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OxyGeneo Treatment: Things You Need To Know

Technology has impacted skin care as much as it has influenced the other sectors. A dotting example of it is the OxyGeneo skin treatment. It helps in nourishing your skin from within with the help of physiological processes. The therapy puts carbon dioxide in the skin’s upper layer, which triggers the body to send oxygen to replace it. There are various devices that help in these procedures. One such instance of a tool is the OxyGeneo skin tightening machine. We will discuss some of the essential things related to the concerned skincare method to help you better understand.

How Does It Work?
The OxyGeneo facial treatment is not a single but a three-step process. It includes exfoliating the upper layer of the skin, infusing it with vital nutrients, and then oxygenating to bring forth the best from within. This procedure helps in making your complexion brighter, smoother, and more younger-looking. The cosmeticians involved in providing such treatments utilize cutting-edge technology and suitable professional facial products for all skin types.


Is OxyGeneo Right For You?
You might be wondering whether choosing a skin treatment as such will be wise on your part or not. Well, the concern is right on your behalf because if anything goes wrong with the facial, it can prove to be disastrous. You can opt for an OxyGeneo facial treatment to:

  • Rejuvenate your complexion
  • Treat your acne
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Oxygenate your skin naturally
  • Brighten up your complexion
  • Tighten your skin
  • Prepare it for an event on the same day or after because it yields instant and effective results.

In other words, the OxyGeneo treatment is an effective skincare procedure for people with all skin types. The best part about this three-step facial is that it does not demand any downtime and exhibits results almost immediately. Getting it done just before any significant event will help you slay the venue with your glowing looks.

How Does The OxyGeneo Facial Feel?
It is normal to be curious about how a facial treatment feels on the skin before trying it yourself. According to people who had undergone the OxyGeneo procedures, stated that it is not painful at all. They also expressed that it was so soothing that it felt the same as someone gently massaging the face. Several cosmeticians witnessed that many of their clients fell asleep during the procedure and had a refreshing and relaxing experience post the treatment.

Unlike several other facial processes, the exfoliation section was quite comforting. Also, the Oxygeneo treatment does not deploy any vacuum procedure.

What Are Its Benefits?
An OxyGeneo facial treatment can be quite beneficial for your skin. We have listed a few of the benefits below; let us take a look at them.

  • Exfoliation
    The concerned facial treatment exfoliates the skin’s upper layer to get away with dead cells. It then helps in skin renewal, which makes it ready to take in vital and active nutrients. Any skin type- dry, oily, dull, or with sensitivities is safe under this treatment.
  • Rejuvenation
    In this section of the facial treatment, your skin is thoroughly cleansed as active nutrients start getting in. you can choose the type of product to be used based on your skin’s needs and requirements. It helps in rejuvenating your skin and begins the process of making you look visibly younger.
  • Oxygenation
    This step kicks start the physiological process of the body. It sends carbon dioxide bubbles into the skin’s upper layer, which compels the body to send blood rich in oxygen to replace them. A process as such accelerates the absorption of the active ingredients discussed in the section above.
  • Ultrasound
    The OxyGeneo facial treatment utilizes ultrasound to repair and renew skin cells. It helps in accelerating the blood circulation underneath the skin, which keeps it hydrated. Doing so also makes the skin more active towards accepting skin products.

The detailed discussion above will paint a clear picture of the nitty and gritty of the Oxygeneo facial treatment. It will help you comprehend the skincare routine better, and you can determine why choosing it can be a wise decision. We hope we have helped you.


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6 Unique Ways in which Healthcare Professionals Use SMS Services

Several people are involved in the healthcare industry, and connecting with everyone gets really difficult at one point. Sometimes, you may require sending information across to different patients, and calling them one after the other is not possible. It also leads to wastage of a lot of time and resources. Considering that, it is said that SMS healthcare solutions are a great way for physicians, the administration department, etc. A single message can be sent across to all the concerned people for once and all. Well, if you wish to know the unique ways healthcare professionals use SMS services are:

  1. Notifying staffs 

When we talk about the healthcare sector, the benefits of SMS solutions are not limited to patients. Hospital staff also carry their phone with them, so if there is an urgent reminder about anything, you can remind them by sending a message. One more unique aspect of SMS is it has a high speed. It means getting an immediate response from everyone will not be at all difficult. Some examples where messaging solutions are used are maintenance schedules, emergency messages, shift changes, team member birthdays, etc.

  1. Appointment reminders 

The essential aspect is the messaging solutions for healthcare help in sending appointment reminders to the concerned person. As a result, even if the patient forgets or gets stuck in some work after getting the message, he will be happy. It’s because if you haven’t sent a message, he would not have come for the appointment. It helps in saving time for the professionals who will need to make a call otherwise. Sending the messages timely can reduce the drive for future appointments or no-shows.

  1. Alerts and news 

Suppose there is an outbreak in the community that people should be aware of. In this regard, you can send a message to your patients while listing the things they should avoid doing. Also, you can send a message giving the number where they should contact in an emergency. If there is any recent development that has taken place which your patients should know, you can inform them by sending a message. For example, the XYZ hospital is opening the Neurological department from 1st January 2021. It means if any of your patients require it, they can visit.

  1. Patients care

Apart from appointment reminders, patients will want to receive their report details on SMSs. A quick message stating that the details of the test report or saying that it is done and you can come and collect it can make a huge difference. For patients, it eliminates the need to wait for long hours in the queue or traveling unnecessarily.

Also, reminder messages on recurring appointments, prescription refills, or a discount offer on selected tests, etc., are some of the situations where an SMS solution is used. It helps the administration department to connect with all the patients instead of calling each one.

  1. Consider omnichannel messaging

Omnichannel messaging helps to take things ahead with call-to-action, more interaction, and richer communication. It also gives the patients to interact with healthcare providers quickly and collect the required information. It’s a powerful and preventative approach, and a single message can keep a patient’s health on top of mind.

  1. Including SMS on healthcare software

Not every healthcare unit needs to have an excellent IT department with developers. It is where the role of SMS solution will come into existence. Well, incorporating SMS solutions on healthcare software will help in the smooth working of the process while increasing the revenue model. An SMS solution can work wonders and can reduce human labor to a great extent. Not only that but also the unnecessary expenses can be eliminated.

In the end

Many healthcare units that incorporated SMS solutions have seen a huge change in the process. Also, the complaints they use to receive from patients regarding reminders in the delay of appointments due to a doctor’s busy schedules or an emergency has reduced. Alongside that, when patients receive a message stating an offer is going on blood or urine tests, they go for it. In short, it increases the revenue of the healthcare sector and also helps to work seamlessly. It is also an excellent module for internal communication, eliminating unnecessary confusion.

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Confronting Acne and Scars Using an Acne Scar Removal Machine

If you are dealing with a problem of acne scars would you consider using an acne scar removal machine to overcome the same? The chances are high that you may refrain from such a strategy. You could be fearful that an acne scar removal device will be difficult to use because you may not have the knowledge or the experience to remove the scars on your body appropriately. You could also be fearful of the investment you may need to make in the machine or even wonder what you will do with the device after the scars have disappeared.

Scars on the body are formed only after the skin is affected by an injury. Looking at the acne scars or revealing them to your friends and colleagues you may have received suggestions to use various remedies which are available as effective for the removal of acne scars. After receiving the suggestions, you may even have attempted to gather information on the Internet to understand whether you have an opportunity to overcome this problem.

You can find numerous remedies for acne that are being promoted by various manufacturers in pharmacies and supermarkets. Acne is a common problem affecting thousands or millions of Americans along with numerous others throughout the globe. Manufacturers of various merchandises are trying to promote their products at the most effective for dealing with this problem. At best, these remedies are simply cosmetics that can hide the acne scars from public view. They are unable to remove them or even reduce them and are only an attempt to draw you back to the outlet from where you made the initial purchase.

Alternatively, you may consider visiting salons in search of a remedy for the scars on your body. Here again, you will be dealing with a similar problem because salons can only generate revenue if they can tempt you to return over and over again. You may be promised effective results with the treatments they offer but in every likelihood will continue to remain disappointed with your appearance.

When scars are formed on your body needs to create fibrous tissue for covering the wound. The scar tissue comprises the same collagen protein and the tissue it replaces with the sole exception that the fiber composition of the protein is different in the scar. Normal tissues have collagen in a random basket weave formation which after an injury can cross-link to form a pronounced alignment in a single direction.

An acne scar removal machine is clinically proven as practical for reducing scars. A significant reduction in the appearance of the scars can be experienced in a safe, effective, and convenient procedure. The unique Voluderm and RFF resurfacing machine with TriFractional technologies have been validated as effective to improve the appearance of scars as well as the texture of the skin. The TriFractional technology is a fractional RF technology that ablates pinpoint size spots on the epidermis by penetrating 0.2 MM deep. The TriFractional technology is the best RF resurfacing technology which can deliver controlled ablation to the epidermis in a procedure with minimum pain or downtime. The tip which has been uniquely designed delivers radio-frequency through the pins to remove epidermal spots that are tiny. They can create micro-wounds to trigger the natural healing mechanism of the body to induce skin rejuvenation and texture improvement. You will not benefit from any treatments which are popularly offered over-the-counter in pharmacies or supermarkets because they are incapable of removing or reducing acne scars. On the contrary, you will witness faster improvement to the appearance of your skin if you prefer to use the acne scar removal machine as a solution to this problem.

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Providing Extensive Information on Sleep Apnea And Cardiology

Despite large numbers of people suffering from the problem of sleep apnea as well as cardiovascular conditions, most are unaware of the correlation between the two. People usually try to obtain information from individual websites which either provide information about sleep apnea or cardiology. Rather than adopt an approach which only provides partial information we would suggest that people visit the website of Itamar medical where they will come across a sleep apnea blog as well as a cardiology blog will certainly provide them all the information they need.

Itamar medical has introduced innovative technologies for diagnosing sleep apnea, and endothelial dysfunction and has introduced the WatchPat & EndoPat devices which have been proven not just convenient but also cost-effective for dealing with people who may be suffering from sleep apnea or cardiovascular conditions. Apart from introducing these innovative devices for the benefit of people Itamar medical has also considered it their responsibility to provide people with the information of how and why they should be caring for their health especially with sleep apnea and cardiovascular conditions. They have therefore published several blogs on both subjects on their website which can be accessed by everyone. The information is available free of charge for people of all ages who may be concerned with one of the conditions mentioned above.

Sleep apnea is not just a problem faced by adults because a large number of teenagers are also affected. Unless they get the condition diagnosed and obtain the treatment needed the likelihood of teenagers developing cardiovascular conditions remains high. Teenagers and their parents would in every likelihood ignore a referral to a sleep clinic for the diagnosis but would not mind getting diagnosed from the comfort of their own home with the help of the WatchPat device developed by Itamar medical.

Itamar medical has also introduced the inaugural issue of Itamar medical’s cardio sleep review which was created to help cardiologists and other healthcare professionals that are significantly observing the need to manage sleep apnea effectively is fast becoming critical to their practice and their patients. The cardiology blog is a clinical and practical resource which provides the latest news, reports, and insights on the crucial connection between sleep apnea and heart disease. It also provides an insight into how cardiology and EP practices throughout the globe are approaching it.

The sleep apnea blog also provides plenty of information for physicians, cardiologists, and electrophysiologists with information that nearly 780,000 people in the United States are suffering from heart attacks with around 480,000 suffering from repeat attacks. 20% of the numbers mentioned are succumbing to the problem of their heart condition. These numbers can be significantly reduced if people are provided information about how endothelial function can be detected at an early stage and treated effectively with the help of the non-invasive EndoPat device.

Apart from what is mentioned above, people can find information related to other conditions as well on the cardiology blog which provides them information that atherosclerosis is just a manifestation of a heart condition and not a problem by itself. People who are not aware of this information should consider visiting the website of Itamar medical for the kind of information they need because they will even be offered an opportunity to download a particular report for free if they feel it is essential for them. Downloading the information from the website will not harm people but will only educate them about the problems they can prepare for if they are dealing with the problem of sleep apnea and other heart conditions. The information provided is by some of the leading cardiologists that have developed the WatchPat & EndoPat devices and have introduced them to the market.

For more information contact Itamar Medical at:

Click For more on Watchpat

Sleep Apnea
Sleep Apnea
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Shed Unwanted Weight With Non-Invasive Body Contouring Equipment

Many people are debating about getting weight loss surgery despite being intimidated by the thought of going under the surgeon’s knife. They are also reluctant to visit a gym for the washboard abs the desire. Generally, they are utilizing methods that are not suitable for them when the matter of weight loss is concerned. In such conditions, it is recommended that people research for clinically proven technologies that can offer them safe and effective body contouring with the help of body contouring equipment which is effective to reduce the circumference of the body. The body contouring machine utilizes a noninvasive technique to ensure people do not have to fear the surgeon’s knife or downtime in a clinic or hospital simply because they preferred to shed some unwanted pounds.

Many people are facing a challenge to remove a few inches from their bodies because it makes them look unsightly. They are affected by the extra inches because of their lifestyle, genetics, age, and other factors that normally affect people. They find it difficult to eliminate the unwanted fat on their body despite being informed that a healthy diet and exercise can prove effective. People who adopt these methods as well report that having a healthy diet and exercising does not target specific areas of the body. Therefore they are left with no options but to either choose over-the-counter remedies or go under the surgeon’s knife as a last resort.

The market for weight loss products is huge and manufacturers from throughout the globe are marketing products that they claim are effective in helping to shed unwanted pounds. The marketing tactics they adopt are powerful and far-reaching to convince people that they have the best and the most effective treatment for managing the problem of additional pounds on the body. Unfortunately, people fall for these products without conducting research or trying to understand whether the manufacturers are making authentic statements. Many manufacturers of such products are successful at getting away with such tactics because the FDA is not governing the weight loss industry making it easier for them to claim everything on this planet without the fear of any repercussions.

Technological advances have ensured that clinically proven noninvasive, effective, and painless solutions for targeted circumference reduction are presently available from companies like Pollogen. The body contouring equipment from Pollogen can safely and effectively contour the body by using TriPollar and DMA technologies. The effects of the treatment are visible instantly and an entire course of treatments is certain to deliver long-term measurable results.

The treatments for circumference reduction can be used on the skin in a convenient walk in and walk out procedure that will not affect their daily routine of people. This simply indicates that people who are willing to research properly can find the treatments needed to shed unwanted pounds from companies that are promoting the body contouring machine to overcome the challenges of extra weight on the body.

The TriPollar radiofrequency technology is an innovative third-generation technology designed for overcoming the limitations of the earlier monopolar and bipolar technologies. This technology is clinically and histopathologically proven to simultaneously heat the superficial and deep layers when treating the body and the face. The targeted TriPollar radiofrequency because of its high density enables the use of low energy to provide immediate and long-lasting results which will give people the benefit of observing tighter and smoother skin. Treatments for shedding weight with the body contouring equipment must be preferred by people that are reluctant or are unable to obtain therapies of other varieties.

body contouring equipment
Body contouring equipment
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Wireless Medical Video Technology During Surgery – My Review


The world of healthcare is changing with the advancements in technology and there is no doubt that it is becoming better day by day. Thanks to technology, saving lives has become easier than ever before and medical professionals are also dealing with less strain. One of the technological innovations that are helping medical facilities all across the world is the ability of medical professionals to live stream surgery and save more lives. To know more about this marvelous innovation, simply scroll down.
Making OTs More Efficient
One of the biggest benefits of using a wireless medical video is that it makes operation more efficient. When a surgery is going on, everyone including the junior residents and nurses can see what’s going on in a surgery and learn from it. They can also see which mistakes to avoid while doing a surgery and ensure that they don’t harm another patients live in the future.
A Cost-Effective Solution
Rising costs of healthcare is a burning issue across the globe. Wireless medical videos can help in cutting down unnecessary costs like costs of travel by allowing medical professionals and students to observe a surgery from the comfort of their home. Similarly, it makes communication between different surgeons easy and allows them to collaborate even if they are in different states or nations.
Easy Access to Expertise
How often it happens that a patient has to wait for days to undergo a surgery just because a doctor is not in the country or a doctor cannot travel due to any reasons. With wireless videos, such problem is resolved as the expertise of a seasoned surgeon can be rendered easily and the veteran can see the surgery live and guide the surgeons in the operation to do it right.
Easy to Use and Worth It
If you decide to live stream surgery today, you can set it up within hours and ensure that the surgery goes smoothly the very same day. The task of buying and setting up equipment that makes streaming possible is quite easy and can be done by even a novice. The quality of the stream is superior to any traditional methods like smartphone videos and the equipment is also very lightweight.
Safe and Error Free
Imagine that a surgery is being live streamed, a veteran is virtually spearheading it and the streaming equipment shuts down. Sounds horrible, right? But this is not the case when you use the right equipment that not only runs seamlessly for hours but also prevents hacking attempts to ensure patient’s safety and security. Below you can know how to pick the right equipment.
How to Select the Right Equipment?
You can invest in an equipment that can create Full HD video (1080p) and supports 3D formats for better quality videos.
It is also an excellent idea to choose equipment that supports HD and SPDIF audio to ensure crystal clear sound.
Multi-room coverage is also worth the investment as it makes the entire process more efficient.
If portable devices have low power consumption modes, it will save money on power bills.
Latency should be less than 1 milliseconds, color depth should be up to 30 bits and it should have extended 5GHz bandwidth to ensure you get your money’s worth.

For medical manufacturing companies I highly recommend to visit this website:

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Medical companies


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Detecting Sleep Apnea With PAT Signal

The Peripheral Arterial Tone or PAT signal is referred to as a non-invasive measure of detecting changes in pulsatile arterial volume at the fingertip. This proprietary technology is leveraged to determine respiratory events.

By assessing patterns, the algorithm offers two indices that are used in identifying the stage of sleep apnea, Respiratory Disturbance Index (RDI), and Apnea-Hypopnea Index (AHI). Fingertips are used to measure by recording changes in the volume finger arterial pulsatile.

Peripheral Arterial Tone Signal and Detection of Sleep Apnea

The events of sleep-disordered breathing are linked with a rise in blood pressure, heart rate, and sympathetic activation. This amelioration in sympathetic activation causes peripheral vasoconstriction.

PAT signal measures the volume of changes in the arterial pulse from the finger, resulting from vasomotion. The algorithm analyses the signals with the oximetry and pulse rate to precisely detect the sleep apnea indices.

The fingertip biosensors assert a constant sub-diastolic pressure, this probing in the fingertips relieves tension in the arterial wall. This further generates a higher dynamic range of PAT signal, protecting the distal venous blood pool and the biosensors from releasing.

Subsequently, a blood pressure cuff is placed on the non-dominant hand of the patients. The measurement from the contralateral arm is also taken to control the non-endothelial dependent alteration in the vascular tone.

When the cuff is tightened, it generates a downstream hyperemic response, resulting in a five minutes arterial occlusion. And after the cuff is removed, the sudden flow of blood results in an endothelium-based Flow Mediated Dilatation. This is marked by a rise in the amplitude of the PAT signal. And the fluctuations are collected and assessed by the Endothelial System.

The data collected by the PAT signal is gathered and then assessed by leveraging the digital signal processing algorithm. The results of the analysis are presented in a simplified format for the physician.

Categories of Peripheral Arterial Tone Signal
2.1 or Over
This level is also known as Green level PAT. It is a low reading that signifies a lower risk of heart disease. The endothelium is working properly, providing optimum protection, and maintaining a healthy heart.

Between 1.68 and 2
This is a moderate level of reading, which suggests that patients need some lifestyle changes. The endothelial function is normal, and there are no health risks. However, it is important to take preventive steps in order to avoid endothelial dysfunction.

Making necessary changes in lifestyle like managing stress, lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol, quitting smoking, losing weight, etc. are recommended.

1.67 or Lower
PAT signal standing at 1.67 or lower is an indication of immediate medical attention. This level is also known as the RED level PAT.

The endothelial system offers a distinctive window into the cardiovascular system through non-invasive methods. It is performed quickly in a clinical setting and offers reproducible diagnostic data.

Sleep Apnea
It is a common disorder in which patients experience irregular breathing. There are two types of sleep apnea that include –

  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea – It happens when your throat muscles present at the back tend to relax. They are responsible for supporting the soft palate, the sidewalls of the throat, the tongue, and the tonsils. So when these muscles loosen up, the airway is narrowed and blocked while breathing it. This restricts the airflow, lowering the oxygen level in the body.
  • Central Sleep Apnea – This type of apnea occurs when then the brain is unable to transmit signals to the breathing muscles. This implies that you are unable to make an effort to breathe for a short time span. You might wake from sleep due to shortness of breath or having difficulty falling or staying asleep.


Final Thoughts
Sleep apnea is a serious medical condition and comes with major complications that include daytime fatigue, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, complications in surgeries or medications, etc.

If you experience any symptoms of sleep apnea, it is important to get yourself checked timely. The doctors use advanced technology to determine whether or not you have sleep apnea, and if yes, which stage you are in.

PAT signal is one such technology that you used by doctors to determine the level of sleep apnea. The diagnostic data provided by it used to further plan the treatment.\

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Cardio Sleep Solutions Company Review

Among the numerous home sleep study companies which have been established throughout the world, Itamar medical is a company for medical devices which was founded in 1997. The company was founded by a group of renowned cardiologists along with sleep medicine Associates. The company is listed on the Tel Aviv Stock exchange from 2007 and is focusing on leading the integration of the management of sleep apnea into the pathway of cardiac patient care. In this article, we are providing cardio sleep solutions company review and discussing Itamar medical which has its corporate headquarters, research and development and manufacturing facilities in Israel. The company is marketing its services and supporting the products it markets throughout the globe.

Itamar medical has subsidiaries which are fully owned in the United States, and Japan apart from distribution channels throughout the world. The concept of cardio sleep solutions is registered as apnea monitor manufacturers. The core strategies of Itamar medical include: The development, manufacture, and sale of the WatchPat which is a diagnostic product line of home sleep apnea monitors and is based on the proprietary Pat signal which has been proved as a simple, reliable, comprehensive and scalable alternative to air flow because it enables versatility at the point of deployment. They also offer Total Sleep Solutions Via the WatchPat Sleep Apnea Monitor which can be used from home. This offering includes partnerships, field support organization, apart from the core and supporting technologies which are enabling all physicians in general Care and cardiologists specifically to provide a seamless and full continuum of care to patients suffering from sleep apnea as a part of the care pathway. Sleep apnea management is increasingly becoming a critical requirement for the practice of cardiologists and their patients apart from other healthcare professionals because sleep apnea has the potential to give rise to cardiac problems.

Itamar medical by collaborating with leading sleep physicians and partners in the industry has pioneered a revolutionary model of care which was developed for the integration of sleep apnea management into the care pathway of cardiac patients. The total sleep solutions offered by the company expands the reach of sleep services by providing point-of-care variability, a scalable model for management for large numbers of patients while also reducing waiting times and overall costs. It offers an optimized IT system along with human field resources for supporting the vast pool of cardiac patients that are underdiagnosed and suffering from the comorbidity of sleep apnea. The total sleep solutions have simplified patient access to be treated for the problem of sleep apnea. It has also improved patient flow management while optimizing therapy and compliance from the patients. Itamar medical has a mission to improve the care of cardiac patients with the integration of innovative and clinically efficient solutions for sleep apnea management in order to care for the patients continuously without needing them to spend huge sums of money.

The vision of Itamar medical is to be a world leader which provides comprehensive sleep solutions for cardiac patients. The company has over the past few years develop partnerships with strategic marketing agreements for its products with companies like Medtronic As Well As DeVilbiss In the US And Phillips Respironics In Japan. Itamar medical does have partnerships with major companies but can in no way be termed as Itamar medical daughter company of any of the partners they have signed agreements with. Itamar medical is a market leader which is involved in the development, manufacture, and sale of sleep solutions which are increasingly being sought after by physicians, cardiologists as well as patients in order to overcome problems with sleep apnea and prevent cardiac issues at an affordable cost.

Sleep study
Sleep study


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The Benefits of the WatchPat Home Sleep Apnea Diagnostic Device

Conducting a sleep apnea diagnosis at home was unheard of earlier when people suffering from the problem of sleep apnea had to visit clinics which had been established for the testing. People also encountered various difficulties when undergoing the tests because the CPAP machine being used was intrusive and caused discomfort to the patient. People also had to spend huge amounts of money on the tests and wait for a considerable period of time before they could obtain the results and begin treatment for the condition of sleep apnea. Things changed dramatically after WatchPat was introduced as a wrist-mounted device which was cleared by the FDA for the diagnosis of sleep apnea disorders.

The WatchPat device allowed patients to be tested from the comfort of their home. This was perhaps the primary benefit of this device as it did not require patients to travel long distances and wait for a considerable period before they could even understand whether they were suffering from sleep apnea disorders. WatchPat has received clinical validation against the gold standard polysomnography with a verified correlation as high as 90% to PSG. The tests being conducted by using WatchPat have been recommended by the leading cardiologists in the USA and include notable personalities such as Prof. David Vorchheimer and Dr. Larry Chinitz as a convenient device for home sleep monitoring for the diagnosis of sleep apnea from home. 

The innovative use of technology has ensured that WatchPat can offer unparalleled performance, satisfaction, and reliability both for healthcare professionals and patients. Among other methods of testing for sleep apnea, WatchPat is the easiest device which can be used for the home sleep apnea diagnosis. It is as simple as wearing a wristwatch with no requirements of wires or nasal cannulas like the traditional machines. The simple usage of the device leads to a minimal rate of failure and outstanding compliance.

 WatchPat is a cost-effective device which needs minimal preparation, cleaning, or handling before and after being used by the patient leading to man-hours being saved. Even better is the fact that the device generates automated reports within minutes to increase the efficiencies of the workforce and make it possible for the clinicians to recommend treatment at the earliest. 

WatchPat is the sole HST [non-EEG] device which can measure true sleep time rather than simply consider the total recording time to provide sleep architecture which is comprehensive. The peripheral arterial tone [PAT] is used by WatchPat for functioning. Arterial volume changes at the fingertip are measured by PAT to reflect the sympathetic nervous system activation. 

WatchPat is the only device which is simple, accurate, fast and reliable and is being used throughout the globe for conducting sleep apnea diagnosis especially for patients that are reluctant to get themselves diagnosed because of the difficulties they face when opting for the in-lab sleep test. WatchPat has not only been cleared by the FDA but has also received a number of recommendations from leading cardiologists who are all confirmed the veracity of this device in providing accurate results which can improve the quality of life of patients with cardiovascular problems. The lightweight structure of WatchPat makes it a sleep apnea device which is convenient for use both by clinicians and patients not just for the diagnosis of sleep apnea but also to provide early and efficient treatment to the patients. This device has taken away the concerns of visiting clinics for the testing of sleep apnea along with the costs which were associated for patients that often preferred to ignore the advice of their cardiologists and preferred to suffer from the problem of sleep apnea. 

Sleep Apnea Diagnosis At Home
Sleep Apnea Diagnosis At Home


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Everything You Need to Know about Medical Grade Power Supply


The medical industry has evolved exponentially over the years. Owing to technological advancements, more devices are being used, which has significantly increased the requirement for power. According to a report, there are over 500,000 products being used in the medical technology landscape.

And a majority of these products need a consistent power supply in order to operate. The medical-grade power supply is different from the commercial power supply with regards to the standards that govern the former. In this blog, we will tell you everything that you need to know about the medical grade power supply.

Areas Where Medical Grade Power Supplies are Used Most

Every corner of a medical facility today is integrated with some sort of equipment that requires a power supply to serve its intended purpose. While some are used on patients, others work to facilitate different aspects of the healthcare centers. Some of the common medical equipment that requires power supply includes –

  • Patient monitor
  • Computed tomography
  • Electroencephalography
  • Ultrasounds
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Heart-lung machine
  • DNA sequencers
  • Positron Emission Tomography (PET)
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • X-Ray
  • Diagnostic tools

Patients come in direct contact with a lot of medical equipment for various purposes. And if the power supply malfunctions, it could impact the patients quite adversely. Therefore, it is imperative for the healthcare center to put special emphasis on ensuring consistent and safe medical grade power supply.

What are the Standards for Medical Grade Power Supply?

IEC 60601-1 standard is a benchmark for medical power supply requirements. The standards within it continue to get modified depending on the country. Currently, everyone adheres to the fourth edition of this standard, which encompasses new guidelines regarding different aspects and risk management.

What are the Vital Characteristics of Medical Grade Power Supply?

Different components together form a quality medical grade power supply. And below are some of the important characteristics that you should look into while considering a medical-grade power supply –

Optimum Reliability

When it comes to medical equipment, peoples’ lives are at stake. Power supply malfunctions in a healthcare facility can result in severe damages to the patients. Their reliability is an imperative factor to consider while looking for a medical-grade power supply. The power supplies should be certified by the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) in order to ensure that they function as per the expected standards.

EMI Filter

Many commonly used medical devices leverage low-level signals to function. The dependence on such signals makes these devices more vulnerable to electromagnetic interference (EMI). Evidently, you should opt for power supplies that come with electromagnetic compatibility as these will allow leakage of current to ensure the devices continue to operate effectively.

Lower Amount of Leakage

Patients in hospitals have lower immunity, and if there is higher leakage in current, it may impact the health of the patients. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that you choose low leakage power supplies. Requirements for medical power supply leakage are mentioned in the IEC 60601 standards in order to protect the patients from harmful current leakage.

Higher Insulation

Commercial power supplies are not designed to be directly connected to the human body; therefore, they lack safety. Medical grade power supplies are manufactured with extra insulations in different points in order to protect the patients and the operator from electrical shock.

Lower Form Factor

In order to cater to the complex requirements of the medical environment, equipment is getting smaller in size. This makes medical devices more portable and versatile. With smaller equipment, the manufacturer has to put more effort into integrating higher output; therefore, they are typically more expensive. So if you are choosing smaller medical equipment, make sure you rely on the best option so that you do not have to compromise on power, size, or price.

Final Thoughts

Medical grade power supplies need to be reliable, safe, energy-efficient, and portable. The best way to ensure that you obtain all these qualities is to find a manufacturer who has strong reputations and has been working in the industry for many years. While the budget is an important factor, you cannot solely rely on money while buying this equipment. The safety of the entire healthcare facility should be the paramount factor to consider when investing in a medical-grade power supply.

Medical Power Supply