Artificial Intelligence Streamlined by Machine Learning Algorithms From WEBINT

Technologies powered by AI web intelligence are providing innovative solutions tailored to meet the needs of law enforcement agencies, national security, and the private sector by identifying facts with just a single click of the mouse. The growing popularity of social media platforms and mobile apps has led to the significant growth of illegal activities over the Internet. These platforms are being utilized by terrorists, hackers, and criminals along with many others to exploit the easy access they have for conducting their activities over the Internet with minimum visibility. Thankfully the WEBINT engine is providing an in-depth and accurate web investigation and monitoring capability to stay ahead to protect the things that matter most. WEBINT has streamlined artificial intelligence with its exclusive technology for extracting targeted interventions from the big data of the web by using the most advanced algorithms automatically to generate intelligent insights.

Cobwebs technologies which are a global leader in Web intelligence has developed innovative solutions that are customized to the operational needs of law enforcement agencies, national security, private-sector, and border control easily making it difficult for unscrupulous individuals to exploit the easy access available to the Internet for conducting operations without being visible. The WEBINT engine can provide an accurate source for investigation and monitoring to stay ahead of the unscrupulous individuals for protecting valuable assets which may be owned by individuals or the country.

The solutions from Cobwebs Technologies were generated by intelligence experts as essential tools for collection and analysis of data from web open-source web, social media, blogs, and deep and dark web. The technology can generate insights to monitor these last sources of data by conducting automated analysis to connect the dots, reveal hidden leads and generate insights. WEBINT can covertly uncover to interact with the never-ending trail of clues over the Internet for building suspect profiles, reconstructing social circles, identifying cyber threats, engaging targets and generating evidence.

Domains across different sectors are using WEBINT in the fields of critical infrastructure, banking and financial, public safety, intelligence agencies, law enforcement, and border control. The WEBINT engine has also been the key for cracking the AML/CTF investigations looking into anti-money laundering as well as preventing data and public order by detecting mass shooting tools. Natural disasters are posing difficult challenges to authorities when common communication lines are disrupted or overloaded. Massive volumes of web data are usually available and easily accessible. Social media along with the evolution of information sharing have transpired as critical elements of emergency awareness and effective response. People are often using the social media to alert the public of crisis and events and evidence by reporting locations and other relevant data. Using this data properly by monitoring the same vigilantly and identifying location-based crisis in different regions can prove beneficial for the resolution of emergencies of natural disasters.

The solutions from WEBINT can harness the power of social media by monitoring and scanning networks to harvest relevant and location-based information. Sifting through relevant mentions on social media has improved response times crises and emergencies. As social media activity escalates during the time of natural disasters the platforms Cobweb Technologies leverages the data to locate and provide victims with emergency aid as needed.

With time web intelligence will certainly begin to assume prominence among many sectors that are either looking to gather information for safeguarding themselves or to provide services which may not be available in times of calamities such as natural disasters. Web intelligence platforms have also been active in supporting virtual HUMINT to create virtual agents can be managed by intelligence analysts with the primary objective to gather data from various open and human sources over the Internet. The variety of services provided by WEBINT are endless and can only add further services to its profile considering the high demand for services being observed from different quarters of the market.