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How AI-driven Osint tools are used in natural disaster management

Natural disasters are known to cause over 60,000 deaths a year which would account for 0.1% of our total population. They are unpredictable, fast, and very hard to contain once the damage is already done. During these troubling times, many individuals have no access to shelter or immediate help if it is needed. There are many different ways how this problem could be solved but none of them offer a clear and viable solution. There are loopholes and many different hurdles when trying to solve this issue but artificial intelligence may be the answer we are all looking for. WEBINT may be perceived as a security protocol but it can be so much more than that.

Natural Disasters and Social Media

Most of the communication that is done within our society has moved online, specifically to social media networks. They serve as a communication bridge for different cultures, communities, and individuals. Sharing information between public safety organizations and victims of natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes are very important. Social media is helpful in such situations but the distortion of information is too high and some sort of filtering is required. This is where artificial intelligence steps in.

With the help of AI, natural disasters cyber protection can be achieved with success. AI acts as an information filter that collects, analyzes, and processes all web data to enable the user to find accurate insights. Since most of the conversations are happening on social media during a time of a disaster, almost all of it is available publically so acquiring it is not an issue. Public safety and relief organizations can have easy access to eyewitness information and accurate data about the critical areas that need immediate attention. In such an environment, data is collected directly from impacted areas and forwarded to organizations and government bodies that are responsible for such events.

Understanding the scale of collected data

To completely understand disaster management software it is important to mention that the information collection and filtering process is a lot more complex than first thought. While it may seem that only surface data is collected, AI actually goes as deep as it can and provides the most reliable and accurate information as an end product. Artificial intelligence, in this scenario, crawls news websites, local news stations, and many other media outlets that may be of service in a time of disaster. If a specific area is hit by an earthquake it is only logical for AI to collect and process most of the data from that specific area or region. The geolocation discovery modules allow for easy extraction of web content from geographically defined location-based radius all thanks to GPS-derived posts, video content, or any other form of online data.


It is clear now more than ever that communication and data sharing is moving online almost completely and that government agencies need to keep up with technological changes in our society. With the help of artificial intelligence and easy-to-use interfaces, response times can be shortened and the accuracy of data can be increased when natural disasters occur. Rather than acting upon one report, it is now easy to distinguish between an area that needs immediate attention and those that aren’t the highest priority. Improved efficiency and fair priority determination are almost impossible without accurate data. AI is bound to play a key role in this process.



How Industrial cameras are improving precision in the surveying and engineering industry

Imaging has been considered as a standalone discipline for a long time. Now, we are realizing that industrial cameras that are used for imaging are slowly becoming an integral part of modern automation and control systems. Manufacturers are listening to users and agree on almost everything with them. Thanks to feedback-driven innovation, artificial intelligence is now playing a key role in mapping and image capturing. As a product, consumers and industry leaders can now use high-resolution Industrial cameras that guarantee precision and quality every step of the way. Right now, aerial camera systems could be doing a lot more for precision and quality improvement in the surveying and engineering industry.

High Image Frame Rates and High Bandwidths

Real-time processing for high-resolution images has been a demand in the market for quite some time. There was adequate technology to cover that need but the process had to include a few steps. Rapid improvements in aerial cameras and high-resolution image capturing combined with computer technology are making real-time processing feasible. What was once a simple aerial camera is now an aerial camera system equipped with top-notch technology that is moving the boundaries of image capturing and real-time processing. Improved vision performance using higher resolutions, better sensor technologies, and high image frame and transmission rates is enabling the end-user to receive, process and consume captured data almost in an instant.

High Performance, Efficiency, and Ease of Use

Even though many probably expected that advancements in technology would make things more complicated, the situation seems to have taken a satisfying turn. User feedback has become crucial for manufacturers that are now able to hear their needs and fulfill them at the lowest possible price. This has created a market that offers high-performance aerial camera systems that bring precision and reliability to a very high standard. Such cameras can map, track, and survey large landscapes, scan for possible natural disaster damage, or be used as a precision tool in the surveying and engineering industry. High-precision lenses enable higher frame rates but also unprecedented accuracy. Thanks to high-resolution imaging, industries can now rely on the help of artificial intelligence and automate the measurement process almost completely. In this particular example, AI serves as a quality assurance filter that works completely autonomously. It is programmed to think like a human being in this situation and it is well aware of the issues that need to be highlighted when recognized.

Human-Machine Teamwork

We are slowly drifting into a time where human-machine teamwork will become a standard and a transitional period toward complete automation. The same goes for aerial imagery since both consumers and manufacturers have recognized the need for such collaboration. Human operators ensure that relevant data is captured at all times while their machine counterpart observes and ensures complete precision. This emphasis on accuracy has proven to bring the best results due to the fast, laser-precision data processing of artificial intelligence. What once took hours or days is now processed in a matter of seconds


Traditional machine vision applications are now accompanied by embedded vision to ensure image processing at lightning speed and to make independent decisions based on the captured visual data. High-precision and reliability are two key factors that should push the surveying and engineering industry towards adopting aerial camera systems. Their reliability and precision are able to bring productivity to very high levels and keep it there. Automation of image processing is also a factor that should not be overlooked. Captured data is instantly analyzed and processed by AI making data consumption completely streamlined and reliable. Aerial cameras are moving forward at a rapid rate and industries that can highly benefit from them should be making sure they aren’t left behind.

Broadcasting Technology

The Four Essentials For Recording And Broadcasting Live Events

Shooting and broadcasting live events is anything but easy. From issues with broadcasting equipment and cables to missed shots, even the smallest error can throw the entire arrangement off balance. The important thing to remember is that, at the end of the day, broadcasting a live event is also a skill. And, like all other skills, after you understand the basics like cellular uplink, necessary broadcasting equipment, and so on, recording all kinds of events becomes a lot easier.

With that in mind, listed below are the four essentials for recording and broadcasting live events, right from business conferences to local sports. In case you are just getting started with live streaming, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind when recording your first-ever event.

A Complete Plan For Shooting The Event

As mentioned before, live recording events can be a major challenge. And, like all kinds of challenging work, you need to be well-prepared before you start in order to have a stress-free and smooth shoot that does not run into glitches.

You need to prepare a foolproof plan to figure out what you need to do at each moment. When you’ve multiple cameras, you should assign the positions for everyone to reduce the risks of multiple camera operators keeping their focus on that one thing. Moreover, you also have to ensure that all the equipment is in top-notch condition, with enough power to cover the entire event.

When you have the right plan, you will get to carry on with the event without dealing with the common issues that can jeopardize your live video production.

The Presence Of Reliable Equipment

Though some events go perfectly well and hardly need anything more than just having your camera pointed in the right direction, others can turn up major problems when your equipment simply stops working as smoothly as it should.

The only way to avoid the problem is to keep spares of all the things, right from cables to lenses and cameras. Keep in mind that you need to have at least one set of backup for each item that you utilise while shooting the event.

Suppose the cost of having a spare for every broadcasting equipment feels too much to take, at least keep the extras for the inexpensive, small items that often tend to malfunction during shoots. You’ll thank your lucky stars that you had kept the spare batteries and cables near at hand when needed.

Top-Quality Broadcasting Gear To Help You Out

A common live video production mistake made by many is to invest heavily in high-end audio and camera equipment but hardly paying much attention to building the live broadcasting gear.

From IPTV to cellular bonding technology, you need to have reliable, high-end live video broadcasting equipment for transmitting the content to the audience without any video or audio glitches. If you are only focusing on getting the finest camera, without realizing the problems you can face for the absence of cellular bonding technology, your output quality is bound to suffer.

An Expert AV Group To Handle The Equipment

If you don’t want to bank on your own sound equipment, you need to keep a dependable AV group with the soundboard. This will help you in dealing with the very common poor audio issues found in many local productions.

Good sound is the key to delivering enjoyable footage to the viewers, especially when you are trying to live stream events like presentations, plays, or concerts. You wouldn’t want your content to suffer from a ‘great video-bad audio’ problem, right?

It is also important to have a dependable AV staff to handle your equipment when you plan to display the camera feed on the screen at the time of the event. You will also need it during post-event production, thereby access to additional footage and other media is crucial.

The Bottom Line

Live video broadcasting will not turn out to be too much of a hassle when you take care of the four factors mentioned above. So, get your broadcasting rig ready and invest in buying good equipment and hiring an expert team. And, you will see that live-streaming can truly become a piece of cake for you.


Live Streaming

Migration Solutions Technology

Advantages of Leveraging the Best SharePoint Migration Deployer


Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based collaborative environment that can enhance the productivity of your colleagues and employees greatly. Basically, SharePoint is a document storage and management system, but it is incredibly versatile. It can be customized and configured very easily, making it a valuable tool for developing organizations. If you want to use SharePoint properly, you need to do SharePoint migration. It is the process of migrating documents, data, etc. from any source to your organization’s own SharePoint version. It will significantly streamline the effectiveness of your organization.

In today’s competitive world, organizations need to have access to the best productivity tools so that they can be better than their competitors. It is a tool that will bring out the best in your employees and will encourage them to be creative and innovative. Here are the unique advantages you can leverage if you use the best SharePoint migration deployer.

Easy to Use: The best SharePoint migration deployer will be extremely easy to use and deploy. The deployer than you use for your migration purposes should be very intuitive so that your employees can get the hang of it quite easily. It should also have many advanced functions such as advanced filtering, list type migrations, etc. The best deployers also come with an intuitive drag and drop mechanism, where you can just drag and select the files you want to migrate from source to SharePoint.

Fast Migration Process: If your organization uses a lot of documents and data, then the migration process can be relatively slow. A slow migration will automatically lead to a drop in productivity. That is why you need to get a migration deployer that will transfer all of your files quite rapidly. By having a fast migration process, you will be able to save a lot of time and costs. The best migration tools also offer convenient functionalities such as scheduling, offline simulation environments, etc. for an enhanced migration process.

Full Range of ECM Integration: Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is the need of the hour. Organizations are actually looking for a migration tool that will help them migrate all of their files from their existing ECM system to SharePoint. The migration deployer you use should be compatible with all sorts of ECM systems, such as IBM iNotes, Alfresco, Documentum, Confluence, Docushare, etc. If the migration deployer you use is 100% capable of integrating seamlessly with all ECM systems, then the migration process will be very smooth and fast.

Advanced Configuration & Customizability: The ECM SharePoint migration tool you use should also come with an advanced ability to configure and customize. This will enable you to tweak the specifics of the migration process as you see fit. Every organization has its very own needs and preferences. That is why the deployer you use should allow you to exercise complete control over some of the primary configurations. These include security migration, metadata migration, access control migration, property mapping, link migration, etc. The migration should also be functional across all SharePoint versions.

Round the Clock Support: The SharePoint migration tool needs to offer you technical support and advice round-the-clock. Migration issues are usually very time-sensitive, and that is why you will need to place your trust in a dependable and effective migration deployer. To ensure that you can receive the most out of the products and solutions you purchase for your organization, you need to have access to customer and technical support round-the-clock. The technical team will also help you find a fully customized solution.

 | Last but not least, a reliable SharePoint migration deployer will also provide you with detailed migration reports after the migration process has been taken care of. You will receive extensive and highly detailed messages during the export and deployment phases, and this will help you make sure that all your content has been successfully transferred. You will also receive thorough reports during the post-migration phase, which will help you to double-check everything at once. Detailed reports provide you with a lot of valuable information and context. This context will be helpful for your organization.

These are the advantages that you can expect to enjoy if you enlist the use of a powerful SharePoint migration deployment tool for your organization.

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Sharepoint Migration


Software Streaming Solutions Technology

Live Streaming Software – Things To keep In Mind


Live streaming is emerging as a powerful tool to engage users for business as well as entertainment purposes. Live streaming is nothing but broadcasting a video as you are shooting it over the internet. You can understand it as video chatting with an enormous unknown audience.

Just like any kind of video production, making an engaging and professional live stream involves good live streaming software. This is because the software will let you add custom logos, high resolution, and well-mixed audio to the live stream. Moreover, because live streaming is live, unedited, and uncensored, you will need the best live streaming software out there.

Apart from software, the following are some things you should be aware of while live streaming. These tips will help you in creating high-quality videos and improving customer engagement.

Do not use any camera

If you live stream professionally, you must invest in a professional camera. The camera of your smartphone might do the job well but if you want more professional and seamless broadcasts, a professional camera is imperative.

Use a fast network

As a beginner, you might not understand the importance of your network’s bandwidth. If you use an inconsistent and low upload bandwidth, the quality and resolution of your video may fluctuate in the middle of the live stream.

Pixelated and choppy video upset the audience. Even the best live streaming software would not make any difference if your internet connection is poor. So, make sure that the network is consistent and fast enough to produce seamless videos.

Use a simple setup

Your setup should be well-lit and have steady cameras so that your videos are steady and bright. A well-lit setup ensures that everything in your video is clear to the audience. But do not go overboard with the setup, employing a number of tools and equipment.

The more complex your setup is, the more likely it is to break down. If you use dozens of things, the risk of one of them failing increases, which can disrupt your entire video.

Keep backup equipment by your side

We are not talking about keeping another live streaming software handy but monitor, cables, and charged camera batteries available. This will ensure that even if anything fails, you can instantly connect its replacement to resume your video.

Do test runs

The best way to test your video stream quality and speed is to stream using a backup account first. Keep a second account with all the settings to private. Now, live stream from this backup account and then watch the video from your original account. You can ask someone else to do this for you as well.

Stream from your original account only when you are sure that the quality and speed of your stream is desirable. This way, the audience would never see bad videos.

Engage with your viewers

You may earn followers and viewer engagement by offering good content, but you can increase the number dramatically by engaging with the audience. You can ask them to comment, post questions, suggest topics and then act as per their demand.

This will make sure that you are delivering what the audience wants to see and make the viewers feel valued and heard. As a result, your audience will keep coming back for more.

Be consistent

The audience does not appreciate inconsistent and irregular live streams. So, schedule your live streams. If your live streams are inconsistent, you may lose followers as well as waste your previous efforts. Also, update your viewers about when you will be back with another live stream at the end of each live stream.

Look straight in the camera

Just like while talking to someone in real life, you would look in their eyes, talking to an online audience also requires you to look straight into the camera lens. This will show the viewers that you are alert, focused, and conversing with them.

Final Thoughts

A successful live stream is not just broadcasting a video but ensuring you post the streams consistently, test your streaming speed and quality in advance, use quality equipment and setup, and talk to the viewers. You should also invest in the best live streaming software for more professional-looking live streams. However, you can use good live streaming software for free as well.


Live streaming software
Live streaming software





SaaS Technology

The Benefits Of Having A Unique Backup Dropbox Software


In today’s times, preserving critical business information is of paramount significance. Moreover, many people need to access the information remotely, and storing them in one single hard disk won’t allow them to do that. Using a suitable tool can help your business to be more productive. That is why storing backups in Dropbox would be the right thing to do.

Dropbox is a popular cloud storage device that can easily share, store, and backup files. Let’s first explore the benefits of using Dropbox, and then we will see the advantages of a backup Dropbox software.


Dropbox Benefits

Here are the primary benefits you can obtain by using Dropbox as a backup device.


Easy backup

Dropbox is an easy-to-use tool, and anyone can access it through a strong internet connection. You need to open the website of the software and select the source. The source indicates ‘Dropbox to Google Drive.’ You can then schedule the process and run it. By performing these two steps, you can complete the entire backup process.


File sharing and collaboration

Suppose you need to share one file with your stakeholder, so how do you do it? When you have a backup, you can easily share the file with the person. It is an advantage to have a Dropbox account. Additionally, you can protect the files with a password so that people with the password can access and operate on it.


Access from anywhere

If you are using Dropbox, you will have the feasibility to access the file from anywhere. The website is supported on various platforms and is highly secured. Have a good internet connection, and you are ready to go. Well, it helps in working more comfortably and quickly from anywhere. Companies using the software also have experienced that there is an increase in productivity, and the workforce operating from remote locations can also churn out enhanced performances.


Free Version

You can register for a Dropbox account and sign up for the free version, as well as check the features it offers. Significantly, no additional charges are available, and whenever required, you can access the information from anywhere. Many ways are also there through which you can enhance the storage space. If you like the free version after using it, you can opt for the paid version.


Perks Of A Dropbox Backup Software

Here are some of the common advantages of using software for Dropbox Backup.


Bulk Data Transfer

Different types of software can transform files, but you will have to do it in batches. This consumes a lot of crucial time and makes it difficult for a busy person who has several tasks at hand. So when it comes to office data, it is not possible to transform the data one after the other for backup.

In this instance, bulk data transfer can be done in just one step with Dropbox. Therefore, you can conveniently create a backup of all the data for the entire week. One major benefit is that you do not need to keep checking the process again and again.


Maintains Hierarchy Arrangement

Keeping the files in the hierarchy arrangement helps in finding a specific file easily; otherwise, you need to keep looking for it everywhere in the storage. It is an essential feature, especially for big organizations where millions of data are being produced every day. With it, when a new person looks for a particular file, they can also easily find it with the help of the specified date. With a robust, powerful, and feature-rich dropbox backup software, maintaining the hierarchy arrangement would be easy. Thus, it is imperative that you choose the best software in this regard.


Dealing With Challenges

It is not new that while transferring the files, there might be some challenges that you may encounter. Dropbox has certain restrictions as well as migration challenges. But with excellent Dropbox backup software, you do not need to worry about such issues. You can easily complete the transfer without worrying about Dropbox restrictions.


In the end!

Backing up crucial information in DropBox is essential for seamless operations within the enterprise. You have to choose the best software like Cloudsfer that can make it happen. No doubt, it is an exceptional cloud-based productivity tool, helping users to store files, pictures, etc. Plus, the editing tasks can also be done within less time. Integrating this software can be highly beneficial for the business, so you should consider it.


Backup dropbox
                             Backup dropbox
Medical Solutions

Shed Unwanted Weight With Non-Invasive Body Contouring Equipment

Many people are debating about getting weight loss surgery despite being intimidated by the thought of going under the surgeon’s knife. They are also reluctant to visit a gym for the washboard abs the desire. Generally, they are utilizing methods that are not suitable for them when the matter of weight loss is concerned. In such conditions, it is recommended that people research for clinically proven technologies that can offer them safe and effective body contouring with the help of body contouring equipment which is effective to reduce the circumference of the body. The body contouring machine utilizes a noninvasive technique to ensure people do not have to fear the surgeon’s knife or downtime in a clinic or hospital simply because they preferred to shed some unwanted pounds.

Many people are facing a challenge to remove a few inches from their bodies because it makes them look unsightly. They are affected by the extra inches because of their lifestyle, genetics, age, and other factors that normally affect people. They find it difficult to eliminate the unwanted fat on their body despite being informed that a healthy diet and exercise can prove effective. People who adopt these methods as well report that having a healthy diet and exercising does not target specific areas of the body. Therefore they are left with no options but to either choose over-the-counter remedies or go under the surgeon’s knife as a last resort.

The market for weight loss products is huge and manufacturers from throughout the globe are marketing products that they claim are effective in helping to shed unwanted pounds. The marketing tactics they adopt are powerful and far-reaching to convince people that they have the best and the most effective treatment for managing the problem of additional pounds on the body. Unfortunately, people fall for these products without conducting research or trying to understand whether the manufacturers are making authentic statements. Many manufacturers of such products are successful at getting away with such tactics because the FDA is not governing the weight loss industry making it easier for them to claim everything on this planet without the fear of any repercussions.

Technological advances have ensured that clinically proven noninvasive, effective, and painless solutions for targeted circumference reduction are presently available from companies like Pollogen. The body contouring equipment from Pollogen can safely and effectively contour the body by using TriPollar and DMA technologies. The effects of the treatment are visible instantly and an entire course of treatments is certain to deliver long-term measurable results.

The treatments for circumference reduction can be used on the skin in a convenient walk in and walk out procedure that will not affect their daily routine of people. This simply indicates that people who are willing to research properly can find the treatments needed to shed unwanted pounds from companies that are promoting the body contouring machine to overcome the challenges of extra weight on the body.

The TriPollar radiofrequency technology is an innovative third-generation technology designed for overcoming the limitations of the earlier monopolar and bipolar technologies. This technology is clinically and histopathologically proven to simultaneously heat the superficial and deep layers when treating the body and the face. The targeted TriPollar radiofrequency because of its high density enables the use of low energy to provide immediate and long-lasting results which will give people the benefit of observing tighter and smoother skin. Treatments for shedding weight with the body contouring equipment must be preferred by people that are reluctant or are unable to obtain therapies of other varieties.

body contouring equipment
Body contouring equipment
Cyber Security Technology

Cybersecurity Threats: Things You Need To Know

Cyber-crimes are increasing as more businesses are becoming dependent on the internet for even the smallest of its requirements. Most enterprises deal with a massive amount of confidential data which are stored on the cloud. This information is the most vulnerable. They are at constant risk of being exposed under a cyberattack. Cybersecurity threats are driving organizations crazy with the speed of their evolution. Although you cannot predict these attacks, preventative measures can be taken to protect your organization from losing valuable data.

Businesses need to address such cybersecurity threats to safeguard the data they have amassed. However, before that, it is essential to understand what cybersecurity risks are. Let us take a look into it.

What Are Cybersecurity Threats?

It is one of the most common terms that you hear daily from one source or the other. A cybersecurity threat or a cyber threat is a malevolent act with intentions such as data thefts, damage, and digital space disruption. Data breaches, viruses, etc., are the most prevalent types of cybersecurity threats.

Which Are The Most Common Types Of Cyber-threats?

There are various types of attacks that can invade cyberspace and pose a threat to your sensitive information. With advancing technology, these threats are also evolving. However, we have rounded up a few of the most common types of such online risks. Let us take a look at them.

  1. Phishing

It is the most common form of cyber-attack. However, it has advanced its techniques and moved beyond email links and attachments. Such attacks target victims, collect all their personal information, and then use them to deploy spear-phishing emails, which look similar to real and authentic ones sent by someone known. Once the victims fall into the trap and provide sensitive data, they take advantage of it to fulfill their malicious intent of penetrating the organization’s systems.

  1. Malware

After a victim falls prey to phishing, the downloaded links let in various malware types in the organization’s systems. A trojan virus is one of its common types that can disguise as an authentic application. Malware can be designed to fulfill various purposes, starting from spying to stealing sensitive data.

  1. Ransomware

A type of malware used for cyber extortion has been responsible for causing substantial financial losses to the victims. Hackers rob them of access to their systems unless a ransom is paid. One reason behind such a cybersecurity threat looming large is the prevalence of cryptocurrency, making it nearly impossible to trace and catch hold of the hacker. Also, cyber-criminals now work in groups and cross-border to hack into systems and also not get seen.

  1. Password Attacks

As such, a cyber-security threat involves a hacker trying to access a network with a password-ascertaining program. It is the reason why You should not use the same password for all the applications. It is also vital that the login details for various systems are changed regularly.

  1. Data Breach

Breach of data is another malicious act of stealing information, which is a typical cyberthreat prevalent. Some of the motives behind such an attack are identity theft, harm to the reputation of an organization, etc.

What Are The Risks Of Cybersecurity Threats?

As cyber-attacks are increasing at an alarming rate, companies can comprehend why cybersecurity is essential if such an attack occurs. However, a lack of a security solution opens doors for cyber-threats that can make your organization vulnerable to several risks. Some of them are:

  • Your valuable data will be compromised after a potential cybersecurity threat.
  • If such an attack occurs, you have to incur hefty expenses to recover the information lost or compromised.
  • There will be an imbalance of trust because the company customers trusted could not protect their sensitive data.



Therefore, rising cybersecurity threats has made it clear that no one in cyberspace is safe from such attacks. The only way to protect your organization from a malicious act like these is to seek help from cybersecurity solutions. These threats are capable of incurring financial losses and damaging your organization’s reputation or even your identity. These attacks are only evolving with time and hence can never be accurately predicted. We hope we have been able to help you with knowledge about cybersecurity threats.


Cybersecurity threats
Cybersecurity threats




Mobile Technologies Technology

A Comparison Of SMS Marketing Software

When you are looking for a text messaging software, you obviously want to invest in the best. You also want it to be full of features like coded text messages so that you can send and receive messages freely. If you are nodding your head then here are a few software options for your perusal with some of their key features.

This one is for people who are looking for text scheduling, mass group texting, more than 300 characters responders, and custom auto-replies.

Message Whiz
This is definitely my favorite one  SMS marketing software, it has all the sms solutions needed in one place

This option is best for people who want to send messages in bulk, two-way SMS, and that too from a web browser.

It allows businesses to engage their customers via contests, mobile coupons, and many other SMS marketing tactics.

This is a cloud-based SMS texting platform for sending bulk and one to one messages among other solutions. It’s best suited for educational institutions.

If you are seeking a text messaging software with response management, review management, and reporting, among other solutions this one is your best choice.

It provides a cloud-based SMS marketing service with features like text-2-win sweepstakes, autoresponders, MMS Marketing, and web forums among other solutions.

It’s a cloud-based digital marketing customer service platform that offers live chat, chatbots, and messengers among other solutions.

It is a multichannel marketing tool that has key features like a mobile campaign editor among other solutions that gives more control over tracking and ROI.

This SMS marketing software offers not only text messaging but also appointment reminders and billing among other solutions.

Texting Base
It is a cloud-based text marketing solution that offers group texting, local number support, message scheduling, campaign management among other solutions.

Call Loop
This cloud-based solution is best for people looking for audio management, bulk SMS, autoresponders, bulk SMS, trigger-based campaigns and analytics functionalities among other solutions.

SMS Workflow
It is perfect for small and midsized businesses as it offers hoards of solutions like outbound broadcasts, workflow management, reporting functionalities, scheduling, keyword management and many other features within a suite.

It is a cloud-based SMS messaging platform which allows users to communicate with their customers via text message and scores of other mobile messaging channels.

This cloud-based SMS marketing solution is perfect for you no matter what your SMS marketing needs are.

This solution offers messaging templates, mobile send management, contact management, a web widget, and message forwarding among other solutions.

This option is best suited for small and medium-sized businesses. Apart from messages, it also sends notifications, reminders, alerts, and promotion messages.

This cloud-based SMS marketing and two-way texting solution make the lives of customer management professionals easy by offering SMS/MMS, Facebook Messenger and WeChat connectivity among other solutions.

It is a cloud-based multi-channel contact management solution that helps people to manage call centers, voice broadcasting and a lot of SMS marketing functions among other solutions.

TL Connects
It is a marketing, loyalty and communication solution that offers targeted campaigns, customized branding, auto-responders and reporting functionalities among other solutions to increase revenue and get back lapsed customers.

This is a cloud-based SMS marketing solution which uses artificial and business intelligence to provide analytics, customer experience, segmentation and text messaging among other solutions. It also sends push notifications on demand.

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Cyber Security

Why Is Ransomware Insurance Coverage On The Rise?

Ransomware is the most common type of cyber-crimes the world is complaining about at this hour. And these attacks being on the rise has had businesses run for cover. Such a kind of malware has the capability of destroying the victim for good. As companies are growing, so are cases of such malicious attacks. Enterprises big or small are now seeking ransomware insurance coverage to protect them from losing vast amounts of their hard-earned money.

Increasing ransomware attacks is also leading to the rise of insurance coverage. Before delving deeper into it, let us first understand what ransomware is.

What Is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malicious software designed to extort money by denying the owner access to the computer system until a ransom is paid. There are several ways of installing ransomware, such as a phishing email with a link. Once the victim clicks on it, they fall prey to the cyber trap. Nowadays, even mobile devices are not safe from such malicious attacks.

Now let us take a look at what ransomware insurance is and why it is on the rise in today’s date.

What is Ransomware Insurance And Why It Is On The Rise?

Ransomware insurance is a critical tool in today’s world to protect you from cyber-attacks. It will also help you prevent data loss from a breach in cybersecurity so that your business keeps on operating while you recover from such losses. Ransomware is classified under the category of cyber extortion.

When it comes to ransomware insurance coverage, there are a few things that you should consider. They are:

  • Most of the insurance companies consider a data breach and a ransom attack as two different cyber-attacks.
  • Some insurers offer first-party coverage; that is, it depends on what you have. Some others provide both first and third-parties coverage, and a few others only offer third-party coverage.
  • Insureds must show proof of the attack.

The reason behind the rise of ransomware insurance is no rocket science. There is a rise in ransomware extortion cases and leads enterprises to turn to insurance companies to cover such attacks. This malware has the capability of destroying the victim and also their reputation for good. On the other hand, ransomware insurance coverage offers better financial incentives after such an attack. Simultaneously, these companies also provide additional features such as restoration of data, damage repair of the devices, etc. In a nutshell, ransomware insurance offers better coverage than a cybersecurity solution can.

Preventive Measures You Can Take Against Ransomware

Prevention is always better than cure. You can always take preventive measures to keep yourself and your business protected from such attacks. We have put forth a few preventative measures that you can consider.

  • The first that can be done from your part is keeping your computer systems and mobile devices updated with the latest patches. Did you know that most of the hackers look for outdated operating systems and applications? Well, now you know what to do.
  • It would help if you restrained yourself from clicking on links and opening attachments that come along with emails you have not subscribed to or know of.
  • It would be best you always had a backup of the essential data you possess. You should store these backups in an offline device.
  • You must restrict the permission of installing and running software from unknown sources. It can help you prevent potential malware from affecting your devices, which can further spread into the network.
  • Enable all possible spam filters and protection in your email service provider, which will stop malware from reaching end users.
  • It would be best to scan all inbound and outgoing emails to detect potential threats.
  • You should also configure your device’s protection to block access to malicious threats’ site address.
  • And most importantly, secure your devices and data with strong passwords.

Therefore, you have seen how ransomware attacks pose a threat to the cybersecurity of individuals and businesses. These attacks are a form of the money-making scheme for many. It has destroyed the victims and damaged their reputation in the industry to a large extent.
Ransomware attacks have increased the demand for such insurance coverage in the market. It has also led to an increase in ransomware insurance coverage rates. We are hopeful that we have successfully made you understand why ransomware insurance coverage is rising, along with such malware attacks.

Insurance ransomware
Insurance ransomware