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Home Sleep Solutions: All You Need to Know

Are you having trouble sleeping? Is gasping or irregular breathing interrupting your sound sleep? Is your snoring disrupting you and your family’s sleep? You may be suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. Any kind of sleep disorder can cause a deficiency of sleep. Inadequate sleep may victimize you to lethal diseases like obesity, heart strokes, reduced metabolism, and irregular blood sugar levels etc. A night of sufficient sleep helps to function regularly, enhance the ability of concentration, elevates mood memory and brain functions.

Obstructive sleep apnea is a condition in which during sleep the throat muscles relax narrowing or closing the airways. This lowers the oxygen level in blood. The breathing stops causing you to snort, gasp or snore. If you have symptoms like fatigues, all day sleepiness, high blood pressure, snoring and BMI over 35 you may need sleep help.

The sleep tests will help the physician evaluate the sleeping parameters and provide authentic solutions.
With the advance in technology, sleep study kits can be procured at home. One can conveniently avoid unfamiliar visits to sleep study labs. There are home sleep study companies that provide a one-stop solution to all sleep-related issues.

How does a home sleep test work?
The home sleep companies can comfortably send the sleeping device equipment at home with certain instructions. However, a professional prescription is prerequisite. The portable monitor is small and lightweight. For the calculations accurate placement is necessary. The belt should be tied around the midsection, the sensor clip should be attached to the finger and the nasal canal must be fixed under the nose.

What does the Sleeping Device Measure?
The home sleep test aims to gather this information

  • Oxygen Saturation level
  • The airflow and
  • Respiratory effort
  • Heart rate
  • Movements in the chest and abdomen
  • It also records the time spent in snoring

Nevertheless, the sleep test in the lab assesses brain waves and eye movements, position and limb movements. So a home test is useful to estimate sleep apnea but is not effective for all sleep disorders. The home sleep study companies may even give free first consultation to help you figure out the sleeping problem.

Benefits of Home Sleep Tests
Work from home, consultation from home, shop from home has become the new normal. Hence home sleep study to diagnose sleeping patterns is no big deal

  • Small Commitment
    The equipment is used for just one night. It is administered by the patient. The price is much lower compared to night study labs. It is practically a third or fifth of the cost of sleep labs. The value of a home sleep test is usually covered by insurance companies.
  • Convenient
    The home surrounding gives a congenial environment. One may have a regular relaxed sleep for testing. The new atmosphere of the study lab can make someone paranoid as well. It is also beneficial for elderly and home-bound patients. However, the patient should make sure that the device is functioning without any interruptions.
  • Accuracy
    The sensor technology gives accurate readings which are reviewed later by the specialist for treatments. The device gives reliable screening compared to PSG. Automatic results compared to manual scoring gave the following rates.
  • Sensitivity: 87%
  • Specificity: 95%
  • Positive likelihood ratio: 17 : 0
  • Negative likelihood ratio: 0: 14

The home test is not suitable for every candidate. Some patients may have pre-existing conditions like lung and heart disease, neurological disorders, parasomnias, restless leg syndrome. The home device cannot validate results for patients with such conditions.
The home sleep study companies have the solution for various disorders and clinical experts of sleeping patterns.

Thus overnight sleep studies give a good examination of sleep assessment. Obstructive sleep apnea may lead to heart failures. The reasons that cause the apnea are excess weight, smoking, nasal congestion, being older, use of alcohol, tranquilizers and family history. It is more likely to affect males and people with thicker neck circumference. It is crucial to improve sleep for overall well-being especially when the testing device can be brought home. The home sleep study companies are gaining a lot of importance because of their amazing results.


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Sleep Solutions Technology

Sleep Testing And Why Is It Important

Everyone must sleep for at least seven to eight hours a day. If that gets cut short, you might start developing health issues. Sleep testing is a procedure where a device will be used to determine your sleep patterns. The information you get from the device will help physicians get an idea if you have any issues. The home sleep testing company has a versatile device through which you can measure your sleep partners. If you are not sure why to go ahead with sleep testing, here is its importance.

Presence of oxygen level in the body
The sleep study will give you an idea of the presence of oxygen levels in the body. If you are not sleeping appropriately, the oxygen intake required for your body will go down. As a result, you will start developing heart diseases or any other issues. But it can be stopped if you get the test done at the right time.

Breathing issues
Sleep disorder issues can lead to breathing issues if it is not cured. But initially, you may not find it difficult until it is severe. For that, if you go for a sleep study, the results will indicate your condition. Breathing issues have become one of the serious problems across the world. Well, the reasons can be different, but if it is because of sleep disorder, you can know after the results come.

Heart rate
If you wish to know about your heart rate, you can get to know after performing the tests. The test is simple and you can do it at your home. You need to just install the app and place the device on your body. With the help of three touchpoints, you can collect all the details. After that, get a print, and you can check how your heart rate is.

A comprehensive report
The study offers a comprehensive report so the physician can easily determine what problems you are facing. With that, you can get the right treatment, which will help you recover soon. The device is reliable and accurately detects sleep apnea.

No discomfort
As you can use the device at home, you do not need to visit a clinic. Also, you will not face any issues while using the device while sleeping. But if you get a treatment done in a clinic, it will take a lot of time. In-home apnea devices, the results are also accurate.

No delay in the reports
In this device, within minutes, you can get reports but in lab tests, you must wait for two weeks. In short, doing the test with a proper device at home will help you start getting treated soon. With that, it becomes easier for you to be on the safer side instead of developing any health issue.

Inexpensive product
The best part is you can get the product at a reasonable price. With that, you will not feel like you are spending more, and it is a one-time device. It means there is no chance of infection being spread. You also do not have the stress to be conscious all the time to see if it is working. The most important thing that you should remember is your phone should be kept on a charge.

Highly preferred device
It is said that the device is highly preferred by physicians and cardiologists. With that, they can quickly provide the necessary solution and give a better life to the patients. The simplicity and the cost-effectiveness of the device have made the product popular and efficient to be used.

Wrapping up
The need to come out of sleep disorder is it allows you to lead a better life. With that, you can decrease mental performance and sleep for a sufficient amount of time so that you feel better. It will have a positive impact on your mood, and you can work efficiently for more hours. It reduces high blood pressure and heart diseases and increases your immunity level. It cannot repair cells and develop your body in a way that you can fight various diseases. That’s why; you should consider getting the treatment done at least once. It will help you to stay healthy.

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7 Facts About At Home Sleep Apnea Test

If you wake up tired every morning and witness chronic headaches right after you leave the bed, you can blame obstructive sleep apnea. This sleeping disorder happens when your breathing is interrupted while you are asleep.

While sleeping, your muscles tend to relax along with chest and throat muscles. When you have sleep apnea, this relaxation of muscles is combined with an interrupted airway.

If you have been suffering from these issues for a long time, you can visit your physician and get yourself tested for sleep apnea. However, you can consider an at-home sleep apnea test that is a cost effective approach to detect whether you have sleep apnea.

What is a Home Sleep Apnea Test?

A home sleep apnea test is a self-diagnosis process where you need to monitor your breathing, breathing effort, and oxygen levels.

You need to get a breathing monitor that helps in tracking your overnight breathing and sleep frequency. With overnight sleep studies, you can get a clear idea regarding your sleep issues.

It is important to note that people suffering from heart or other neuromuscular problems must take an overnight sleep study under expert supervision.

A Few Facts About At Home Sleep Apnea Test

Before taking the home sleep apnea test, you need to be aware of plenty of things.

#1 Monitors Breathing And Not Sleep

The first thing you need to be clear about is that this test only evaluates your breathing, not your sleep. It won’t help in analyzing the depth of tour sleep. Instead, this test will measure the absence and issues of your breathing and how much effort you have to make for it.

#2 A Doctor’s Prescription Is Needed

When you hear the term home sleep apnea test, things seem pretty simple. But, you can’t take this test at home without having a prescription from your doctor. It is not like the regular over-the-counter test that you can get from a chemist. Your physician or sleep technologist must prescribe it for you.

#3 Sensors Detect Breathing Pattern

The breathing monitor creates breathing patterns with the help of sensors. A small probe is attached to your finger to gauge the oxygen levels. A mask with tubes is inserted into your nostrils to sense the breathing patterns. There are some other sensors attached to your chest and abdomen to gauge the variations in your breathing.

#4 Cost-Effective Approach

Most of the at-home sleep apnea tests are used for a single night. Compared to tests at a clinic, these test kits are more cost-effective. To be precise, it is only two-thirds of the test cost at a lab. Also, you can cover the at-home sleep apnea test in your insurance as well.

#5 Convenient Option 

One of the major highlights of a sleep apnea test is that you can take it in the comforts of your home. You don’t need to visit clinics every now and then. With this test, you can get accurate results without going out of your comfort zone. When you sleep in your own surroundings, the results will be highly accurate.

#6 Not A Complete Diagnosis

Before you take the test, it is important to understand that it is not a final diagnosis. Once you take the test, your results will be reviewed by your physician or sleep technologist. If your symptoms are still visible, they might suggest an in-lab study as well for a better diagnosis.

#7 Might Be Other Sleep Issues

Not all sleep issues are formed from breathing problems. Even after the test, it cannot be concluded that you have sleep apnea due to your breathing issue. If the results are normal, and you still witness symptoms, it would be helpful to seek advanced medical help that can help in detecting the actual cause.

The Bottom Line

Sleep apnea is a chronic sleeping disorder that can affect your breathing pattern and interrupt the airway. With a home sleep apnea test, you can easily detect whether you have sleep apnea or not. The above mentioned were some of the important facts you need to know about this disorder before taking the test. You must not rely on the results completely and always seek medical advice.

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The Sleep study device – Popular Tool Among Cardiologists

Cardiologists have always shown enthusiasm for adopting telemedicine applications and tools which are home-based. One of the earliest methods of telehealth to gather data on the heart rhythms of patients with cardiac issues was the Holter monitor. It was used for a lengthy period of time from the homes of patients until cardiologists become accustomed to monitoring their patients remotely with the help of cardiac devices which could be implanted such as pacemakers and defibrillators that are capable of regularly collecting and transmitting information back to the clinicians along with their main objectives of keeping the heart functioning. Besides the popularity of telemedicine for patients with cardiac issues lies the increasing awareness of the connection between sleep apnea and conditions of the heart. With concern increasing for the consequences of sleep apnea on the cardiovascular risk of patients and the progress of cardiac diseases it became necessary for cardiologists to include a sleep study device in their arsenal at the latest mobile tool.

Sleep study device
Sleep study device

The Drawbacks Facing In-Lab Sleep Testing

Comprehensive sleep tests which were conducted earlier within the labs to diagnose sleep disorders began at the Stanford University in 1970. Presently over 2500 sleep centers are recognized by the American Academy of sleep medicine and authorized to conduct sleep testing. However, the tests conducted within the labs have certain drawbacks.

They are uncomfortable because of numerous intrusive tubes which put the patients of the experience.

The sleep tests are expensive and cost thousands of dollars even when part of the expenditure is covered by the insurance coverage of the patient. The high cost encourages patients to delay the testing indefinitely.

Time-consuming. The waiting time for a sleep study extends from a couple of weeks to several months and the results can only be prepared in another couple of weeks. Cardiac patients find this to be a time-consuming procedure especially when they are scheduled for ablation or an accelerated deterioration of their condition.

Patients with characteristic cardiac conditions are generally concerned and preoccupied with the difficulty and the discomfort which they experience. It would be difficult to ask them to add different cumbersome and extra heavy in lab tests because they can drive many of the patients away and encourage them to skip the referral or even delay it for the future.

The Introduction of The Sleep Study Monitor

It was in December 2007 that the American Academy of sleep medicine published the guidelines for the use of unattended sleep study monitors and a sleep study device to determine the condition of obstructive sleep apnea in adults. By March 2008 the shift for using the sleep study monitor from home received a boost when the CMS released its decision to modify the national coverage determination policy 240.4 for the coverage of CPAP for adults that were suffering from obstructive sleep apnea.

In March 2017 and after the recent advances in technology the AASM revised its guidelines to accept home sleep tests with the help of sleep study monitors which were capable of determining the Peripheral arterial tonometry [PAT]. They also determined that it was adequate even for the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea in patients. Presently WatchPat is the premier device for sleep apnea diagnosis on the market which is utilizing the unique PAT technology.


The Benefits of Conducting A Sleep Study At Home Using A Sleep Study Device:

More insurance carriers are approving the use of a sleep study monitor from home as the first line of diagnosis for people who are suffering from OSA.

The tests are proving inexpensive to the patient’s who do not even have to pay the deductible.

The sleep study monitor subjects the patient to less stress because it can be conducted from the comfort of the home.

This test is comfortable and less intrusive than any lab test.

The patient does not have to waste a lot of time traveling and undergoing various preparations in a sleep clinic.

Moreover, WatchPat is also an ideal solution for cardiologists because they can focus on improving the patient’s health-related outcome as well as conducting a speedy diagnosis while offering treatment for sleep apnea without delays.

WatchPat the sleep study device which is currently being recommended is proving to be an advantage not just for the patients suffering from sleep apnea but also for cardiologists who are able to improve the efficiency of their workforce by reducing the time taken when attending to patients.

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