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Are Considering options For Streaming Software For PC?

Are you considering downloading stream software for your computer to become capable of live streaming videos to your website or social media platforms? You are unlikely to encounter any difficulties finding many providers offering you streaming software for PC as well as Mac. Spending some time browsing the Internet and researching for the software you need is all that you are required to do. However, you must also be prepared with a decision about whether you want the software for free or are you willing to invest for the same. Software providers offering you their wares will be giving you options which you need to choose wisely.

The popularity of live streaming events to websites and social media platforms has increased dramatically ever since streamers realized this was a convenient method of reaching large audiences with the help of stream software available from different providers. Streamers initially only consider the software believing it is their only requirement. They don’t realize streaming live content needs more than just software on a PC when they begin researching for the stream software. It is quite common to observe enthusiasts of streaming wasting hours or days conducting research only to reach providers that may not offer the best options to them.

Delivering the best live streaming technology requires an advanced platform which is only available with a few companies in the world. The live streaming software for PC from VivoEnt is the best available in the streaming industry. This specialist of video streaming is bringing emerging technologies into the industry of live video streaming. They can be considered as the web streaming software solution by streamers that are trying to become involved in this business.

Streaming live videos has become popular with gaming companies, online education, independent journalism, and even for broadcasting events and conferences. It is a foregone conclusion that the streamers are using the streaming software they need along with an end to end solution which can help them to broadcast live without difficulties. Streamers that have been in the business for some time would have considered the solution offered by Streaming Project as the core component and application technologies utilized by them are an assembly of the most advanced proprietary systems and software of its kind. The technology can provide a seamless experience to bring remote customers to the website of the streamer.

The live video streaming capabilities and system engineering breakthroughs are the best available on the market presently from this company. They have the leading video encoder and decoder in the world along with their unique communication protocols for live events which allowed them to offer an advanced platform which can deliver online video and videoconferencing services. Streaming Project has video streaming technology architecture which is based to ensure the licensee is not required to manage the hardware for live streaming. The requirements and management including Web servers, encoders, and routers are managed by the experienced staff and engineers of Streaming Project.

Presently mobile streaming has become a part of everyday life as more people are attempting to ensure their content can be streamed to as many platforms as possible. Streamers are not willing to lose customer engagement and royalty simply because they are unable to stream video or audio by using their mobile devices and other content with having streaming software for PC. Streamers are recommended to adapt to the conditions prevailing and also begin mobile streaming because Streaming Project can dynamically adapt their video for playback on many target devices and provide a simple way to publish video or audio and even deliver it to devices of all types anywhere.


Streaming software for pc
Streaming software for pc

Cyber Security Technology

All The Intrinsic Features Expected of an Edge AI Processor

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a major technology that has gained a lot of popularity and importance in the 21st century. To put it very concisely, AI refers to the ability of a computer system to mimic the functioning of a human brain. As a rule, AI brains are faster, more powerful and highly capable of performing a range of tasks. AI also has immense applicability in a number of sectors.

What Exactly Is Edge AI?

Edge AI is a subset of the field of artificial intelligence, where AI algorithms are processed on a local hardware device. The algorithms are used to process data that has been obtained from the environment of the sensor in real time. The biggest advantage of Edge innovation is that a system can work in isolation. It does not need even to be connected to any larger system to function properly.

What is an Edge Processor?

An Edge AI processor is a type of microprocessor system that is used in the development of AI systems and machine learning systems. These processing units are also known as neuro-morphic units because they are designed to mimic the neural networks present in human brains. These processors have the ability to learn from their environment. As a result, they can be applied extensively in a number of industries as well.

Why is Edge AI Important?

Edge AI is perfectly capable of carrying out real time operations and decisions where time is a very major factor. In an industry where even milliseconds matter so much, an Edge system is able to do a lot of good. In the world of self-driving cars and industrial automation, an Edge AI processor will see an incredible amount of application. Local data processing completely eliminates the problems of data streaming.

Advantages of Edge AI Processing

Edge artificial intelligence can be used to carry out real time data processing and operations. As a result, it is clear that Edge AI is a kind of technology that processes all of its data locally. There is no need for streaming and that is why storage costs can also be lowered significantly. It also helps to protect the privacy of users, which is why it’s useful in Smart Homes.

Features Expected of Edge AI

Here are some of the main features that you should expect from any system that is powered with the help of an Edge AI processor.

  1. Efficiency In Terms of Size: Edge Artificial Intelligence systems are capable of providing a large amount of operational efficiency. Despite its small size, it can provide an unprecedented amount of performance power by drawing only a small amount of power. Installing this kind of AI system is very easy, and can be applied on various systems with relative ease.
  2. Higher Precision: Edge systems should also be capable of carrying out tasks with a higher degree of precision than regular processors. By extracting the most out of high-end sensors, an AI system should be capable of gathering a staggering amount of valuable insights. High-res streams can be processed with relative ease, increasing the operational efficiency very nicely.
  3. Flexible Programming Capabilities: Another basic feature expected of any AI chip should be the programming capabilities. Edge systems can be programmed quite easily and most of the systems come with their very own SDK systems as well. The SDK that is given is comprehensive enough and is capable of supporting the neural network and operational system of your choice.
  4. Proper and Rapid Development: The field of AI and machine learning is always in flux. All the major systems are constantly evolving, thanks to the efforts of the developers. The software stack of AI tech can be used to seamlessly integrate all of the functions with the ML platform of your choice. This seamless integration is vital for innovation.

By leveraging the immense potential of Edge Artificial Intelligence systems, you will be able to increase the quality of life in your home and your city at the same time. Industries can also use AI-powered systems to automate and manage their operations on the factory floor. AI holds massive potential and by utilizing this potential, the human race will be able to innovate and make a better life for all.

edge ai processor

Sleep Solutions

7 Facts About At Home Sleep Apnea Test

If you wake up tired every morning and witness chronic headaches right after you leave the bed, you can blame obstructive sleep apnea. This sleeping disorder happens when your breathing is interrupted while you are asleep.

While sleeping, your muscles tend to relax along with chest and throat muscles. When you have sleep apnea, this relaxation of muscles is combined with an interrupted airway.

If you have been suffering from these issues for a long time, you can visit your physician and get yourself tested for sleep apnea. However, you can consider an at-home sleep apnea test that is a cost effective approach to detect whether you have sleep apnea.

What is a Home Sleep Apnea Test?

A home sleep apnea test is a self-diagnosis process where you need to monitor your breathing, breathing effort, and oxygen levels.

You need to get a breathing monitor that helps in tracking your overnight breathing and sleep frequency. With overnight sleep studies, you can get a clear idea regarding your sleep issues.

It is important to note that people suffering from heart or other neuromuscular problems must take an overnight sleep study under expert supervision.

A Few Facts About At Home Sleep Apnea Test

Before taking the home sleep apnea test, you need to be aware of plenty of things.

#1 Monitors Breathing And Not Sleep

The first thing you need to be clear about is that this test only evaluates your breathing, not your sleep. It won’t help in analyzing the depth of tour sleep. Instead, this test will measure the absence and issues of your breathing and how much effort you have to make for it.

#2 A Doctor’s Prescription Is Needed

When you hear the term home sleep apnea test, things seem pretty simple. But, you can’t take this test at home without having a prescription from your doctor. It is not like the regular over-the-counter test that you can get from a chemist. Your physician or sleep technologist must prescribe it for you.

#3 Sensors Detect Breathing Pattern

The breathing monitor creates breathing patterns with the help of sensors. A small probe is attached to your finger to gauge the oxygen levels. A mask with tubes is inserted into your nostrils to sense the breathing patterns. There are some other sensors attached to your chest and abdomen to gauge the variations in your breathing.

#4 Cost-Effective Approach

Most of the at-home sleep apnea tests are used for a single night. Compared to tests at a clinic, these test kits are more cost-effective. To be precise, it is only two-thirds of the test cost at a lab. Also, you can cover the at-home sleep apnea test in your insurance as well.

#5 Convenient Option 

One of the major highlights of a sleep apnea test is that you can take it in the comforts of your home. You don’t need to visit clinics every now and then. With this test, you can get accurate results without going out of your comfort zone. When you sleep in your own surroundings, the results will be highly accurate.

#6 Not A Complete Diagnosis

Before you take the test, it is important to understand that it is not a final diagnosis. Once you take the test, your results will be reviewed by your physician or sleep technologist. If your symptoms are still visible, they might suggest an in-lab study as well for a better diagnosis.

#7 Might Be Other Sleep Issues

Not all sleep issues are formed from breathing problems. Even after the test, it cannot be concluded that you have sleep apnea due to your breathing issue. If the results are normal, and you still witness symptoms, it would be helpful to seek advanced medical help that can help in detecting the actual cause.

The Bottom Line

Sleep apnea is a chronic sleeping disorder that can affect your breathing pattern and interrupt the airway. With a home sleep apnea test, you can easily detect whether you have sleep apnea or not. The above mentioned were some of the important facts you need to know about this disorder before taking the test. You must not rely on the results completely and always seek medical advice.

Home sleep apnea test


Migration Solutions SaaS Technology

Five Reasons Why You Need to Migrate to Office 365

Efficiency is very important for a business. Especially in the competitive and fast-paced business environment of the 21st century, it is important for businesses to leverage all of the assets that are at their disposal. Productivity tools and software are very important, and that is why many businesses are making the migration to Office 365. It will truly make your organization agile, flexible and significantly more productive than before.

Office 365, also known as Microsoft 365, is a suite of productivity and content management software that consists of tools like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, SharePoint, MS Teams and more. At its core, MS Office 365 is a cloud-based SaaS platform that has only one objective – to provide businesses with the tools they need to be efficient and productive. Here are 5 reasons why you need Microsoft Office 365.

  1. Centralized Platform for Collaboration: The main reason why you should consider a migration to Office 365 is the fact that it will provide you with a centralized platform for working together. Office 365 permits users to share emails, calendars, documents, etc. which makes the working of your organization efficient. Shared mailboxes basically mean that the same email can be sent to a group of people at the same time. This would eliminate multiple emails and redundancy, and it would also make it much easier to plan and schedule meetings. Real-time editing and version history also makes collaboration much easier.
  2. Business Continuity and Productivity: The second reason why you should invest in Office 365 is because of its cloud-based SaaS structure. As all your files will be backed up on cloud servers on a regular basis, your team members will be able to keep working no matter what happens. No matter what happens to the physical assets of your organization, all of your databases, files, etc. will be safe in the cloud. Collaborative software like this also helps employees to complete their task remotely, which is a distinct possibility in the COVID-19 scenario. Your business continuity is practically assured.
  3. Cost Effectiveness and Predictable Expenses: It is also interesting to note that Office 365 has a very flexible and cost-effective pricing plan. What this essentially means is that Office 365 is paid for on a month-by-month and per-user basis. You can scale all your services up and down easily. The cost of your license will eventually depend on the various functionalities and perks that you spring for. Since you will be paying per user, you will not have to incur any large fixed costs. On the whole, MS Office 365 is a wise investment, and it pays off well.
  4. Secure Cloud Storage: As stated before, Office 365 will allow you to keep all of your business files on a secure cloud database where it won’t come to any harm at all. All these cloud servers are protected and encrypted, so all of your sensitive business information is safe. There are also additional security systems in place, such as two-factor authentication and access control. All of your information is available on an access control basis, which means that nobody can access information that they do not have permission to see. All of your security concerns are addressed quite well.
  5. Improved Communication Pathways: In business, it is very important for team members to communicate with each other in the best way possible. Office 365 will allow your team members to reach out to one another by using tools like Skype, Outlook and more. This will result in better efficiency. All of these features will ensure that you are able to contact your team members no matter where they are situated. This kind of communication upgrade is very important and also very important, since most people are working from home. Improved communication will also help to improve your business’ performance.

These are the basic reasons why you need to consider a migration to Office 365 from the current collaborative system that you are using. Especially if you don’t have such an ECM system right now, you should consider getting one as soon as possible. It will streamline the functioning of your organization on a large scale. All of your tools will work together seamlessly, and you will be able to function effectively as a team.


Cloud Migration




Cloud Solutions Technology

4 Crucial Factors To Keep In Mind When You Move From Google Drive To OneDrive

Undoubtedly, Microsoft and Google have created incredibly effective and robust cloud storage platforms. When you wish to move from Google Drive to OneDrive, a few crucial factors are there that you must consider. Organizations looking forward to migrating files to OneDrive should go ahead and take a look here.

  1. Microsoft Office formats and native Google Docs 

Organizations using Google Drive to store information also take advantage of other applications like Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Slides, etc. It is unique to Google and a bit different from the documents of Microsoft Office. While transferring the file, if you are not anticipating it appropriately, it can cause many problems when you want to open the file. Look for the specifications so that migration can be done and the files are as close to the original one.

  1. Restrictions on folder and file naming

A common issue faced by users while migrating files is the process of file naming restrictions across other storage services. Also, Google Drive allows duplicate file names, but OneDrive does not. That’s why; it is essential to understand the difference to eliminate the risk of overwriting or failing file transfer. Moreover, in Google Drive, there are no restrictions when it comes to special characters. But in OneDrive, you will come across such things. Therefore, ensure that you look at all such aspects before migration.

  1. Permission model 

OneDrive and Google Drive use permissions uniquely, but both follow the concept of editor, reader, and owner. The difference is the way they store the file. The storage in OneDrive is user-based, while in Google Drive it is centralized. Permission levels on folders, documents, and drives are used in building a dynamic interface, giving the authority to users to access the content as required. As a result, it is considered to be more complicated compared to others. In OneDrive, irrespective of what the permissions are, the users can override it. However, the way both the platforms manage the permissions must be checked in advance.

  1. The maximum length of the file path 

Like the name of the files, Microsoft and Google also have different considerations in the maximum length of the file path. Google Drive has no limit in the file path, but in OneDrive, it is 400 characters. Hence, consider this aspect while transferring the file from Google to OneDrive.

Well, as you have known the crucial factors, let’s check out the reasons to consider OneDrive, following which you can understand why to go with it.

  • Filter files 

The most significant factor of opting for reliable cloud storage is it can filter files with size, time, date, etc. As a result, it becomes convenient for everyone to get the file that they are looking for. The benefit is it helps in saving a lot of time.

  • Scalability 

Also, the size of the file that you wish to migrate does not matter. It means you have the feasibility to transfer any file by clicking one button. The process of migration is also simple, so anyone can do it with great ease.

  • Transferring files from business sub-account 

With a suitable cloud storage solution, transferring files or uploading and downloading files from business sub-account has become quick. At times, if the file size is more or due to other reasons, it may not be possible to transfer. But when you store the file in OneDrive, you can do it in no time.

  • Complete migration in a few minutes

Some cloud storage solutions take some time to initiate the migration process. But when it comes to a reliable platform, as soon as you sign up, go ahead. Alongside that, you have the feasibility to explore all other features.

It’s time to migrate!

Aren’t you convinced by seeing the above reasons to move from Google Drive to OneDrive? If yes, what are you waiting for? Start the process so that you can enjoy using OneDrive from now on. It is a quicker cloud service and eliminates issues like deleting a document, losing files, etc. In case a file gets affected by malware, you will still have permission to work on it, a significant aspect that you should remember.


move from Google Drive to OneDrive
     Google Drive to OneDrive





Medical Solutions Mobile Technologies

6 Unique Ways in which Healthcare Professionals Use SMS Services

Several people are involved in the healthcare industry, and connecting with everyone gets really difficult at one point. Sometimes, you may require sending information across to different patients, and calling them one after the other is not possible. It also leads to wastage of a lot of time and resources. Considering that, it is said that SMS healthcare solutions are a great way for physicians, the administration department, etc. A single message can be sent across to all the concerned people for once and all. Well, if you wish to know the unique ways healthcare professionals use SMS services are:

  1. Notifying staffs 

When we talk about the healthcare sector, the benefits of SMS solutions are not limited to patients. Hospital staff also carry their phone with them, so if there is an urgent reminder about anything, you can remind them by sending a message. One more unique aspect of SMS is it has a high speed. It means getting an immediate response from everyone will not be at all difficult. Some examples where messaging solutions are used are maintenance schedules, emergency messages, shift changes, team member birthdays, etc.

  1. Appointment reminders 

The essential aspect is the messaging solutions for healthcare help in sending appointment reminders to the concerned person. As a result, even if the patient forgets or gets stuck in some work after getting the message, he will be happy. It’s because if you haven’t sent a message, he would not have come for the appointment. It helps in saving time for the professionals who will need to make a call otherwise. Sending the messages timely can reduce the drive for future appointments or no-shows.

  1. Alerts and news 

Suppose there is an outbreak in the community that people should be aware of. In this regard, you can send a message to your patients while listing the things they should avoid doing. Also, you can send a message giving the number where they should contact in an emergency. If there is any recent development that has taken place which your patients should know, you can inform them by sending a message. For example, the XYZ hospital is opening the Neurological department from 1st January 2021. It means if any of your patients require it, they can visit.

  1. Patients care

Apart from appointment reminders, patients will want to receive their report details on SMSs. A quick message stating that the details of the test report or saying that it is done and you can come and collect it can make a huge difference. For patients, it eliminates the need to wait for long hours in the queue or traveling unnecessarily.

Also, reminder messages on recurring appointments, prescription refills, or a discount offer on selected tests, etc., are some of the situations where an SMS solution is used. It helps the administration department to connect with all the patients instead of calling each one.

  1. Consider omnichannel messaging

Omnichannel messaging helps to take things ahead with call-to-action, more interaction, and richer communication. It also gives the patients to interact with healthcare providers quickly and collect the required information. It’s a powerful and preventative approach, and a single message can keep a patient’s health on top of mind.

  1. Including SMS on healthcare software

Not every healthcare unit needs to have an excellent IT department with developers. It is where the role of SMS solution will come into existence. Well, incorporating SMS solutions on healthcare software will help in the smooth working of the process while increasing the revenue model. An SMS solution can work wonders and can reduce human labor to a great extent. Not only that but also the unnecessary expenses can be eliminated.

In the end

Many healthcare units that incorporated SMS solutions have seen a huge change in the process. Also, the complaints they use to receive from patients regarding reminders in the delay of appointments due to a doctor’s busy schedules or an emergency has reduced. Alongside that, when patients receive a message stating an offer is going on blood or urine tests, they go for it. In short, it increases the revenue of the healthcare sector and also helps to work seamlessly. It is also an excellent module for internal communication, eliminating unnecessary confusion.

sms healthcare solutions



Cyber Security Software

OT Pentesting: Need of The Hour Among Corporate Households

We playfully talk about big brothers watching us or patrolling our moves but do you know that you are actually monitored somewhere every time? This is more about your establishment, connectivity, and especially the work you are associated with. More often than not, this monitoring comes with an agenda that affects your organization. High profile corporate sector serving companies are often susceptible to the cyber threat. Breach of data happens due to hacking, and your company comes at stake. To ensure high-end security of data and to verify the proper system of this process of stealing data and potentially launching a threat, OT Pentesting comes to the rescue. This software is provided by many professional software companies, which are highly recommended.

The software companies offer you the benefits of professional penetration testing services. These services act as a rescue team to secure your data and also further safeguard your company from unauthenticated, unsafe sources that often go unnoticed.

What Are The Aspects Of OT Pentesting?

Before delving into details about the advantages of OT Pentesting, you must know the circumstances under which you need this operation to be done. When data is stolen or in the face of a threat, the source of this leakage often goes undetected. So that means anybody from the workplace may be doing this unethical work, or any other sources may initiate the hacking for their purposes. So, it is always wise to install the software beforehand in order to avoid going through a potentially harmful ordeal. Let’s look into the details –

  • 360 Degree Security Posture Assessment

A team of experts undertake thorough observation and regulate the system software. The team operates physically to train and guide on system security. Their service delivers you an all-inclusive competency.

With the help of the team of qualifiers, you will be able to detect signs of weak spots in your network system that possibly lead to the leak of information to the outer world and random access of your data by hackers.

  • Proficient Penetration Testing Launch

A bunch of panel experts with years of experience on updated technology of OT Testing gets hired to build your security set up and enhance protection from apparent threats.

  • Custom Built Valuation

Each service is tailor-made, depending on the industry and organizational growth. The software is developed according to the demands of the customer, the company’s complexity, need for security, and data storage policies. The software companies’ prime concern is the customers, and their needs remain a priority.

  • Analysis Of Technical Gaps

After OT Pentesting, you receive the tech results, which are well organized for you to figure out with ease. The reports present a thorough analysis of the technical gap, along with the well-organized business procedures.

  • Acute And Real Representation

The thorough representation is visually presented to you after cyber testing. The precise paperwork is acutely presented with the detailed output so that you can study the readings of the report. This is done to relieve the customers from unnecessary tension and guide them through the report, step by step. This is a transparent process, and IO Testing or cyber tests of a particular company is communicated to them.

  • Transparent, Holistic Guidance

The prospective clients receive a transparent, overall view of cyber exposure details that help them to understand threats and security measures. This helps them further to formulate their business policies and decisions likewise. This holistic information is available only to business associates.

What Is The Need For OT Testing?

The industrial cyber testing maintains compliance with the corporate management’s demands and functions systematically, checking their needs, and tests their technology accordingly. The data that needs protection must be protected with highly tested security using cyber penetration.

The most adequate and standard “OT Security” is given to the concerned production companies for advanced security and a steady availability. The top software companies provide network penetration services, infrastructure testing cyber services, along pen testing services. The pen testing services involve pen-testing (IoT), penetration testing (OT), and vulnerability.


Industries Where These Security Services Function

The companies who provide this high-end security software serve industries like automotive, pulp and paper, chemical and manufacturing companies, energy, oil and gas companies, and maritime. The cyber threat intelligence services can save you from the rabid threats posed by cyber sources.


ot pentesting




Software Technology

Aspect To Know About The Best Endpoint Security Software

Endpoint security has the power to secure all the endpoints, which are combined with the network to obstruct access attempts or any other hazardous activities that take place. In this technologically advanced era, the endpoint security software takes the help of deep learning algorithms to provide endpoint protection, apprehension and acknowledgment, opposition first-approach, and multi-layer foresight against the unknown and known cyber-threats. The software can provide the ultimate protection of all malware attacks and viruses as well. With the help of this software, you will receive unmatched exposure and restriction of all kinds of cyber-security attacks, and with the help of deep learning, the detection inclinations will expand.

Aspects to know about the software
Given below are some aspects of this software, which you must know before you opt for it. Take a look!


Conducts deep static analysis:
The deep static analysis provides much greater accuracy than the heuristic and next-generation cyber-security trademark resolutions. Along with that, it’s also pretty accurate than the classic ML (Machine Learning) algorithms, which are known to suffer from high false positives and lower exposure rates. The software takes the help of DL or deep learning. This deep learning will help in implementing more than 100-file types.

Some of these file types are executable files (Mach-O and PE), Office files like (Macro, OLE, OOXML) Flash, Images, PDF, JAR, RTF, archive files (7z, ZIP, RAR, etc.), and numerous other files. The software will detect all malicious files through the file’s initial access within the device. It will also provide a complete file-scan on-demand.


Offers protection to D-Cloud file reputation:
When it comes to delivering top-notch protection to your system, the software will provide an additional layer of endpoint protection with no issues. It’s based completely on the file reputation. This particular layer of protection is ideal for both benign and malicious files. These files are present within your respective device.


Provides Script control and Blacklist:
The software plays its part as a policy and agreement foundation and will terminate the script-based attack surface. These script-based surfaces are rundll32, PowerShell Macros, JavaScript, HTML application-HTA files, and VBScript. Once the software detects such scripts, then you will receive a notification with immediate effect. The software will enable blacklisting files on hashes and will be based on import LoC lists.


Will provide deep behavioral analysis:
The security software will provide deep behavioral analysis, which will help in the process of endpoint response and detection for the malicious business logic of the malware. The anti-ransomware methods and techniques are used to conduct the write or read operations to encrypt files.

The anti-ransomware module provides a 100% industry-low false-positive rate along with detection rate. This is confirmed after performing thousands of tests. Under the deep behavioral analysis, the software also prevents the deep remote injection techniques, which take place during the process of deep behavioral analysis.


Conducts Automated Analysis:
The automated analysis helps in conducting advanced threat analysis, deep classification, and attack chain. The software can conduct speedy classification on both known and unknown malware within real-time, and there is no human engagement present and employs the deep learning malware analysis module.

The attack chain technique helps in describing the process chain, which leads towards the event. The advanced threat analysis is a set of tools, which is used for conducting the automated analysis of the threats. The analysis includes network dump, sandboxing analysis, static analysis, and screenshots of the attacks or threats.

Under the remediation process, the software will whitelist and restore, terminate the running process, and delete files remotely. In the whitelist and restore process, the software will whitelist all the files that are identified as malicious falsely. Also, it can import all the LoC list, which is based on the hashes, and the newly-added hashes will get restored. The software will also detect the files, which were not quarantined or prevented and have them deleted remotely through the endpoint. Files identified as malicious will get terminated without any issues.

Choose the best endpoint security software
If you want high-quality and world-class protection from online cyber-attacks, then opting for endpoint-security software will be the right thing to do. The software is designed by experienced and qualified professionals and will protect your organizations from all kinds of unwanted threats.

endpoint protection




3D Technology

Using Volumetric Video Capture

Volumetric video capture is the technology that gives users the ability to capture three-dimensional spaces such as scenes, locations, individuals, and performances. The captured video can be viewed both on flat screens or even by using 3D displays and virtual reality goggles. Presently there are a number of formats for consumer’s which gave them the ability to capture VR scenes with the help of VR technology which is provided by leading developers such as Mantis Vision, technology reviews are being made.

Mantis Vision has an objective of putting 3D images and the ability to capture 3D videos within reach of every consumer. They have also taken it upon themselves to provide the software for application developers, game designers as well as industry professionals. The technology being provided by Mantis Vision can turn people and objects into high-resolution 3D content in real-time making it seem to everyone that the technology is easy to master.

Mantis Vision has been at the forefront of developing technology which is agile, affordable, and suitable for a wide array of usage and form factors. The volumetric video capture solutions offered by Mantis Vision is embedded into numerous devices such as smartphones, professional handheld 3D scanners, smart connected devices, and even multi-camera viewing systems. The images captured by these devices provide high-quality volumetric content which is ready to be edited, viewed and shared on any MR, VR, 2D and 3D platforms.

Mantis Vision has a proprietary coded structured light technology which enables the highest levels of details to be captured and provides performance that is proven to be as the best. When the technology is combined with 3D content creation software the user of the device receives the ability to create instant virtual and augmented reality experience. The technology is scalable, robust and is not thick or heavy making it a suitable solution for everyone who could be using cell phones, smart connected devices, professional handheld scanners or multi-camera Volumetric solutions.

This company is utilizing professional 3D scanner technology for optimizing its core sensing technology and offering a complete 3D processing pipeline for its consumers. The solution they offer also takes into account the needs of depth sensing and processing as well as data compression and streaming. The technology offered by Mantis Vision makes it easy for every user to capture a static or dynamic object, individual, scene of choice in ambient light conditions which are varying with the ability to instantly edit, stream and share the volumetric content to a platform of their choice.

Creating 3D models from photography, video, and other methods of measuring spaces have always been an important topic in the world of computer graphics. The ultimate objective is to imitate reality in minute detail by giving the individual the power to create worlds beyond their imagination to match their vision. Earlier artists were creating these worlds by using modeling and rendering techniques which had been developed over the years even after computer graphics were introduced. Video effects in video games and movies perhaps paved the way for companies like Mantis Vision to consider the advances in photogrammetry and scanning devices from the computational backend to manage the data they received by utilizing the new methods which they began developing.

Mantis Vision is a company which is providing a number of 3D scanning solutions and has the technology in its possession even to offer volumetric video capture to its consumers making it possible for them to utilize VR technology to capture VR scenes and displays them instantly. Consumers will certainly be happy with that technology being provided by Mantis Vision which will help them in their personal as well as professional capacities.




Selecting The Best Enterprise Data Integration Platforms

Organizations collect data from various places like social media, emails, Google Play, data stores, etc. If they keep data from each source at different locations, they would not be able to perform efficient data analytics on it. To utilize the aggregate data for their benefit, enterprise data integration platforms are used. These tools help companies in assembling all their data in one place and then analyzing it for different purposes.


Here is all the information on how data integration works, its benefits for businesses, and the essential features to check in an enterprise data integration tool.


Data Integration

Companies spread their wings in every possible online place to grab as much attention as possible. Data integration means extracting data from all these places, transforming it into the target format, and finally loading it to a single source. Earlier, this task was done through visual programming tools. Programmers used to break the process into three mentioned steps using those tools. Due to this breaking of data flow into atomic levels, the overall work was increased.


In order to help them out, pipelines were introduced. Generally, data pipelines mean the flow of data from one system to another. In our reference, this flow includes the transformation of data into the desired format so that the loading step becomes easy to execute. A bit of time back, developers created these pipelines to collect all the data in a streamlined manner (not in batches). But it required time investment as well. As technology grew, the concept of enterprise data integration tools came into existence. Now, the only task for developers is to set up their integration for different tools, and that, too, can be done within minutes.


Importance Of Data Integration

No matter how easy a business process is, if it is not beneficial for the company, there is no use. But that is not the case with data integration. It would be clear by now how businesses use multiple online platforms for promoting their products or services. This process is crucial for digital marketing, but it creates a problem for data analysts. They are not able to do their job correctly because the data is scattered on many different stages. In order to make their work easy, data integration is done. Using enterprise data integration platforms, developers can create one single data source for all analytics tasks.


Benefits Of Data Integration

Data integration is not done only for making the analysts’ job more manageable. Here are a few advantages that enterprises can obtain through data integration.


  • Better Decisions: When the data gets collected in one place, it creates a solid base for making different business decisions. Whoever is responsible for decision-making can see this data and get a clear idea of how things are working. With the enterprise data integration platforms, business users do not need to seek permission from the IT department to follow up with the data. They can access it anytime and anywhere without any problem.
  • Faster Work: The job of transferring data from one source to another is not as easy as it sounds. It is because there is a whole process of transformation that gets executed every time a piece of information is sent from one source to the other. With enterprise data integration tools, this work is done in minutes, making the overall processing of the business set up faster.


Features Of The Best Enterprise Data Integration Platforms

It is a task in itself to select a product when there are several similar products available in the market. The only thing people can do is to set up their basic requirements and check which one of the products work best for them. And it is no different with enterprise data integration tools. The few essential features that businesses can check in the data integration tools are:


  • Compatibility: The tool should be compatible with most data-generating platforms and data storage platforms or clouds.
  • Ease Of Use: The tool should be convenient to use. Otherwise, there would be no benefit of switching to it.
  • Reliability: As businesses would be providing their vulnerable data to these tools, it has to be reliable enough to leave the data to it.



Data integration has become a crucial aspect of every business as it has started collecting data from various online sources. But despite going with conventional data integration methods, companies can opt for enterprise data integration platforms, which can make their work easy and more efficient.


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 Data integration platform