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What is a threat intelligence platform

The rapid growth in Internet availability worldwide has brought many new solutions and many new problems to the table. Access to global data can be empowering in the hands of law enforcement but also threatening in the hands of threat actors that can use this data for various cyber-attacks and organized operations. Over the years, AI has emerged as a permanent solution to these evolving problems. Combining artificial intelligence with big data can help predict and prevent cyber crimes before they even take place. But, what is a web intelligence platform, and how can it help enhance and simplify security?


Automated Intelligence


Automated intelligence brings new solutions to the table that take hard manual work off the hands of staff members and completely automates the process. Modern AI has access to large databases all across the web which allows it to identify possible threats in real-time and inform the end-user about the possible measures that need to be taken in many different situations. In simple terms, it can be described as an AI-powered, user-friendly search engine that gathers data from social media platforms, surface & deep web data sources. Online content monitoring provides enough information that helps identify and prevent possible threat actors even before they take action.


Simplicity over Complexity


Traditional solutions require different teams to work on different sets of data. Manual work is often slow and quality data filtering is almost impossible when you need to work with big data. With the help of AI, this whole process is simplified because artificial intelligence is capable of completely eliminating information noise that is irrelevant in certain situations. In turn, staff members won’t be lead down a dead-end when it comes to information gathering. Companies like Cobwebs Technology work hard on bringing the very best user experience for end-users by providing a friendly and simplified interface that allows easy threat tracking and information extraction. Real-time monitoring makes sure that nothing goes under the radar. Once a threat is identified, AI sends only the most relevant information in the form of notifications and alerts. This provides more time to focus on what matters while leaving security to a completely automated solution.


Accuracy and Efficiency


Harnessing data from the open web has never been easier while filtering possibilities are constantly evolving. With the help of an AI-powered web intelligence platform, investigators can take advantage of complete automation, real-time alerts, visualized investigations, and a lot more. A user-friendly interface will help you visualize investigations by providing an interactive data map that helps track down and identify possible threat actors. Eliminating irrelevant data through an automated process shortens investigation times while providing the most accurate information in real-time. It is important to notice that AI doesn’t only recognize individual threats. Organized social circles that pose a possible threat are also easily identified and processed. Fast data processing helps organizations understand the intentions of these social circles and recognize possible threats if they are present within the group.



Maximum Security Driven by Maximum Efficiency


It is now more than clear that machine learning and AI work as a perfect solution to many problems we are facing as a society. We live in a world where access to data is granted to almost anyone and without proper monitoring, things can easily get out of hand. Manual data processing and investigations are slowly becoming a thing of the past because threat actors are gaining access to sophisticated tools that can give them an edge over law enforcement. With the help of advanced AI-powered web investigation platforms, these threats can be identified and dealt with in a timely manner.





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Google Adwords cost exceeded the daily budget? You might not be billed for it.

One day I created a Google Adwords display campaign and the day after I was unpleasantly surprised to see that the cost was 10 times more than the daily budget. OMG, I thought, but how could the Google Adwords cost exceed the budget? And my next thought was – why the hell should I pay it now?

I will spare you the details of trying to reach Google support and speaking with a real person. But eventually, I learned something that I’d like to share.

I figured out that the “cost” you see in the campaign details is not necessarily the real cost you will be billed. The reason is that the budget you define is actually not an exact budget, but an average daily budget. So, Google wants to be able to spend a bit more or a bit less on a specified date. But during a monthly period you can’t be billed more that your average daily budget times 30.

So, how can you know the real Google Adwords cost you will be billed for?

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. Click the reporting icon in the upper right corner of your account.
  3. Select Predefined, then Basic from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click Billed Cost

By default, the data is displayed daily and sorted by served cost. If you wish to see data for a certain date range, remove the “Day” filter and and set the date range in the upper left hand side of the table.

Google Adwords cost report
Google Adwords cost report

In the report you will see “served cost” and “billed cost”. In my case the served cost was “500” and freaked me out. But the billed cost was “99”. Which is still more than the original budget (50), but far from the scary 500.

It’s not completely clear why Google can’t keep the cost within the budget- I believe it refers to some real time auction limitation. I Hope that this article will prevent somebody’s heart attack 🙂

Btw, if you are not GDPR prepared yet, check out my GDPR checklist.


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Top 5 bulk SMS platforms in 2018

Some people believe that with the modern social communication, such as Facebook Chatbot or Visual IVR, bulk SMS platforms are not on the technology forefront anymore. In 2018 SMS sending services are more relevant than ever. You still can use it to send numerous annoying discount messages, but it can also be a great customer support channel. Here are some examples:

  1. Authentication – actually, SMS stays being on of the most secure ways
  2. Booking confirmation and flight details. It’s important to get the data via SMS, so the person can see it even if not connected to Internet
  3. Surveys: survey calls are spammy and everybody hates them. But it is much easier to answer one question via SMS. Researches say that one-question SMS surveys are way cheaper and more effective that calls.

So, what are the best bulk SMS platforms?

1) MessageWhiz

The main reason for putting them in first place is the revenue sharing plan.

You can start promoting your business and pay only for the conversions. Also, they give 2000 messages as a free demo without credit card requirement. They also claim to have 96% open rate, which is very high.


bulk SMS platform


bulk SMS platform
MessageWhiz bulk SMS platform

2) Clickatell

One of the best and reliable services. They don’t have the free demo, but you can get Price proposal, using their SMS cost calculation




3) Bulksms

One of the oldest companies, for better or worse. It was founded in 2000 and has a global market presence in more than 200 countries




4) Experttesting

A Good bulk sms platform, not cheap, though. They have 24/7 support and an API that can be integrated with any CRM (as they claim, at least)




5) Redoxygen

This bulk SMS platform was chosen for the most flexible plans. They offer pre-paid, post-paid and monthly plan. They also offer a free trial. For 25 SMS only, but still better than nothing.





Mbappe VS Modric – FIFA World Cup 2018 in Google Trends

If you are not familiar with the Google Trends tool – you better be. ‘Cause its amazing, like everything Google does. And even a bit better.

In a few words – Google Trends is a free tool, allowing you to see statistic data for search terms searched with Google. The numbers are not absolute, of course. One can’t just learn how many times people searched for a brand or a person. This would be too much power for any responsibility 🙂 Not for free, anyway. But you can see the trend and it is more than enough data one can learn a lot from.

So, we decided to check, how the last World Cup affected Google search in the United States. We took the data from the last 90 days in the US.

  1. We started with “Mondial” obviously. As you can see, till the middle of June, nobody was really bothered about it 🙂 
  2. This year the World Cup took place in Russia, so we expected the term to grow as well. And it definitely did.
  3. Croatia was for sure the biggest hero of this Mondial. France, I am sorry, nothing personal, but you’ve been there, done that. And the Croatian guys did the impossible. So, we’ve included Croatia too. You can see that here that the trend is a bit different, it’s clearly aligned with the progress the Croatian team made during the world cup.
  4. And what about the players? One of the biggest fan disputes in the last few days was “Modric or Mbappe”. The Young French talent received the best young player award, but many people think he could take the Golden Ball. So, these guys for sure are quite popular in Google. Lets see:

So, at least in the US, we can say that Mbappe was way more popular. Its also interesting, that Modric queries are much more “personal”, people want to know about his wife and height for example 🙂

Using Google Trends, you can learn a lot about brand seasonality, popularity, awareness etc. And its fun too, isn’t it?


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Google Analytics – Simple GDPR checklist

GDPR aka General Data Protection Regulation  is the most trendy scary word of 2018. Everybody knows that there is a lot to do, and there are huge fines if somebody is not complaint. But still there a lot of question marks: what exactly should be done? how the GDPR regulation will work? what if my company is not in EU, will GDPR it impact me? We’ve tried to keep it simple and make a simple checklist of what is really must do to be complaint with your Google Analytics

  1. Audit Your Data 

    1. Check your Page URLs, Titles, and other data  to make sure no personal data is stored. An easy example of “forbidden” data  is if you capture a Page URL that contains an “email= blabla” parameter. You shouldn’t have in your logs any personal data stored without an explicit user consent (a form)
    2. Apropos forms, make sure that no data from the forms goes to google analytics as a page title, url-parameter or anything else. A user gave you the details, that means no other service should access it.
    3. Also, you cannot just build filters for the data (via Google Analytics filters) is not enough; you need to do it on the code-level so the data will not be sent to GA in the first place
  2.  IP Anonymization

    Yes, IP is a personal data too. Although there is nothing you can do with it, GA uses it to improve the GEO targeting. Will, from now on Google should do it without this little help.To be on the safe side,  turn on the IP Anonymization feature in Google Analytics.  If you use Tag Manager, adjust your tag or Google Analytics Settings variable by clicking into More Settings -> Fields to Set and then add a new field named ‘anonymizeIp’ with a value of ‘true’.

  3. Check you Identifiers collection (hashed Emails, User IDs)

    • User ID — It should be a number, make sure your unique ID doesn’t pass any meaningful data.
    • Transaction IDs — Technically, this is a pseudonymous identifier since when linked with another data source, it can lead to the identification of an individual. This ID should always be an alphanumeric database identifier.

    Under both GDPR and the Google Analytics Terms of Service, this appears to be an acceptable practice. But, this is where you are advised to ensure that your Privacy Policy is updated to reflect this data collection and purpose, as well as to gain explicit consent (via opt-in) from your users. In both cases, the language used needs to be clear (no technical or legal terms) and answer the questions of, “what data is collected?” and “how it will be used?”

  4. How GDPR is changing the privacy policy?

    The only change required is to explain the policy in a  clear, and understandable way. You can ask who defines “clear” and you are right. The best practice is to remember that end users are not lawyers (most of them). So it should be pretty easy for them to understand the following:

    • What information is being collected?
    • Who is collecting it?
    • How is it collected?
    • Why is it being collected?
    • How will it be used?
    • Who will it be shared with?
    • What will be the effect of this on the individuals concerned?
    • Is the intended use likely to cause individuals to object or complain?
  5. Let it go!  (Opt In/Out Capability)

    One of the big concerns is: where do I ask the user? As we don’t want to ruin UX, wat make it easy for both the company and the end user? The most common practice is to show an  overlay popup on the page that asks the user for permission and then once granted, the page either reloads or the Google Analytics scripts (and other marketing technologies) proceed to execute.



5 best background eraser tools online

Why does one need a background eraser? If you are an SMM or digital marketing specialist – you know that it always takes a lot of time to find a matching image. And usually when you do, it has some strange background you need to get rid of. It has been proven that a clear white background improves conversion rates and increases sales. Moreover, it even decreases the storage space required for images.

Fortunately, there are some free services that can help you with removing image backgrounds. Of course if you are a Photoshop guru, you will do it better and faster, but if not – you will probably find these background remover tools useful:

  1. Malabi  – Our choice. Simple, straightforward solution. Upload your image, click the button, enjoy your image without the background. Worked for us for 8 images out of 10. Pretty good.
  2. Clippingmagic – Similar technology, but less handy marking tool. That’s why it gets the second place. Worked for 7 images out for 10.
  3. Background burner – Has a nice feature that tries to guess the background and remove it without the marking tool, giving you 4 different versions of the formatted image.  The problem is that the tool worked for only 3 images out of 10. As a manual background eraser worked for only 5 images out of 10. 
  4. Autoclipping  – The tool has additional basic design tools such as adding text. So if you are in a hurry, it might be helpful. This tool doesn’t have automatic background recognition. 
  5. Photoscissors  – The best manual removal tool, but we want to work less, right? So it only made the cut at number 2 on our list. In any case, If you have a tricky image, you might want to try this one first.

If you take images by yourself (for your product collection or e-commerce site for example), here are some tips on how to take it, so it will be easier to remove the background:

  1. Make sure the object is in FOCUS
  2. Use a light filled image
  3. Use a clear and uncluttered background
  4. Make sure the object is in contrast to the background


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How to Buy the Right Wireless Video Camera

Wireless video camera is among the new technological innovations that are popular across the globe. It is easily available, and every other manufacturer claims to be making one. Though easy accessibility is a good thing, it can also be a problem. With so many options available, you may get confused about which ones you need to pick and the features you need.

Here is a list of things to remember if you want to get your hands on the right Wireless Video Camera:

  • Define Your Purpose: Whenever you are out in the market to buy a new product, be it a wireless camera or a mobile phone, you should first determine your purpose for buying your chosen product. You may need a wireless camera to add a layer of security, or you may need it to ensure that an event is live streamed perfectly. The features of the equipment would largely depend on this purpose. For instance, if you need the camera to boost home security, you may be after a camera that has a wider range, but if you are live streaming an event, you may want features like zero delay technology to avoid buffering.
  • The Complexity: Each product you buy these days comes with an instruction manual. The same is true for wireless cameras as well. If you are a novice who has never even held a digital camera, then you might want to buy an easy to use product that can be operated without the need to check with the manual too often. In contrast, if you are a pro, you might want to look for the most technologically advanced product.
  • Wi-Fi and Power Source: The speed of Wi-Fi connection in your home or business matters a lot with regard to a Wireless Video Camera. The higher the Wi-Fi speed, the higher the probability of a better video camera performance. It is also advised that a power source is present near the place where the camera is used most often, as wireless cameras must be wired to a power source.
  • Design, Recording Motion and Picture Quality: The design and color of the wireless camera must be sleek. It should not be too heavy as it might tire your arms if you need to hold it for a few hours. It is also recommended that you invest in a product that comes with recording motion, which means that quality is not dropped if someone walks across the screen. Finally, the picture quality should be HD, and it should be able to work well in low light situations as well.
  • Price and Installation: It is highly recommended that when you are purchasing a wireless video camera for the first time, you make sure that it can be installed easily or someone is around to help you. Failure to do so might lead to embarrassing situations like low-quality output. Consider your budget as a key to this purchase decision and buy a product that fits your budget. If you have no budget limitations, then go for products that will be advanced in the future, like products with zero delay technology to ensure that you don’t need to buy one after a couple of years with that feature just because you didn’t consider advancements in technology beforehand.


How to Buy the Right Wireless Video Camera
How to Buy the Right Wireless Video Camera: Define your purpose, complexity and price

Top Benefits of Vehicle to Vehicle Communication

Vehicle to Vehicle Communication is an excellent invention that allows vehicles on the road to interact with each other or the traffic infrastructure. This technology is gaining popularity at a rapid pace and a lot of research is being done in this sphere. If you want to know whether buying a vehicle with this technology is worth your dollars or not then here is the list of top benefits you can expect when you invest in this technology!

Pedestrian Safety

Is your biggest fear while driving a vehicle is that you will end up hurting an innocent pedestrian? Do you always worry that one wrong turn would have you ramming into a pedestrian who is just crossing the street while listening to music? If so, then you need to trust Vehicle to Vehicle Communication as this technology would let you know if your vehicle is getting too close to pedestrians. This technology also works when the pedestrians are hidden by other vehicles, road configuration, poor lighting or even weather conditions like fog or rainfall.

Your Safety

Vehicle to Vehicle Communication is an awesome solution for you if you fear being involved in an accident and losing your life or injuring yourself badly. This technology lets you keep a safe distance from vehicles, roadblocks, cyclists, pedestrians, sharp curves and any other thing that might lead to an accident. This technology reduces the chance of a human error and has a wider reach and better functionality as compared to even the most advanced sensors.

Best Routes

Who doesn’t want to reach their destination on time and quickly? Sure, we all do. Vehicle to Vehicle Communication makes it easier than ever before. It allows cars to communicate with other vehicles traffic lights, traffic management centers and road signs so that you can always know the best route from point A to destination B. This technology can also help you avoid red lights by suggesting the speed which will let you get the most amount of green lights.

Money Savings

Hundreds of thousands of people across the globe spend countless hours stuck in traffic especially when they are going to the office or returning from work. The time spent in sitting in the vehicle makes a person feel more tired and people rarely do something productive during this time. The time spent is quite useless and can cause losses to an economy because its human resources are losing productivity. When v2v technology is implemented, traffic congestion could be avoided as transport authorities will have access to real-time traffic data that ensures improved infrastructure planning and better road management. Traffic congestion also leads to more burning of expensive fuel which can also be avoided easily with v2v.

Fun Factor

Believe it or not, many people consider driving to be a chore and they often prefer public transport to avoid the stress of driving. V2v communication will take most of the stress out of driving and make it fun again. How? Assume that you don’t meet get stopped at a single traffic signal when you are going to the office. Won’t it make your mornings more pleasant? Similarly, when you don’t have to worry about leaving a party early because of visibility issues, you will be able to relax fully and enjoy it a bit more!

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6 Things You Can Relate to When Using a Live Streaming Solution to Steam a College Sports Event

Steaming a college sports event is not just about having some fun. It’s also about helping talented sports-oriented kids to get a chance to showcase their talent. When you are thinking of live streaming an event, you should use only the best live streaming device and the best service provider out there, but you should also prepare yourself for the big day. If you have streamed a college sports event in the past and still enjoy reminiscing about it then here’s a list of things you might be able to relate to!

  • You will Get Carried Away

The first thing that almost always happens is that you will get carried away and want to report every minor thing that’s happening in the game. You might also have personal opinions as a host and might share your preference for a player in the match. As personal preferences are not considered advisable, you might have to take some flak for it.

  • You will Need to Multitask

When using a reliable live streaming device and a good internet connection, you will still need to multitask and ensure that everyone can see the game. You might have to coordinate with parents who can’t see the game on HD or those who prefer SD to ensure maximum viewership. It will also be your responsibility to change the camera angle from time to time so that audience doesn’t miss any important aspect like a goal due to the bad camera angle.

  • You will (Almost) Always Have to Deal with a Glitch

No matter how much you test a device or how strong your internet connection is, there would always be a glitch that you will need to deal with by thinking quickly on your feet. A most common problem that is witnessed in live streaming a sports event is the server overload incidents. You can avoid them by using a dedicated server from the start.

  • You will Think of Better Things Later On

After the event is over, you will get to realize that there are a lot of better streaming solution options or devices that could have made the event a better success. You will also realize that the product you bought in haste was available for low prices somewhere else. To avoid such regret, you can do thorough research beforehand and get products/ services that offer the best value for money.

  • You will Get Mixed Feedback

The feedback of your first ever live stream of a college sports event would almost always be mixed. Some people will be flattered that you took the initiative to make the game popular while some will be critical about how you handled the entire thing. In such a situation, the best course of action is to avoid negative feedback and adopt constructive feedback.

  • You will Realize You Need More Help

Finally, you will realize that you need more hands on deck to make the event a success because it will enhance the quality of the stream. Viewers do like to watch the games from different angles, don’t they? Another benefit of hiring more people to lend you a hand would be that you will be able to delegate unimportant tasks and focus on the important ones.  


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How to Avoid Buffering During a Live Broadcast?‎

How to Avoid Buffering During a Live Broadcast?

Imagine you are finally watching the entire season of your favorite sitcoms with your besties on a weekend thanks to the live broadcast and suddenly the videos start buffering. Won’t you feel embarrassed and angry? We bet you would. So, you should learn to avoid such a situation by reading a few tips we mentioned right here.

Basics of Buffering

We are sure most of you know what buffering is or have experienced it but for the novices out there, buffering is constant restarting of a video and the persistent presence of a screen that reads “loading”. It happens for different reasons but the most common ones are a technical problem in the video service or poor internet connectivity. When the internet connection is good the speed of downloading the video would be faster than your speed of watching and there would be no buffering. But when the speed of downloading is too low as compared to the speed at which the video is progressing, buffering occurs. Buffering can be resolved in a few seconds or it can bore you for minutes, depending on the severity of the root cause.

How to Avoid Buffering

Get a Good Internet Connection: As stated before, in most cases, buffering occurs when your internet connection speed is too low and more time is required to download a video or transmit it live to your device. To solve this problem, you should analyze the internet speed offered by your current internet service provider and upgrade a plan if possible. If you can find a better internet package from another internet service provider, don’t hesitate to switch.

A few Users at a Time: If you know that the speed of your internet is not that good and you are using a Wi-Fi that’s shared by many members of your family, you should request them to stop using the internet when you are enjoying a particular show or a sports event. Another option is to live stream when you are alone at home so that you can watch your favorite TV show or sports event without any interruption.

Use the Right Accessory: Many people are not aware of the fact that sometimes making a small change can solve a big problem. The same rule applies to live broadcast or even live webcasting. If you think that your Wi-Fi is not working properly while the router is getting good internet speed then you should consider using an Ethernet cable or accessories which are especially designed for AV. It will help you in maintaining the speed of the router’s capabilities. Buy the accessory that has the best ratings to ensure that you don’t end up wasting your money or better yet, ask a tech geek for recommendations.

Distance Matters: No matter how much you pay for a Wi-Fi service, every device would have its restrictions. One of such restrictions is distance. When the Wi-Fi router is placed in one part of your home and you are working in another, you might get a lower speed. This problem can be solved simply by buying a new router with more range, shifting yourself near the Wi-Fi or moving the Wi-Fi to your room.

Keep Upgrading the Internet: To get the maximum out of your live webcasting and live broadcast experience, you should keep upgrading the internet plans as internet technology is growing at a fast pace and new internet speeds are tested and launched after every short while.

For more knowledge of Streaming device please follow the link