making use of the text messaging software for text message advertising within their industry. They are meeting the demands of on the go travelers by using the corporate text messaging software to communicate with their clients and provide information about any last-minute deals, E-tickets, changes in flight timings, travel itineraries, and travel alerts.

Healthcare services have not been lagging behind from using corporate text messaging software because they have realized that real-time communication with their patients can be the difference between life and death. The software is allowing healthcare services to adopt a patient-centric approach where it is critical to have a smart messaging platform for communicating with patients.

Retailers are perhaps benefiting the most with the help of text messaging software because it enables them to have a real-time dialogue with their customers for optimizing customer engagement and generating additional revenue through mobile opt-ins and timely sales promotions. It is also a method to enhance brand recognition, offer exclusive deals, improve memberships of the loyalty programs the retailer is offering, and also conduct customer satisfaction surveys.

In the present environment, it has become extremely important for businesses of all types to adopt new methods of contacting or remaining in contact with their customers. Trying to use the traditional methods will not prove beneficial as people have become accustomed to receiving messages in their handsets rather than their computers. A text message delivered to the smartphone of a customer is likely to be opened within the initial few seconds. It is also a fact that most customers respond to the messages they receive positively rather than ignore them like emails or letters. Businesses have taken note of the developments before deciding that it could be better for them to invest in text messaging software than to waste time trying to contact customers by using other methods.

Businesses that are looking forward to implementing a text message advertising campaign are recommended only to deal with the market leaders without wasting time and money with several other software providers that are also operating in the market. They should consider the text messaging software developed by MessageWhiz which is powered by MMD Smart and is being used by a large number of businesses to improve communication with their clients at the most relevant and opportune moments in order to significantly enhance business conversion outcomes.


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