Are You Searching for The Best Antivirus For Android SmartPhones?

Do you want to ensure that you have a secure Android phone and are searching for the best antivirus for Android smartphones? Do you believe that your Android device is similar to your computer and therefore you must make every effort to ensure it is secure? You would not be wrong for believing in this manner because numerous reports can be seen about malicious attacks on your favorite device. It could perhaps be the reason why you are looking out for antivirus software for your phone.

You could even have received information from media outlets that you need to secure your android phone because it has the potential to be susceptible to attacks. After investing a large sum of money in a new device you would not want to compromise the same by becoming a victim of hacking or finding that malicious software has made its way into your Android phone and is giving unscrupulous individuals an opportunity to access sensitive information which you may have stored in the device.

As you are searching for the best antivirus for Android smartphones your choices will be restricted to the paid versions that are being marketed by companies like Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky and many others. It would become essential for you only to consider the paid versions and not any of the so-called free versions which claim to be the best in the market. This is because the free version in most cases do not perform as needed and are best left aside. Before you move a step ahead in your search for the best antivirus for Android smartphones you must also understand that the device you have is more at risk of being stolen than it is of being attacked by a virus. However, if you want to have peace of mind you can definitely consider mobile security solutions that will be available to you on the Google play store and from third-party app providers for Android smartphones.

What kind of security are you looking for the Android phone in your possession? Are you looking for a mobile security solution that provides full protection based on multiple layers? Do you want a solution that will also scan newly installed apps from any source like USB drives, third-party stores, the Internet or the Google play store? If so, you should be looking for the solution developed by Deep Instinct which can provide the kind of protection you want and more.

The mobile security solution from Deep Instinct includes a prediction and prevention first approach which is followed by detection and response against identified and unknown cyber threats. The solution can autonomously prevent zero delay malicious apps from running on the mobile device with or without a network connection. The ability to scan apps that are freshly installed is also available and prior to the execution of the D-client denies user access to every malicious app that has been installed to prevent them from running.

Searching for third-party apps may not prove beneficial to you because a survey conducted recently has provided information that nearly 30% of all apps do not function at all. Trying to download an antivirus app for your Android device from the Google play store may also not beneficial because many developers are providing the apps they develop on the Google Play store despite being removed from the platform for non-performance. Your best opportunity to prevent malicious attacks on your Android smartphone would either be to search for and find an antivirus software which would cost you an arm and a leg or to consider the mobile security solution developed by Deep Instinct which can provide you the protection you need to have a secure Android phone.

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