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What is a large format oblique aerial camera system used for?

This oblique aerial camera is also known as a ‘digital aerial camera’. The following covers applications of large-format oblique aerial camera systems.
Uses of large format oblique aerial camera system

Oblique imagery is particularly useful in municipal and planning software. Governmental national mapping and cartographic companies still depend on the old workflow of perpendicular images. However, the shift from perpendicular imagery to geospatial oblique imagery is taking place.
An oblique imagery camera combines a 280-megapixel nadir system along with 4 150 MP oblique cameras into a united shell to take 2D and 3D images at the same time.

Works at an extraordinary two frames per second seizure rate. And can easily cover the sizeable inclusive flight lines from 14,000- 20,000 pixels.
This system can work at different airspeeds, heights, and lighting situations for profitable, high-quality images with an extreme 3D resolution of 2.5cm at 600m height.
The supreme presentation of dual frames in each second allows 80% onward intersection at an incredible speed.
The middle spring shutter offers a speed of more than 1/2500 per second while removing motion fuzziness.
The 3,76μm BSI pixels confirm the bright images under low light situations.

The integration of nadir and oblique aerial systems for 3D is standard for city mapping. It is also best for apps that need a 360-degree view. For example, smart city planning or community planning.

The latest oblique aerial camera systems have applications supporting cost-effective control of an entire data record workflow.
The system includes task scheduling for flight supervision, information assortment and image-status controlling work for quick and high-quality images.

Moreover, oblique cameras help road land data, construction recording and initial tract frontier fortitude, city cataloguing and 3D city displaying discovery of unregistered structures, controlling of mass natural disasters, and impairment valuation etc.

A large-format oblique aerial camera system will give four displays from all sides. It will capture large-format nadir and oblique aerial images within one flight.

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Cyber Security Technology

AI That Protects Identities – Things You Should Know

Things To Know About

How would you feel if someone took your picture without your permission? The idea itself is not very comfortable, is it? But you’d be surprised to know how many apps, social media platforms, and other institutions take our images unauthorized. We don’t really think twice before uploading a picture to social media or going live on Instagram, but this is exactly what makes our facial data available for the whole world to use and therefore, leave you vulnerable to disasters like identity fraud.

That is why tech-companies have come up with AI that protects identities. Technology has evolved enough to keep an eye on you, unauthorized at times, and it has also evolved enough to protect you from constant unknown gaze and exploitation of your highly personal data.

The Role of A.I

These days, many companies use a biometric security system to keep track of their employees. There are CCTV cameras everywhere and our identities are exposed without our permission. But you have the right to protect your privacy. What you can do is use software that will protect your privacy and anonymity by deleting any sensitive facial data from your image. AI can change and protect your image in a way that you will still be recognizable yet anonymous.

How These Software Help

As you can already understand that every timeyou are exposed to a facial recognition system, all your data connected to your privacy and anonymity is at a risk. Which means anyone with computer knowledge and an internet connection can steal your data and misuse it. This is where AI can help you. In case of a data breach in a company, all the personal information of employees stored in their database is also at risk – it may be a social networking site, government office or something else. However, there are instances where you can’t avoid providing your image nor should you hide in fear.

AI can step in here to edit out the sensitive data so your privacy is protected, whether it is in a photo or video. Encryption, pixelization, blurring and other such traditional methods of photo blocking have become obsolete now in this era of Artificial Intelligence. These methods make the photo useless and can sometimes even ruin the whole appearance of the person. Software that uses the AI technology can help to morph the image in a way so that there will be no detectable difference in the image but still editing out sensitive data from the image so you are protected from any kind of identity theft, identity fraud or any such issues. It will make sure that your AI-protected image cannot be matched to your original image, further ensuring your privacy. AI will be able to detect a face in a video also. It will keep the crucial information intact like age, gender, emotion, gaze while removing the personally identifiable information. This way, you can be sure that your identity is protected without shying away from cameras.

How the Best Software Provides Protection

You can save your identity with the best software in the market that provides identification protection. Any good software will simply modify your photo into the protected version and will store it with encrypted instructions. When authentication is required, it will simply take a new photo of the subject and de-identify the photo with the information previously stored and compare the new photo with the de-identified photo, and the best part is, the photo protection cannot be decrypted. In a video, it should replace the images with AI-generated, photo-realistic faces of imaginary people while preserving the primary qualities of the person.

What to Keep In Mind

Before you go out to look for the best AI technology for identity protection, keep a few things in mind. Make sure the software protects your facial data while allowing one-to-one authentication and does not compromise with privacy or use actual biometric data. Also, make sure it keeps your data secure even when your device is stolen or in case, data is leaked. Most importantly, make sure, the software complies with the privacy regulations of your country. When you find these features in the software, you can rest assured that it is the right choice to make.

                                                                                                        Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Cyber Security Technology

What is OSINT and why is it so useful

Let’s start by looking at the definition of OSINT. It is an acronym for Open-Source Intelligence. It encompasses information gathered from publicly-available sources both offline and online. Offline OSINT sources can be public registers, public libraries, and archives open to the public, as well as news reports, search engines, online databases, social media networks, blog posts as well as public government data, academic publications, and even television reports, online videos, and public speeches (e.g., TED talks). In short, sources on all layers of the internet (surface, deep and dark web) are publicly accessible. Although OSINT can provide valuable insights, the information is spread out across a large number of open platforms and sources, which makes collecting and analyzing these use amounts of data not only time-consuming, but also puts a strain on human resources. That’s why law enforcement, HLS, and security services are looking at using OSINT tools to get the actionable insights quickly and accurately.

By using an OSINT tool, law enforcement, HLS, and security services do not have to handle the time-consuming and tedious job of gathering information from a vast range of sources anymore, which allows them to concentrate on other aspects of the investigation. Apart from the convenience, another important benefit of using OSINT tools is preventing information overload. When gathering big data, the volume of intelligence that these agencies need to go through is unprecedented and humanly impossible to be accomplished in a short timeframe. The OSINT tool allows for gathering and analyzing these vast amounts of data in the shortest amount of time possible, resulting in detailed intelligence that can be used for taking action.

In order to achieve this and to save time and resources, only the best OSINT tools should be used to prevent an investigator from being detected when gathering intelligence from OSINT sources. The solution of Cobwebs ensures that investigators remain anonymous and the search that they are conducting cannot be traced back to them. This ensures the personal safety of an investigator who is e.g., investigating a ruthless human trafficking gang. It also ensures that such gang members will be alerted about the investigations and will get rid of evidence that could have been used against them.

The automated web intelligence capabilities of a best-of-breed OSINT tool (e.g., Tangles of Cobwebs) allow authorities to locate certain individuals with limited public information as well as locate other persons in that individual’s online network. The OSINT tools can also carry out specific in-depth searches for extracting specific information to establish the real identities of virtual personalities (e.g., hackers) and map group connections tied to a specific individual.

For the best performance, OSINT tools need to use artificial intelligence (AI) to harness advanced capabilities such as machine learning and natural language processing (NLP). Since investigators often need to conduct their investigations cross-border, they need to collect intelligence that is often in a foreign language (e.g., a hacker forum on the deep web in Chinese or Russian). NLP algorithms allow for collecting and analyzing such intelligence to get valuable insights since the meaning behind the posts of a certain individual can be understood, and sentiment analysis can be performed to map the feelings of that individual towards certain topics. This valuable intelligence can be used to e.g., prevent a peaceful demonstration from turning into social unrest.

It is important to understand that AI capabilities do not only assist during the recon and data collection phase but are also extremely valuable for data analysis, which in turn is crucial for getting insights for follow-up.

To conclude, by utilizing OSINT tools in an easy-to-use AI web intelligence platform like Cobwebs Technologies’ Tangles, investigators can scour all levels of the internet as well as various social media platforms to gather open-source intelligence. This enables them to obtain precise and unrivaled web intelligence from the surface, deep, and dark web in a fraction of the time that it normally would take. This will save them precious time and speed up their investigations and even take action to prevent the next heist or terrorist attack.