Are You in Need of SharePoint Content Migration Tools?

SharePoint content migration tools
SharePoint content migration tools

Are you searching for SharePoint content migration tools that are appropriate for your needs? You could be having an on-premise ECM system which you may feel is better stored on Cloud platforms. This indicates that you need an on-premise ECM system to cloud migration and the fact that you are considering this approach could be because the support for SharePoint server 2010 is ending fast. You could be looking forward to taking advantage of the opportunities available to you along with the options. Under the circumstances, it is suggested that you consider this article seriously because we are providing you all the information you need about SharePoint content migration tools.

Henceforth, Microsoft will not be providing any support for the SharePoint server 2010 and SharePoint foundation 2010. You will not have access to any technical support from Microsoft for this platform. Additionally, the usability and stability of the server could be impacted because access to bug fixes and other issues will also be withdrawn. If you discover any vulnerabilities in the platform you will not have access to security fixes. Operating systems that are supporting SharePoint server 2010 are on the verge of ending support if they haven’t done so already.

If your company is still running SharePoint 2010 it is essential for you to understand Microsoft is phasing out this version and is even discontinuing extended support. You will not be able to request for any warranty which may have been offered to you earlier because your claims are unlikely to be honored. Trying to maintain outdated hardware along with technologies that have expired will not be easy and leave you facing a conundrum.

Your concerns for searching for an on-premise ECM system to cloud migration would be justified if you are presently using SharePoint server 2010 because you would not want to lose your valuable data on this platform. However, you still have an opportunity to challenge the withdrawal of the support by Microsoft and ensure that your business is not impacted by migrating your content on SharePoint 2010 server to other versions which are still supported. You are advised not to consider this task as difficult or impossible because the Tzunami Deployer can support migration from any version of SharePoint to another version. The Deployer is the best in the class migration tool for SharePoint 2007 (Moss) upgrade, SharePoint 2003 upgrade, and SharePoint 2001 upgrade. Therefore there is no need for you to panic or stress yourself. You just need to begin planning right away because the team from Tzunami Deployer is waiting for your call will help you prepare a plan for a successful migration of your existing data on SharePoint server 2010 to SharePoint online, or even upgrade your SharePoint server 2010 to SharePoint 2019 without harming the hierarchy structure, permissions, content and security to maintain it as it is in your SharePoint 2010 platform.

Whether your plans are on-premise or in the cloud you should begin planning for an upgrade to the latest version of SharePoint remembering that Tzunami Deployer has the experience as well as the expertise needed to assist you with all your migration needs for the business. You have the option of either contacting a customer support representative of Tzunami Deployer or even requesting the company to schedule a free demonstration to understand how the software from Tzunami Deployer can assist you in the efficient migration of all your data. Trying to find SharePoint content migration tools should not concern you even if Microsoft is withdrawing support for older versions of this platform. You can easily find Tzunami Deployer by researching over the Internet along with an appropriate solution which is certain to satisfy your requirements.