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All You Need To Know About Live Streaming

Live streaming is the ability to create or watch events at the same time as it happens. It is quite a demand now, as people like to experience events from their homes’ comfort and do not want to miss a thing. With live video streaming services now available quickly, it has become convenient for people to experience events. Not only for consumers but for content creators as well, it has proved to be a boon in disguise. It incurs less cost and delivers maximum results. Going live has become a top-notch game in its sector with the best video encoders, decoders, and HD streaming technologies. Let us now have a brief discussion on why live streaming is the new hype and how it works.


Why Is Live Streaming’s Popularity Gaining Momentum?

Its popularity is growing because people find themselves part of it. They can interact with the creators, their favorite set of people, or someone they admire. There are numerous ways the audience can interact and express themselves. Live streaming is an excellent way to put your content through to the audience. It is also an efficient means to earn money. Nowadays, even online games are live-streamed, which has boosted its popularity among the younger generations. Various companies are now assisting in live broadcasts or mobile streaming in HD qualities.


How Live Streaming Works?

A live video is transmitted without prior recording and storage, directly to the audience. Almost all the social media platforms are now laced with live features to be on par with the rising demands. However, on technical grounds, the process is quite different. It works at different levels which are:

  • The first step is capturing the action with a device that transmits the visual data in a digital format.
  • Live stream information is sent in fragments, unlike a recorded video, which has to be sent at once.
  • The data is then compressed to remove all the redundant information. Subsequently, it is encoded into various compatible formats available, such as:
  1. 264
  2. VP9
  3. AV1
  4. HEVC
  • Once the above processes are complete, which is only a matter of a few seconds, it is time to make it available for the viewers online. It is here that a CDN comes into play. It distributes the information to various servers and temporarily stores it to live stream from the CDN cache rather than an original server.
  • After CDN distributes the visual content for viewers, their devices decode and decompress the visual data. Subsequently, the media player installed in them interprets and plays the video.


Benefits Of Live Streaming

The craze for live streams only keeps rising with time. It is an efficient medium to reach a larger audience to promote your talent or boost your business with very few expenses. Let us now look into a few of its benefits.

  • Builds trust

You can build a trust relationship with your viewers, which is beneficial for you or your business’ growth. And people tend to buy services they trust relating it with quality.

  • Boosts transparency

There is nothing you can hide during a live stream. You cannot edit anything that you do not like. Therefore, it boosts transparency, which will help you garner more views.

  • Cost-efficient

Live streaming is a cost-efficient option to choose because it does not require heavy equipment or technical support to go live. All it needs is a capturing device, a good internet connection, and a receiving device.

  • Convenience

Modern technology has made live streaming more convenient, both for the content generator and the viewer. A creator can go live anytime they think is right for them, and a viewer can consume it even from their home’s comforts.

  • Wider reach

With social media and good internet connectivity, live streaming is now able to gather a wider audience. Your talent or your business will have a far-reaching effect proving beneficial to you.


Live streams have successfully garnered widespread popularity because it brings an event happening in one corner of the world to the reach of people residing in another. Be it for recreational purposes, educational, or funeral purposes, it connects people, making the world a small space. So, we believe by now; you have had a fair idea about what a live stream is and goes behind its process. We are also hopeful that the discussion mentioned above will help you decide why choosing live streaming is the right choice for your services.
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Live Video Streaming






Cyber Security

How To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft?

Advancing technology has proved to be a boon as well as a bane. It has brought many disadvantages along with it, mostly, fraud and theft. Identity theft is one such burning issue globally, which is only getting more involved with time. Fraudsters with such evil intentions steal one’s identity to fulfill their vicious desires. Victims, worldwide, have lost their hard-earned money falling prey to such crimes. Several identity theft protection companies have come up with the best solutions possible to combat such crimes and keep you safe. These companies provide online protection, keep check towards suspicious activity, and use various social media platforms to ensure complete security.

Before knowing availing the services from the best identity theft protection companies, let us first examine what identity theft means.

What Is Identity Theft?

Identity theft is stealing a person’s identity to procure sensitive information, such as personal and financial, to make transactions unknown to the owner. Criminals involved in these acts collect details such as credit card statements and numbers and use them to satisfy their malicious intent. With modern computer technologies, the intensity of such crimes can be too high.

There are four types of identity thefts, and they are:

  1. Criminal identity theft: Where a person disguises himself/herself as someone else to avoid processes such as arrest warrants, conviction charges, etc.
  2. Medical identity theft: Here, a person steals another person’s identity to avail of free medical facilities.
  3. Financial identity theft: In this form of theft, a person identifies himself/herself as someone else to acquire credit facilities, goods, services, etc.
  4. Child identity theft – Where a person steals a child’s identity, because they are usually clean, to fulfill their heart’s desires.

Now let us have a brief discussion on how you can protect yourself from identity theft.

How To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft?

Prevention is better than cure. It is always better to take precautions than be sorry later. Likewise, you can take several measures to protect your identity from being misused. Although there are companies that will protect you from such threats, you can initially shield yourself with the ways and means mentioned below.

  • Be alert

Being alert will save you from falling prey to such frauds in the first place. It would help if you immediately informed concerned authorities about any form of discrepancy you notice concerning your personal or financial information. You will also need to be vigilant with your sensitive belongings, such as credit cards, bank documents, etc.

  • Secure your home network

Another way you can protect your personal information from being stolen is by securing your home router. This network is where all your devices are mostly connected and have access to all your sensitive data. We suggest that you keep your mobile devices updated with trustworthy security systems.

  • Keep away from unsecured websites

One of the wise things to do is staying away from websites that do not display the secure link indicator in its address bar. It also goes the same for doubtful links and emails. If it is not something you are looking for or use, it is better to avoid them.

  • Do not disclose personal information

Several fraudsters pose as bank associates to fish out sensitive information from you. Please do not let your confidential data slip out your tongue because no genuine financial institution will ask for information, such as credit card number or PIN, etc.

  • Keep your password game strong

Although, due to the increasing number of devices, the strength to remember passwords has gone down, it is crucial that the passwords you set for your internet aids or your financial accounts are strong. And it is recommended to keep different passwords for everything.


Identity theft is one such thing that can sweep you off your personal and financial information, and you will not even be aware of it. To protect you and your family’s identity even from the smallest threats possible, we suggest that you take help from identity theft protection solutions. We are hopeful that this piece has been successful in making you realize how essential it has become to protect your identity to have a safe and secure life and future ahead.


Identity theft protection
Identity theft protection




Industrial drone solutions

Mapping the Terrain with Modern Drones

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or drones are by far the best way to survey and map certain urban or rural areas.

That is because they offer tremendous opportunities compared to old and traditional methods of surveying. Drones are not only faster but also way more cost-effective to use. They offer the same if not better high-quality data compared to satellite imagery or manned aircraft.

So how does it work? All you need to have is a drone and to know how to use it.

Once it is in the air drone’s sensors and cameras are facing the Earth’s surface area. Sensors and cameras then proceed to scan and photograph surfaces multiple times and from various angles. Collected data is analyzed by software which then creates a 3d model of the observed area. The proportions of this 3d model are extremely precise and can be used to compare the distance between individual objects in the observed area.

Benefits of drones in mapping
We already mentioned the first and the most important benefit-

time and money. It is multiple times faster and easier to operate by using only a drone. Additionally, you don’t need manpower required with man-based methods of surveying. All you need is basically one person who knows how to operate a drone.

-Precision and accuracy would be a second benefit. Unmanned Aerial vehicles allow us to fly them way closer to the surface. That is important because close flight enables aerial camera system to take high-resolution and high-accuracy data to be collected and then represented in different kinds of formats- from orthomosaic to point cloud and DSM, DTM, etc.

-Accessibility to hard approachable areas. With a small flying machine, you don’t need to worry about your or other safety while surveying harsh terrain that is unsuitable for traditional methods.


Industrial drone applications
All of these unique and high-quality features that drones bring to the table are used for various reason such as:

Cadastral inventories– With high-resolution images made from a bird’s eye view perspective, the process of cadastral legalization of real estate will never be easier. These quality images provided by aerial camera systems attached on drones will replace the blurry one made with satellites. Not to mention the importance of surveying an area that has never been surveyed before.


Construction planning
The land management, planning, and building roads, buildings, and other objects are impossible to imagine without prior detailed topographic maps. Collecting such images is not at all a problem for drones. In fact, they can actually survey the same area several times if needed. That way architects and engineers can easily get detailed models of site topography in the pre-construction period.


Distance and volume measurements
As we mentioned before, high-resolution images potentiate surveyors to accurately calculate distances between objects.

But that is not all. With a help of certain surveying 3d software, we can also see volumetric measurements from the very same images. The procedure of counting stocks is simplified this way, instead of manual calculation. Drones instead of people can scan and count inventory stocks much easier and cheaper.


Urban planning
City planning is the most common application for industrial drones. They enable urban planning professionals to see potential weak points in the traffic system or allow them to predict social and environmental conditions and implications that certain construction would take to existing infrastructure. We will dedicate a specific article just for this particular role of a drone in the modern world.


Drones come in all types of sizes, shapes, performances,  and quality of its components. Later have a heavy influence on how accurate a map obtained by drone is. With aerial cameras- iXM-100/ iXM-50 you will have absolute accuracy.



Migration Solutions Technology

Expect a Comprehensive SharePoint Migration Solution from the Best Tool


In this computerized age, documentation and analysis of the documents are done digitally. The storage of documents with constant availability is managed by Enterprise Content Management (ECM) which has the provision of being accessed by the right people. There are several software which are used to do this job among which Microsoft SharePoint is one. However, not everyone has the SharePoint as their ECM but are looking to transfer into. So, in that case, a proficient SharePoint migration solution will be needed for the concern. The program would include software that can work with other ECMs and do a complete SharePoint migration.

The all-inclusive product

To ensure that the SharePoint migration requirements of the clients are met, it has to be ensured that the software will work in all platforms and other enterprise content management systems. So, wouldn’t it be better if the SharePoint migration tools of the most expert company are used?

The tool provided by the most skilled concern has been developed to match all the specifications of the relocation process. It allows the user to upgrade to any version of SharePoint or Office 365, even to the latest version of SharePoint, from all the available variety of ECMs.  This tool allows a lot to be saved on account of ownership of all the programs and problem-free migrations.

What the new-age program offers

The question may arise that why should the most modern migration program be chosen above the others available in the market? There are quite a few reasons to do that. A running office or a business will get stalled if the proper documents are not available at the right time. So, to ensure a hitch-free SharePoint content migration, a program with certain characteristics is favorable over others. The proper migration program has the following properties;

  1. Speedy migration

A functioning business can only spare so much time without its required digital content. Therefore, the program used for SharePoint migration has to be quick and efficient. Whatever may be the document extension, this program will migrate it to the corresponding file- word, PDF, and the others. The files are also migrated to fit properly into the SharePoint architecture.

  1. Least information loss

In today’s world, a business can become very vast and widespread. It is common to find that a single business is employing multiple ECMs in their facilities. The most detailed SharePoint content migration program uses its unique algorithm to ensure that all the information is collected from the different ECNs and located at a designated digital space. It also ensures that a minimum amount of data is lost during the migration to Microsoft SharePoint or office 365.

  1. Positive effect on business processes

This solution-providing software keeps the least pressure on the ongoing business processes and works as a simple and safe program streamlining the business processes. The knowledge transferred and stored in the program can be applied to save time and increase the ROI.

  1. Easy to use

The most functional migration solution is equipped with a user interface that is easily usable and powerful. The interface is designed to mimic explorer-like functions like drag-and-drop migrations, and program wizards to complete all the necessary processes. It is also included with powerful property or data mapping programs to bring about the successful migration of metadata without causing any change or damage to the previous data of the business enterprise. Security arrangements are also imported along with the document so that the appropriate terminals or individuals can access the information just as it did before.

Customer- Decide the Structure

The SharePoint migration solution can allow the user to either retain the old structure or program a complete remodeling. The program handles all types of content, including data items like contacts, tasks, documents, lists, and collections of diverse sites. The migrated content can be organized, personalized, calculated, and redefined as per the requirements of the user. This function is available for the existing sites, lists, and folders. The freedom to choose the site template from an extensive list of global and template galleries allows the user flexibility to design the look and feel of their SharePoint environment.






How to migrate files from Box to Dropbox?

Cloud-based file management platforms such as Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. have made storage, sharing, or collaborating much more efficient and accessible. It has become such a hit because it frees up a lot of space on the devices. Be it for an individual or an organization; everyone prefers these online file management systems. You can do a lot with such platforms, like share large files, store them, avail them from various devices, and collaborate with your colleagues or teammates anywhere. With advanced cloud computing, you can now migrate files across multiple platforms – from Box to Dropbox or vice versa.

But before we venture into how you can migrate files from one system to another, let us try to understand what these services are and how you will benefit from migrating files across these multiple cloud-based platforms.

What is Box?
Box, a company established in 2005, provides cloud storage solutions for you and your organization. It also provides a variety of collaboration tools for the ease of working together. Be it a presentation, document, or video; it enables quick access to your colleagues or employees from any device. Box ensures that your data has a back up online, so you do not have to worry about losing them.

What is Dropbox?
Dropbox, a 2007 establishment, is another file sharing platform that lets you access your stored data from multiple devices and have a shared workspace. It aims at reducing your workload and increasing productivity. Like Box, it also provides you with the ability to collaborate with your colleagues. This document management platform allows you to back up your data not to lose your valuable files forever.

Although both the platforms offer almost similar services, there are a few features that make one slightly different than the other. These differences are:

  • Box focuses more on benefitting enterprises and providing the best collaboration tools, whereas dropbox mainly focuses on the individual or personal needs.
  • On the one hand, Box employs advanced security solutions for the safeguard of its file management system. On the other hand, Dropbox has a standard security provision for the services it offers.

Benefits of Box to Dropbox Migration
There may be several reasons you would want to migrate your files from Box to Dropbox with cloud migrating systems depending on your requirements. Simultaneously, there are a few benefits to it as well. Let us take a look at those advantages:

  • All types of files can be relocated and stored in one place
  • Hierarchy structure is maintained even after the process is complete
  • Administrators can move to and fro from their sub-accounts
  • The creation and modification dates of the files are kept intact

Ways To Migrate From Box To Dropbox
Online migrating systems will help you transfer your files from Box to Dropbox with ease. There is an overwhelming number of cloud migrating solutions available in the market for you to choose, based on your requirements. These platforms offer a swift transfer of files from one file management platform to another without any hassle. With the help of the generic steps mentioned below, you can relocate your files across these cloud-based file management platforms.

  1. Choose your favorite cloud migrating platform, which will aid you in the whole process.
  2. Pick Box as the source cloud platform to access files that you want to migrate and select the ones you wish to transfer.
  3. After you have chosen the files, allow the migrating system access to your account.
  4. Then, select Dropbox as the target cloud service- the platform you would like to take your files to.
  5. Once again, grant the cloud migrating platform access to your target cloud service account.
  6. Now, start the migration process to transfer your data from Box to Dropbox.
  7. Voila! You have all your files migrated to Dropbox from Box.

Transferring files from one platform to another had never been so easy without cloud migrating solutions. You can access your files from one account and collaborate with your colleagues and employees from any device at any hour of the day and accelerate your productivity. You can pick from a variety of cloud migrating solutions to help you transfer files as per your requirements. As this piece intends to give you respite from the worries about moving your files from Box to Dropbox, we hope we were successful in doing so.



Finance Software

The Various Benefits Of An Empowered Pricing Process

Reputed insurance companies look for effective ways to attract the customers towards their website. To ensure that their customers receive the best service, they keep coming with new policies. The empowered pricing process also plays an integral role and helps insurance companies guide and understand the customer’s needs. One of the fundamental aspects of their assistance happens to be the insurance calculation engine which offers many advantages to an insurance company. Some of them are discussed as under:

Smarter business velocity

The competitive pricing process helps the companies to regulate the competition. The new rates and prices will reach the customers at the right time. Also, the key to success is systemization, and it helps the company offer customized services to insurance customers. They ensure that whenever a new customer visits their profile, they should be convinced of the insurance policy and opt for it. The smarter business velocity will help a company to reach new heights.

Higher success rate

Implementing an analytical modeling price helps a business to grow. The insurer can access long term implications by effectively understanding the trend. If an insurance company cannot get clients, the modeling price rate helps to understand the reason behind this. All thanks to AI, as without this technology, it wouldn’t be possible.

Monitoring and full accessibility

Continuously monitoring the price strategy is essential against business strategies. It provides information regarding rating and pricing processes, real-time modifications, and many other aspects. It helps insurance companies to understand where and how they need to make the changes. With that, it will guide them to give exceptional service based on real-time modifications.

Improving profit margin

An empowered pricing process does not mean that one should cut down the price or offer services or products at a lower price. Effectively working on the pricing process will help in creating a significant impact on the customers. It gives better insights depending on which the insurance company can determine if they should increase or decrease the price. As a result, it is a better way to improve the profit margin.

Enhances the risk control

The insurance sector is also associated with different risks, and to counteract with a pricing process, an empowered pricing process can be helpful. It helps the insurance companies to offer information to the customers depending upon various schemes in a proper manner. As a result, the insurer can guide potential customers to guide what they need to do.

Clear vision

One more advantage is a clear vision that it offers to the companies. With that, it becomes more comfortable for a company to decide where they need to adopt changes, which can attract more sales. Overall, it offers consistency and accuracy with auditing.

Enhances sales and marketing

Insurance companies have a lot of data about the customers, which can be used to understand them. As a result, AI techniques can guide insurance companies to understand where they need to make changes to increase sales of the policies. Moreover, this system has been fruitful for the banking sector as it helps to understand the customer’s current situation. With that, cross-selling and selling opportunities have become higher.

World-class analytics

With the analytical modeling rate, you can access world-class data science methods, ML strategies and analytical modeling from one place. The analytical modeling rate helps to select a pricing strategy that would meet the customer’s needs. Eventually, the banking and insurer will understand what customers look for. Including an empowered pricing process can change the entire way the insurer and banking sector works.

Signing off!

In today’s time, hardly it’s possible that you haven’t used data science the entire day. Analytical pricing is also a part of that and can determine insights that prove to be fruitful of the business. It offers safe banking and insurance operations, with abundant availability of information.

Adopting an empowered pricing structure also helps in security and scalability. When it is all about automation, the insurer, and banking sector must accept it to determine the business’s performance, improving the business performance, end-to-end personalization, etc.

It helps to determine new offerings based on the products and service performance. Few more advantages are there that can be experienced by framing such a process for the company. It also reduces the repetition of tasks and manual processes.


analytical modelling rate




Cloud Solutions Streaming Solutions

The Evolution of Online streaming solutions and Video Webcast

Radio and television broadcast are the very first live streaming media to be introduced into the world. These are the first inherently streaming media delivery system. Another form of media delivery system is the so-called inherently non-streaming, like the compact disc and cassettes. Today, as the technology becomes more advanced and with the development of the internet, streamed media files have become easily accessible to most people. 


Webcast is one of the newest forms of spreading information through the use of internet. Webcast is done by streaming a content or media simultaneously to several viewers and/or listeners, just like that of a regular TV or radio program. In contrast with downloading files which have to be downloaded first before the media can be played, streaming can be viewed even before the entire file downloading is finished.


Webcast promotes independent broadcasting among private citizens. Webcast likewise can be produced by average citizen to promote personal interests, views, or events, from the confines of their home. However, the largest webcasters at present are those existing television networks that simultaneous broadcast—simulcast—of their regular programming on the air with online streaming.


How Does Webcast Work?


Streaming is a process wherein the media or information is viewed by a client before the entire media file is completely transmitted. Presently, webcast can be streamed live or on demand. In live streaming, a video is sent by the webcaster directly to the viewer’s computer or mobile devices. Live streaming can be viewed without saving the file on the hard disk, it can be viewed directly as the event that is streamed unfolds, and is only available for that time being. On demand webcast, on the other hand, are saved in a server for a period of time and can be streamed progressively at the request of the viewer. While live streaming can be viewed only once, on demand streaming can be viewed repeatedly just like in YouTube.


 At present, ordinary people share their views and commentaries on any particular subject by means of podcast or webcast. However, unlike the webcast which is live stream video, podcast is more of media files placed on the Web.


Technology and Development


During the turn of the century, internet users saw developmental leaps in the Web such as:
·        The increase in the accessibility of the internet.
·        Greater bandwidth for faster connectivity
·        The introduction of HTTP, HTML, TCP/IP formats and protocols


Aside from these new technological developments, it was during this time that the very first media players were introduced to the public. By 1999, Microsoft introduce their Windows Media Player 6.4 while Apple released its QuickTime 4 application. These media player applications have streaming web video features. Later, RealPlayer joined this application melee, and due to the variety of formats adopted by websites, consumers were compelled to acquire all three applications.


With three separate applications, consumers began to clamor for a single, unified streaming format. The increasing popularity of the Adobe Flash or other Flash-based players on video hosting sites, has prompted the development of Flash-based streaming formats. Lastly, due to the ever increasing consumer demands for live streaming, video hosting sites such as YouTube, were compelled and obligated to execute streaming services for their users. 

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Cyber Security

Managed Detection and Response for Containing Industrial Threats

One can imagine an Information Technology company being a target of online threats, and we do hear the news often enough. Being related to the internet and computers directly makes them natural prey for hackers, but what about non- IT industrial units? The manufacturing floor of an industrial unit might look like a place of simple machines and robotics, but with the advent of the Internet of Things, it all changed. Industrial threat detection in non-IT companies is gaining a wide prevalence as they are not secured anymore from potential hackers. MDR Services to manage such threats is the need of the hour that every manufacturer will have to adapt eventually to keep themselves secured.

The Real Picture of Threats to Non-IT Companies

There have been increased cybersecurity raids upon non-IT sectors, primarily targeting the automobile industries. Such threats won’t restrict themselves to the automobile sector and will eventually spread to other manufacturing sectors as they have been unconcerned about cybersecurity. As more manufacturers are shifting to cloud space and investing in IoT without taking appropriate measures to protect themselves, they become easy prey. Data theft from industries like Banking, Health care, and Finance are ever on the rise.

Industrial blueprints for new projects, existing designs, and even manufacturers’ operational techniques are the most common type of assets that are being targeted.

Industrial technology related to the Internet of Things has made the security question more complicated. IoT devices are built to perform specific tasks and a small number of operations. Companies engaged in providing cybersecurity have made IoT devices a priority when dealing with cyber threats.

With an increased number of cyber raids on their assets, manufacturing companies are now seeing the wisdom of enhancing their cyberspace security and appointing the best MDR Services.

Managed Detection and Response: An Overview

With the advent of the new generation of online threats, the evolution of security systems was only natural. One such innovation of the cybersecurity system is the Managed Detection and Response Services. It is a managed security service that effectively provides intelligence against possible threats, threat hunting, overall monitoring security, incident response, and incident analysis. Traditional security systems only provide monitoring and alert services and are not capable of detecting advanced threats.

MDR effectively puts several security parameters like applications, behavior, and network, enabling it to perform a more extensive detection.

Why Should You Choose Managed Detection and Response Services?

Any organization that has built itself with hard work and has produced data that they can benefit from needs to take MDR Services to keep potential losses at bay. To get security from sophisticated hackers, one needs to appoint an equally sophisticated security system. With MDR, corporations won’t have to worry about losing their valuable assets to sinister cyber raids. Dedicated MDR services will provide an active monitoring mechanism detecting the emergence of any possible threat.

MDR services also include a dedicated security analyst to keep your organization’s security measures up to mark. An efficient MDR will make sure that endpoints don’t become a cause of concern for your organization. The more vigilant your security system, the more actively it will track an upcoming threat and prepare the necessary defense. Gathering threat intelligence regularly and efficiently is also an added advantage of MDR. Once you appoint professionals for doing the job, you will notice a rapid decrease in breaches. Vulnerabilities in a system should be managed with great care, and you won’t have to worry about it. Outsourcing security services will keep you free for managing your business operations as you will get a regular security report from the service provider.

Expert Opinion

It is evident that the nature of the threat to modern businesses has changed significantly. With the increased incorporation of information technology in modern businesses, they also invite online hackers’ attention. The threat is not limited to valuable data but also non-IT operations. A cyber security threat can negatively alter your business operations and damage your overall reputation in a terrible manner. To keep such complications at bay, you must adhere to the best security measures available. An  Industrial threat detection can significantly decrease the damage that you may incur in a fully active cyber attack.











SaaS Technology

Automating The Process Of Data Migration To Cloud

Data has become the king of all organizations because that is the only thing speaks today. But over time, the use of data and its storage techniques have been changed that has bought in the need for data migration to cloud services. Here we will be covering the importance of data, and cloud services, and the need for automated ETL data migration tools. So, let’s get started.

Data For Enterprises

Until a few years back, companies collected data only to keep records of various things. However, now as the technology has taken a different turn, the data can be used for purposes like,

  • Problem Solving: People would agree to the fact that no business process is perfect, mainly if it includes their customers. For example, no matter how good the team is and how good strategies they produce, some marketing plans simply do not work. In such cases, data helps in analyzing what went wrong and where it went wrong. So with data, various problems can be solved easily.
  • Better Customer Service: With the help of data, companies can analyze their customers for what they like and what they do not. That, in turn, can help the enterprise in making its services more efficient according to the requirements of the customers.
  • Decision Making: There are thousands of decisions that an owner needs to make throughout the life-cycle of their business. Some of these decisions could be based on the owners’ and their teams’ experience. But most of the choices rely on data and analysis with that data. So data helps in making better decisions as well.

The list does not end here because there are various other aspects of a business that can be covered with data. That is why organizations collect tremendous amounts of data to meet all these requirements.

Cloud Storage

Earlier, companies used to store this data in on-premise database setups, which incorporated the cost of hardware and maintenance. Also, as the amount of data keeps on changing, the on-premise setups usually remained as an expensive option. To cut out on costs and make their data models more efficient, they started opting for cloud database services. And then the need for tools arose that helped in data migration to cloud. But before we see the benefits of automated ETL data migration tools, let’s first see some advantages of cloud services over the conventional on-premise method.

  • Scalability: As mentioned above, the amount of data keeps on going up and down. So when it goes up, the company needs to buy new equipment to save it. However, if the data goes down due to some reason, the enterprise cannot sell their equipment to scale down. With could services, they get this facility of scalability, which makes the data storage cost-effective.
  • Mobility: Data present on clouds can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and with any device with access. That gives the flexibility of mobile working to the employees.
  • Reliability: If the on-premise system fails, the whole data is lost. And this loss can cost a lot to organizations. But this danger can be avoided with data migration to cloud services because they provide proper backup and ensures no company faces any data losses due to system failures.

Just like the benefits of data, there are several other benefits of cloud services as well. The company can obtain all those gains by data migration to cloud services.

Automated ETL Data Migration Tools

Data migration to cloud means moving the data from existing on-premise setups to the newly established/old cloud setups. It might seem like a simple transfer. However, companies need to properly strategize and execute the process using ETL data migration tools. This is because the on-premise and cloud setups work in extremely different directions. So while performing the migration, experts also need to optimize the ongoing processes of the organization for the new cloud service.

Manually shifting all the data would not only require efforts but a lot of unnecessary hassle. It can be easily avoided using the automated ETL data migration tools, which makes the whole data migration process convenient. By leaving the entire work to the tools, experts can focus on other tasks, making their organization more efficient at work.


The importance of data in undeniable in today’s world because most of the businesses work based on data. To make this data more useful and store it more efficiently, companies use cloud services. And for transferring their existing on-premise data, they use automated ETL data migration tools that make their work extremely convenient.

etl data migration

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Finance Software Technology

Points to Look For- Professional Financial ERP Software

We all know that ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and it is a technological innovation that helps manage a business or an organization in a smooth manner. But only a few people know that when you invest in ERP, you also need to consider investing in a financial ERP system. If you haven’t bought one before and need help in making the right decision then we suggest that you go through the following and buy a software that has the features mentioned here.

Enhance Financial Performance
You should always seek UK financial ERP that offers accurate financial reports and helps you to track financial performance. This accurate data will highlight performance snags and allow you to see the scope for improvement in the same.

Streamlines Processes
It is also wise to invest in a financial ERP software that brings inefficiencies into the light and lets you know how to streamline the processes. It will often provide data on best practices so that you can reduce financial inaccuracies and make improvements with time.

Better Decision Making
You should seek a solution that provides real-time data regarding finances of a company. It will ensure that you make decisions faster and the decisions are more relevant. It will also help you track where your money is going so that you can create a better budget for the next year.

Improves Transparency
It is also smart to seek a software that boosts transparency within the organization by showing the basic financial data to every department. You should also look for a software that lets you secure sensitive data with pass-codes so that only people with authorization can access it.

Optimizes Cash Management
It is also wise to invest in a software that makes cash management easier by allowing authorized personnel to analyse, report and assign cash in an easy manner. This ensures that people never run out of cash when they need it.

On Time Every Time
You should also seek a UK financial ERP that lets you know of all the dues you have to pay be it tax related dues or accounts payable. It will ensure that you never miss a deadline. It will also ensure that auditors have all the data they need and the auditing process gets completed faster.

Easy Reporting
Another thing you must seek in a financial ERP software is the ability to make report generation easier. It should help you create quarterly and annual reports so that you can present the financial condition of the company to all the stakeholders. It will help build trust and enhance the overall worth of your company.

Cost Saving
Finally, you should also remember to seek a software that allows you to save costs by highlighting which departments are spending more money than they are generating. It will ensure that your expenses don’t exceed the profits and your organization has ample cash flow at any point in time.

Wrap Up
All in all, it can be seen that if you pick the right financial ERP software, you will get numerous benefits from it and get great value for money. One last bit of advice for you is that you should seek a customized software that fits your organizational needs perfectly and lets you use it optimally for all your particular needs.

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