Car Connectivity and car to car communication technology

Car to Car Communication Technology

The days when people believed car connectivity was just a pipe dream is fast losing ground and the only challenge which is holding back the car to car communication technology is perhaps the cost of the connectivity. Manufacturers such as Autotalks have also considered the costs of the car to car communication technology and have devised methods to connect cars for free. A number of applications in a car can prove beneficial even with sporadic connectivity. These may include driver alerts, diagnostic services, recommendations of upcoming maintenance and more.

High-speed connectivity can be provided by external vehicle Wi-Fi to alert the driver of the tasks they may need to perform as mentioned above. The connectivity will be widely available when the vehicle is parked at home and within range of the access point of the home or even in the range of a public hotspot such as at a gas station, a drive-through restaurant ordering food, or when parking at a shopping mall.

The CRATON2 and section which is the second generation chipset from Autotalks can provide Wi-Fi 802.11 a/B/G/N/AC entirely free of charge. The Wi-Fi connectivity will be available regardless of whether the vehicle is stationary or moving even as it enables the concurrent DSRC connection for the latter. When operating concurrently with Wi-Fi the DSRC connection is entirely cyber secure.

Autotalks can offer several advantages with the Wi-Fi it has developed. The Wi-Fi is optimized for mobility and has a dual-band operation which supports both 2.4 GHz as well as 5 GHz. It also supports TX and optimal RX diversity for the dual antenna system. It can exist with DS RC by sustaining high interferences and minimizing any interferences it may create.

People looking forward to having a car to car communication technology but fearful about the costs of the technology will find it beneficial to use the technology developed by AutoTalks because it is available free of charge. They will certainly need to make a small investment in the technology and have it fitted in their vehicles. However, the second generation chipset developed by this company will make it possible for people to use Wi-Fi without having to spend more money simply to receive alerts.

As things move ahead and car connectivity becomes a necessity rather than an exception people will find the technology beneficial because governments in many countries are already making attempts to have the technology along with high-speed 5G Internet in all places to make it possible for vehicles to communicate with each other. It may still take some time for the governments to have the infrastructure in place but there is no reason why people cannot begin using the second generation chipset manufacturer by AutoTalks which is capable of providing them the free Wi-Fi they need for managing the small tasks which they often forget.

Having some technology in hand is better than having no technology at all. The time has arrived for people to believe car connectivity is indeed possible even in the present circumstances. The technology to make a beginning is certainly available and can be used by people even when they are not certain of the kind of connectivity available to them. They simply need to consider the car to car communication technology developed by AutoTalks and begin to use it even to receive recommendations for maintaining their vehicle and numerous other tasks. Vehicle owners need to look ahead and plan accordingly by using every means available to make their vehicles safe and capable of communicating with other vehicles because it is going to be a requirement in the near future.

Car to car communication technology

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