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Live Streaming Equipment Setup – The Perfect Guide

Live streaming is defined as broadcasting of live videos to an extensive audience across the internet.  Contrary to pre-recorded videos that can be edited, live streaming is as the name suggests- live and unfiltered. Whether you are a content creator, artist, entrepreneur, or influencer, the right web streaming equipment can help you get your message across to your target audience in an engaging and creative manner. In this article, we will be highlighting what all you need to get an efficient web streaming equipment set-up

  • Video Camera

A video camera is the primary requirement of live streaming video equipment. There are different types of live streaming cameras available in the market with unique features and specifications. There are entry-level video cameras that are affordable and lightweight. However, for good video quality, you need to have ideal lighting condition.

Moreover, they also lack manual control and feature only standard connectivity. Then there are mid-range video cameras that offer decent quality and come with the standard option of HDMI. Lastly, you have professional video cameras that come with pro-connectors such as SDI and XLR. They offer high-resolution sensors, providing high-quality images and videos even in poor lighting condition.

  • The Right Encoder 

The next web streaming equipment is the encoder. There are two forms of encoders – hardware and software. For a professional application, it is better to opt for hardware encoder. This is because they are capable of supporting various sources. They are long-lasting so that you can enjoy uninterrupted streaming 24/7. Some of the advanced hardware encoders use LAN and Wi-fi connection so that you can stream from even remote locations.

Software encoders are typically used by beginners, and it runs on laptop or desktop computer. You need to pair the software with a connectivity option like capture card on your video camera to the computer.

  • Audio Equipment 

It is extremely crucial to have high-quality audio equipment as it tends to be more important than video quality. As long as you have high-quality audio, you might be able to get away with slight video stuttering. Following are the types of audio web streaming equipment – low-medium quality, medium-high quality, and professional quality.

A basic lavalier 3.5mm mic can significantly improve the quality of the integrated microphone on a normal video camera. You can also opt for a 3.5mm microphone to get high-quality audio. However, if you are looking for best audio quality, then you should invest in XLR microphone. These are used by professionals and known for their durability and quality.

  • Mixing Equipment 

Mixing equipment is also known as switching live streaming video equipment that allows you to record audio or video from multiple sources. While it is optional, it becomes important in a multi-camera shoot.

Hardware switchers are ideal if you are shooting a video as you will get a different type of camera angles. Moreover, you can switch between the cameras through après of the button. For a more versatile shoot, you will need multiple audio mixers. When you use encoder in your live stream, you can mix the audio digitally on your computer.

  • Strong Internet Connection 

A robust internet connection is what binds all the other web streaming equipment, and it is absolutely essential. You need to connect the encoder with a wired Ethernet Cable. If you are in a remote location, you can connect with wi-fi. Some hardware encoder comes with multiple connection support so that you can enjoy uninterrupted streaming.

  • Content Delivery Solution 

Picking the right content delivery solution for your streaming is very important to fulfil your objective. Today, you have some many live streaming platforms including-

  • YouTube Live
  • Facebook Live
  • Periscope
  • Twitch
  • Younow
  • IRIS
  • Dascast

The world of marketing and content creation is rapidly evolving, leaving business owners, content creators, artists, etc. on their toes. Live streaming today has become an important source for marketing and content creation. And one of the main reasons, you should invest in it is because it has a massive user base that is constantly growing. By using effective live video streaming equipment and quality content, you can generate greater brand visibility and user engagement.


Live video streaming equipment
Live video streaming equipment
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Are Considering options For Streaming Software For PC?

Are you considering downloading stream software for your computer to become capable of live streaming videos to your website or social media platforms? You are unlikely to encounter any difficulties finding many providers offering you streaming software for PC as well as Mac. Spending some time browsing the Internet and researching for the software you need is all that you are required to do. However, you must also be prepared with a decision about whether you want the software for free or are you willing to invest for the same. Software providers offering you their wares will be giving you options which you need to choose wisely.

The popularity of live streaming events to websites and social media platforms has increased dramatically ever since streamers realized this was a convenient method of reaching large audiences with the help of stream software available from different providers. Streamers initially only consider the software believing it is their only requirement. They don’t realize streaming live content needs more than just software on a PC when they begin researching for the stream software. It is quite common to observe enthusiasts of streaming wasting hours or days conducting research only to reach providers that may not offer the best options to them.

Delivering the best live streaming technology requires an advanced platform which is only available with a few companies in the world. The live streaming software for PC from VivoEnt is the best available in the streaming industry. This specialist of video streaming is bringing emerging technologies into the industry of live video streaming. They can be considered as the web streaming software solution by streamers that are trying to become involved in this business.

Streaming live videos has become popular with gaming companies, online education, independent journalism, and even for broadcasting events and conferences. It is a foregone conclusion that the streamers are using the streaming software they need along with an end to end solution which can help them to broadcast live without difficulties. Streamers that have been in the business for some time would have considered the solution offered by Streaming Project as the core component and application technologies utilized by them are an assembly of the most advanced proprietary systems and software of its kind. The technology can provide a seamless experience to bring remote customers to the website of the streamer.

The live video streaming capabilities and system engineering breakthroughs are the best available on the market presently from this company. They have the leading video encoder and decoder in the world along with their unique communication protocols for live events which allowed them to offer an advanced platform which can deliver online video and videoconferencing services. Streaming Project has video streaming technology architecture which is based to ensure the licensee is not required to manage the hardware for live streaming. The requirements and management including Web servers, encoders, and routers are managed by the experienced staff and engineers of Streaming Project.

Presently mobile streaming has become a part of everyday life as more people are attempting to ensure their content can be streamed to as many platforms as possible. Streamers are not willing to lose customer engagement and royalty simply because they are unable to stream video or audio by using their mobile devices and other content with having streaming software for PC. Streamers are recommended to adapt to the conditions prevailing and also begin mobile streaming because Streaming Project can dynamically adapt their video for playback on many target devices and provide a simple way to publish video or audio and even deliver it to devices of all types anywhere.


Streaming software for pc
Streaming software for pc

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Things To Look After When Choosing Live Video Streaming

There are numerous live streaming platforms found over the internet which are easier to locate and are used by millions of individuals across the globe. Therefore, the selection of choosing the right one according to the requirements of an individual can be a challenging task, especially for beginners who find this live streaming option to be new. There is no need to pay for the features, which you do not wish to use and make sure to pick something simple, easy and suitable that you need, so that you perform smooth live-streaming in the process.

Through recent researches, around 67% of the audience have purchased tickets for an event after watching its live-streaming, and by the year 2020 live-streaming is expected to account for about 82% of the internet traffic. On the other hand, 56% of the individuals who love sports will take the help of live-streaming on the internet than watching the sport on the TV, and these individuals are the younger generation from the age of 15 to 36, who will pay the most for live-streaming in the area of sport. The older generation wishes to stick with the advertisement-based television networks.

There are many things that you need to consider when you do live video streaming. These components will play a major role to provide you an issue-free experience in the area of video broadcasting.

Things to bring under your considerations

There are several important things, which you need to know and look after when you think of selecting the live video streaming, and the points are provided below:

1. The speed matters:

When we talk about video streaming, speed plays a very important role in the process. The size of all video files is considered to be much larger when you compare them with other types of data files. For such occasions, these video files demand a great deal of faster internet connection for them to transfer, otherwise, you might come face-to-face with an error. With the help of the live video streaming software, the data will be transmitted on a real-time basis, so that you cannot recover the losses in the middle. The direct video streaming will become easier to perform when you keep your focus towards a specific localized area.

2. Speed and reliability:

CDN or content delivery network is well known to treat speed issues in the process. This is because the CDN plays its role in the form of a global network where all the servers are connected. The data is automatically transferred and copied through all the available servers, and it is only possible during the time of CDN based-streaming. This will give all individuals access to the videos from the services, which appears near to their location, and the overall speed increases as well as the buffering issue is terminated. When the CDN server is distributed, it will allow you to share a good deal of load on the server and many viewers will be given the chance to stay updated all the time.

3. Easy to use:

Honestly, streaming is considered to be a technology, which is highly complex in the process. With the help of the streaming camera software, the live videos are developed in various parts and are connected with the help of numerous software and hardware tools. When you have access to the modern and advanced platform, and geared up with the right equipment, it will be easier for you to perform the streaming process. However, it will be considered the best trick if you start your streaming process with a free trial, and test the reliability of that particular platform.

Take the help of API, which will enable you to work with personalized web, mobile or desktop applications, and help in assisting you towards fast streaming. With the other live-streaming projects, which are currently available on API can be integrated very easily, when you start your live streaming from a studio platform. When you have a software, whose structure is code-based, it will provide you with an easy integration towards different areas of the videos if you wish to present all the details through one single network.

Final note

With the above-mentioned information, it will allow you to have a complete understanding on the important components before you get the live-streaming software. It will allow you to become more knowledgeable and keep you prepared so that you don’t have problems with your live-streaming experience.


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Satellite News Gathering and what you need to know

News gathering is and has always been an important part of people’s lives. In the earlier times, it was just restricted to gathering stories for a newspaper so that they could be published and people know about what’s happening locally and, in the world at large in the mornings with tea. Now, with the upgrades of technology and top-level advancements, every news channel is striving to catch news as it happens and shares it with the viewers in the least possible time. One of the technological innovations that have made the latter popular is satellite news gathering. To know more about it, just keep scrolling.

Understanding Satellite News Gathering

In simple words, Satellite News Gathering is a process that allows people to watch live news and events from the comfort of their homes and offices. It allows a journalist to make broadcasting live easier by covering live events that happen around the world via ENG trucks & ENG vehicles and share it with an audience within a time span of some microseconds.

In the earlier times, this time span was considerably longer as there was often a gap of a few days between the day a news story was covered and when it was reported. This gap has been reducing with time and has become so minuscule now that people hardly notice it.

Understanding DSNG

Digital satellite newsgathering or DSNG is a kind of electronic news gathering (also known as ENG) that refers to a bunch of electronic technologies that let a news reporter from any part of the world to share the news with the entire world.

ENG had its origins in the 1970s when people started to transition from using film to using videotapes. Since then, technology has moved at such a rapid pace that people have abandoned the use of not only videotapes but analog land-based transmission signals too. The latter was popular for a while before digital formats, and satellite technology took their place.

What Were Analog Land-Based Transmission Signals?

Before digital technology took over all lives (you know it has), satellite feeds were transmitted via analog signals that actually were waved signals. This allowed news providing agencies and channels to send news to other people across the borders with ease. Everything from the Falkland Islands that took place in 1982 to the Gulf War in 1990 and 1991 was made available to the general public, even the people who had no direct involvement, with this technology.

The Digital Adaptation

In the 1990s, the world moved from analog signals to digital satellite signals, and this made the former obsolete. The latter is a binary system or signals of on and off that can be sent via microwave transmission as well.

The Video Compression

An expert on satellite news gathering and author of two famous books Jonathan Higgins says that video compression is very like concentrated orange juice. If water is taken out of fresh orange juice, the transport is easy and cheap, and the drinker can decide how much water to add. Similarly, if the information is taken out to make it easier to transmit and then added back to the other end, it makes the process simpler and cheaper. Therein lies the reason for the success of DSNG over analog method while broadcasting live. It’s fast, effective and cheap!

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Thinking Of Live Streaming Your Wedding?

The future has arrived and guests attending your wedding over the Internet is becoming a reality. Quite a few couples have used the technological advances to live stream their wedding simply because the invitees were not able to attend in person or preferred to make their presence felt with an online appearance.


Live streaming weddings over the Internet gives you a number of options which you otherwise wouldn’t have access to. You can invite hundreds or even thousands of guests virtually to watch the live streaming website that you have chosen. However, you also need to choose a platform that is not only popular but is also accessible to your invitees. You can choose two of the most popular platforms that are available almost everywhere across the globe. You can consider streaming to Facebook or even utilize the option of streaming to YouTube. Let us look at how you can achieve your objective of live streaming your wedding to these platforms.


Streaming To Facebook
Here are the steps you need to take if you want to stream your wedding to Facebook:

  • Initially, you need to download the streaming software.
  • In order to create the live stream on Facebook, you should be visiting the live create link and click live stream.
  • You may want to choose where the live post should be broadcast.
  • You should select the enable persistent stream key if you want to make the stream key permanent. If you overlook the enabling of this key will not be able to use the stream again after it ends
  • Copy and paste the server URL as well as the stream key to the settings of your streaming software and begin the video stream from your encoder. At this point, you will be able to view a preview screen.

Thereafter you just need to write a description and provide a title for the streaming.
After you have completed the steps mentioned above you simply need to go live or schedule a release. You just need to be aware that people will be able to react and comment during the live stream but you will also have an opportunity to respond at the same time. After the live stream ends it will remain in the place where you initially shared it as a video post.


Streaming to YouTube
Streaming your wedding to YouTube will be much easier than doing it on Facebook. In this case, you do not need to purchase or download any streaming software and you just need to find your YouTube live dashboard in order to broadcast a live video on the platform.
Here are the steps you need to follow for streaming to YouTube:
After you sign into your YouTube account click on the picture of your YouTube channel profile.

  • The clicking will take you to another screen where you will be able to see the creator studio button.
    At this stage, you need to click on live streaming in the menu on the left sidebar.
  • You will be welcomed to the YouTube live streaming with a simple get started screen if you are visiting this page for the first time and this is the place where you need to associate your telephone number with your channel to receive a link which can be shared.
  • You can begin live streaming to your audiences after you receive the link by doing it right away on scheduling the streaming for a later time.
  • Regardless of whether you are streaming your wedding to Facebook or YouTube, you need to understand the software of both platforms and of time and not leave things for the last moment because you could make a mess of anything simply by not preparing in advance. Will be leaving your guests disappointed and perhaps have zero audiences for the live streaming of your wedding.

Hope you have found this article helpful, for more information about live streaming, you can contact Gosolo at:

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Live Streaming Software – Things To keep In Mind


Live streaming is emerging as a powerful tool to engage users for business as well as entertainment purposes. Live streaming is nothing but broadcasting a video as you are shooting it over the internet. You can understand it as video chatting with an enormous unknown audience.

Just like any kind of video production, making an engaging and professional live stream involves good live streaming software. This is because the software will let you add custom logos, high resolution, and well-mixed audio to the live stream. Moreover, because live streaming is live, unedited, and uncensored, you will need the best live streaming software out there.

Apart from software, the following are some things you should be aware of while live streaming. These tips will help you in creating high-quality videos and improving customer engagement.

Do not use any camera

If you live stream professionally, you must invest in a professional camera. The camera of your smartphone might do the job well but if you want more professional and seamless broadcasts, a professional camera is imperative.

Use a fast network

As a beginner, you might not understand the importance of your network’s bandwidth. If you use an inconsistent and low upload bandwidth, the quality and resolution of your video may fluctuate in the middle of the live stream.

Pixelated and choppy video upset the audience. Even the best live streaming software would not make any difference if your internet connection is poor. So, make sure that the network is consistent and fast enough to produce seamless videos.

Use a simple setup

Your setup should be well-lit and have steady cameras so that your videos are steady and bright. A well-lit setup ensures that everything in your video is clear to the audience. But do not go overboard with the setup, employing a number of tools and equipment.

The more complex your setup is, the more likely it is to break down. If you use dozens of things, the risk of one of them failing increases, which can disrupt your entire video.

Keep backup equipment by your side

We are not talking about keeping another live streaming software handy but monitor, cables, and charged camera batteries available. This will ensure that even if anything fails, you can instantly connect its replacement to resume your video.

Do test runs

The best way to test your video stream quality and speed is to stream using a backup account first. Keep a second account with all the settings to private. Now, live stream from this backup account and then watch the video from your original account. You can ask someone else to do this for you as well.

Stream from your original account only when you are sure that the quality and speed of your stream is desirable. This way, the audience would never see bad videos.

Engage with your viewers

You may earn followers and viewer engagement by offering good content, but you can increase the number dramatically by engaging with the audience. You can ask them to comment, post questions, suggest topics and then act as per their demand.

This will make sure that you are delivering what the audience wants to see and make the viewers feel valued and heard. As a result, your audience will keep coming back for more.

Be consistent

The audience does not appreciate inconsistent and irregular live streams. So, schedule your live streams. If your live streams are inconsistent, you may lose followers as well as waste your previous efforts. Also, update your viewers about when you will be back with another live stream at the end of each live stream.

Look straight in the camera

Just like while talking to someone in real life, you would look in their eyes, talking to an online audience also requires you to look straight into the camera lens. This will show the viewers that you are alert, focused, and conversing with them.

Final Thoughts

A successful live stream is not just broadcasting a video but ensuring you post the streams consistently, test your streaming speed and quality in advance, use quality equipment and setup, and talk to the viewers. You should also invest in the best live streaming software for more professional-looking live streams. However, you can use good live streaming software for free as well.


Live streaming software
Live streaming software





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Methods Of HD Streaming To Facebook

The globally connected society is now looking at live streamed events in increasing numbers. A report on video marketing trends published by Forbes in 2017 estimated that video traffic from the Internet will be over 80% of the consumer Internet traffic in four years. Reports have also been provided by other companies that online video will account for approximately 72% of all mobile data traffic by 2019. If you are considering HD streaming to Facebook this is perhaps the right time for you to begin collecting the streaming solutions in order to make your stream successful on the social media platform.

Before you even begin to move ahead and plan for HD streaming to Facebook you are recommended to initially invest in a streaming device apart from the recording equipment and also a streaming encoder. These are the essentials that you cannot afford to ignore unless you do not expect an audience to view the streaming.

The best options for you for streaming a live event will see success coming your way if you have streaming solutions which are appropriate. You will have no difficulty in finding experienced broadcasters who have the resources, time, and the technical experience to operate their own services but this in most cases is not feasible for most people or organizations. You can have access to specialized servers with sufficient bandwidth to ensure successful broadcasts if you contract one of the professional video streaming platforms. Streaming services will manage any congestion and make it possible for you to have a large viewership. It can also accommodate large numbers of viewers even from remote locations across the globe because they are streaming higher-quality content.

It is a requirement for you to understand that the better quality of service you select in terms of support, features, and cost the possibility of having better futures and quality when you are broadcasting live video streams will be available to you. You are recommended to spare some time to compare various services which are available and also to take advantage of free trials before eventually deciding on the plan best suited for your needs.

As a first timer if you are planning to generate revenue from streams you also need to ensure that the streaming platform you have chosen can offer you monetization opportunities. Most professional platforms have these features and can offer you pay-per-view or subscription and event archiving. If you have decided that you will be involved when HD streaming to Facebook unit to ensure you have everything arranged for well in advance by making the right selections for the hardware you need.

After you have arranged for the streaming device and the streaming encoder you need to invest in recording equipment which is a crucial component for streaming video. You will have an overwhelming range of options available to you but you are recommended to spend time conducting research and looking at all the options before you make a decision. Using this method will give you an opportunity only to invest in equipment that is truly suitable for your streaming goals.

With a large number of individuals looking forward to HD streaming to Facebook and other social media platforms the demand for streaming solutions has increased significantly. If you are entering in this field as a newcomer you are recommended to consider all your options before you eventually decide whether to stream or not by yourself or to sign up with a professional streaming platform to make it easier upon yourself to manage the technical part of the streaming. However you still need to make some investments in a camera, streaming device and streaming encoder because these are essential requirements without which you are unlikely to succeed in your attempt to complete HD streaming to Facebook.


Streaming to facebook

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Reasons Your Business Should Be Looking For To Big Data Pipeline To Snowflake

Big data has become the heart of every business. It is because enterprises collect a massive amount of data for the purpose of data analytics, with which they grow their business. However, this information gets collected from various applications and platforms. To perform the process of analysis, companies need to assemble all the data in one place; only then they would be able to get insights from the information. Now, this would have been easier with the conventional in-office data storage methods. But as most of the organizations have moved to the cloud data warehouses like Snowflake, the work has become a little hectic. As the Snowflake cloud-based service stores data in specific formats, it brings in the need to perform an ETL to Snowflake so that the data can be stored efficiently. ETL to Snowflake also provides the following benefits:

  • High scalability and flexibility
  • Lesser operational costs
  • Better operational efficiency
  • Great internal communication

Until a few years back, the experts used to complete the Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) process manually. That was not only time consuming but was also prone to some human errors. However, with the ‘big data pipeline to Snowflake’ tools, this work can be automated. This automation makes the ETL to Snowflake more efficient while providing more time for the experts to focus on the analytics work.

Before jumping on to these tools, we will first see what the ETL process is and how exactly it works with Snowflake.

Data Integration

There are various platforms, from where organizations collect their valuable data. If the gathered information is saved in different places, it would be of no use. When it gets accumulated in one place, it helps with providing meaningful insights. That is why it is crucial to integrate the entire data into the efficient cloud platform, Snowflake. This data integration procedure can be done with the concept of ETL. Here is what ETL stands for:

  • Extract: Required data is extracted from all the homogeneous and heterogeneous data sources.
  • Transform: The destination location, Snowflake, stores data in a specific format. So the extracted data has to be transformed in the target format.
  • Load: Once the data gets transformed into the desired form, it has to be loaded on the Snowflake platform. Then it can be used for any further purposes.

The ELT process can be considered as a big data pipeline to Snowflake as its, each steps’ output is the next step’s input. It is a crucial process in every business because only this process can provide the kind of data that is required for data analytics.

Benefits Of Automated Big Data Pipeline To Snowflake

Now the question is when ETL to Snowflake was done manually, and it provided satisfactory results, then what is the need to use tools for automating the process. A few benefits of the process automation with tools are:

  • Faster Results: Setting up a big data pipeline to Snowflake, manually, can take up to hours of work. And when people work hours on the project, the chances of committing errors also increases. In order to avoid both these problems, automation tools can be used. They help in creating the pipeline in only a few minutes. So, the results are attained faster.
  • Cost Efficient: Businesses need to look up for the cost factor in every new thing that they set up. They also hire experts who can help them with reducing the overall costs of all the new or old installations. However, that is not required in this case because it can be done with the automation tools. Manual work increases not only the cost of pipeline development but also its maintenance. These tools can reduce both the charges, making the business save more while working efficiently.
  • Focusing More On Analytics: The ultimate aim of accumulating all this data is to perform analytics on it. And if people will spend all their time on building and maintaining the big data to Snowflake pipelines, they will get no time for the analytics. With these tools, they can automate all the work of pipelines and get back to their primary task of analytics.

Data analytics is one of the most crucial processes of businesses nowadays because it helps them grow. However, with the Snowflake cloud platforms, the work of accumulating the data to one place has become a little hectic. To solve the problem, experts can use big data to Snowflake pipeline tools. These tools make the work more efficient while cutting on the time and cost investment of the procedure. Therefore, all businesses should opt for them and make their job easy.

etl to snowflake

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All You Need To Know About Live Streaming

Live streaming is the ability to create or watch events at the same time as it happens. It is quite a demand now, as people like to experience events from their homes’ comfort and do not want to miss a thing. With live video streaming services now available quickly, it has become convenient for people to experience events. Not only for consumers but for content creators as well, it has proved to be a boon in disguise. It incurs less cost and delivers maximum results. Going live has become a top-notch game in its sector with the best video encoders, decoders, and HD streaming technologies. Let us now have a brief discussion on why live streaming is the new hype and how it works.


Why Is Live Streaming’s Popularity Gaining Momentum?

Its popularity is growing because people find themselves part of it. They can interact with the creators, their favorite set of people, or someone they admire. There are numerous ways the audience can interact and express themselves. Live streaming is an excellent way to put your content through to the audience. It is also an efficient means to earn money. Nowadays, even online games are live-streamed, which has boosted its popularity among the younger generations. Various companies are now assisting in live broadcasts or mobile streaming in HD qualities.


How Live Streaming Works?

A live video is transmitted without prior recording and storage, directly to the audience. Almost all the social media platforms are now laced with live features to be on par with the rising demands. However, on technical grounds, the process is quite different. It works at different levels which are:

  • The first step is capturing the action with a device that transmits the visual data in a digital format.
  • Live stream information is sent in fragments, unlike a recorded video, which has to be sent at once.
  • The data is then compressed to remove all the redundant information. Subsequently, it is encoded into various compatible formats available, such as:
  1. 264
  2. VP9
  3. AV1
  4. HEVC
  • Once the above processes are complete, which is only a matter of a few seconds, it is time to make it available for the viewers online. It is here that a CDN comes into play. It distributes the information to various servers and temporarily stores it to live stream from the CDN cache rather than an original server.
  • After CDN distributes the visual content for viewers, their devices decode and decompress the visual data. Subsequently, the media player installed in them interprets and plays the video.


Benefits Of Live Streaming

The craze for live streams only keeps rising with time. It is an efficient medium to reach a larger audience to promote your talent or boost your business with very few expenses. Let us now look into a few of its benefits.

  • Builds trust

You can build a trust relationship with your viewers, which is beneficial for you or your business’ growth. And people tend to buy services they trust relating it with quality.

  • Boosts transparency

There is nothing you can hide during a live stream. You cannot edit anything that you do not like. Therefore, it boosts transparency, which will help you garner more views.

  • Cost-efficient

Live streaming is a cost-efficient option to choose because it does not require heavy equipment or technical support to go live. All it needs is a capturing device, a good internet connection, and a receiving device.

  • Convenience

Modern technology has made live streaming more convenient, both for the content generator and the viewer. A creator can go live anytime they think is right for them, and a viewer can consume it even from their home’s comforts.

  • Wider reach

With social media and good internet connectivity, live streaming is now able to gather a wider audience. Your talent or your business will have a far-reaching effect proving beneficial to you.


Live streams have successfully garnered widespread popularity because it brings an event happening in one corner of the world to the reach of people residing in another. Be it for recreational purposes, educational, or funeral purposes, it connects people, making the world a small space. So, we believe by now; you have had a fair idea about what a live stream is and goes behind its process. We are also hopeful that the discussion mentioned above will help you decide why choosing live streaming is the right choice for your services.
For more information, I recommend to visit:


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The Evolution of Online streaming solutions and Video Webcast

Radio and television broadcast are the very first live streaming media to be introduced into the world. These are the first inherently streaming media delivery system. Another form of media delivery system is the so-called inherently non-streaming, like the compact disc and cassettes. Today, as the technology becomes more advanced and with the development of the internet, streamed media files have become easily accessible to most people. 


Webcast is one of the newest forms of spreading information through the use of internet. Webcast is done by streaming a content or media simultaneously to several viewers and/or listeners, just like that of a regular TV or radio program. In contrast with downloading files which have to be downloaded first before the media can be played, streaming can be viewed even before the entire file downloading is finished.


Webcast promotes independent broadcasting among private citizens. Webcast likewise can be produced by average citizen to promote personal interests, views, or events, from the confines of their home. However, the largest webcasters at present are those existing television networks that simultaneous broadcast—simulcast—of their regular programming on the air with online streaming.


How Does Webcast Work?


Streaming is a process wherein the media or information is viewed by a client before the entire media file is completely transmitted. Presently, webcast can be streamed live or on demand. In live streaming, a video is sent by the webcaster directly to the viewer’s computer or mobile devices. Live streaming can be viewed without saving the file on the hard disk, it can be viewed directly as the event that is streamed unfolds, and is only available for that time being. On demand webcast, on the other hand, are saved in a server for a period of time and can be streamed progressively at the request of the viewer. While live streaming can be viewed only once, on demand streaming can be viewed repeatedly just like in YouTube.


 At present, ordinary people share their views and commentaries on any particular subject by means of podcast or webcast. However, unlike the webcast which is live stream video, podcast is more of media files placed on the Web.


Technology and Development


During the turn of the century, internet users saw developmental leaps in the Web such as:
·        The increase in the accessibility of the internet.
·        Greater bandwidth for faster connectivity
·        The introduction of HTTP, HTML, TCP/IP formats and protocols


Aside from these new technological developments, it was during this time that the very first media players were introduced to the public. By 1999, Microsoft introduce their Windows Media Player 6.4 while Apple released its QuickTime 4 application. These media player applications have streaming web video features. Later, RealPlayer joined this application melee, and due to the variety of formats adopted by websites, consumers were compelled to acquire all three applications.


With three separate applications, consumers began to clamor for a single, unified streaming format. The increasing popularity of the Adobe Flash or other Flash-based players on video hosting sites, has prompted the development of Flash-based streaming formats. Lastly, due to the ever increasing consumer demands for live streaming, video hosting sites such as YouTube, were compelled and obligated to execute streaming services for their users. 

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