Connected Car Technology — Is It Really Beneficial?

Debates have been raging about how connected car technology will change the future of driving. It is believed that the technology will be helpful to reduce road collisions and prevent accidents which usually occur because drivers are unable to view the hazards on the roads. Even as debates about the technology continue questions have also been raised about connected car security and whether vehicles that are connected to each other will really provide the kind of benefits that are being spoken about.

In the year 2010 and estimated 5,419,000 accidents were recorded in the United States out of which approximately 33,000 fatalities and 2,239,000 injuries were recorded. Records are available to show that fatalities from motor vehicle accidents from 1899 to 2013 were approximately 3,613,000. Those were the days when the technology of connected cars had not been developed. Drivers had to rely solely on what they viewed because they did not have the technology to assist them.

It was only after automobile manufacturers and technology companies realized that they had to develop a technology to reduce accidents by helping drivers to prevent road collisions that the vehicle to everything technology was developed. The development helped drivers to improve road safety because it allowed vehicles to communicate with each other and other road users along with any infrastructure around them. The vehicle to everything technology which is also known as V2X is a reliable non-line of sight sensor which is capable of working in all environments and weather conditions.

The technology can be used in manned vehicles to convey information to drivers in the form of alerts while in autonomous vehicles the technology complements any sensors which are existing. The technology is providing drivers the confidence of knowing ahead to ensure they take the precautions needed to avoid dangerous situations.

Tests have already been conducted in China on connected car technology and positive results have been reported by one of the providers that developed the technology from the beginning. AutoTalks is a company which was founded in 2008 and is a pioneer and leader in providing customers with state of the art global vehicle to everything solutions. The chipsets manufactured by AutoTalks is helping to reduce road collisions and improve mobility everywhere. The chipsets are offering the most advanced, highly secure and the best performing vehicle to everything communication solution which has been designed for autonomous vehicles.

Considering the benefits offered by connected car technology people may get a feeling that they should be opting for the same right away. People would not be wrong for believing in this way because they too would not want to be involved in road collisions which could leave behind disastrous consequences. However, it must be understood that the technology is still in its infancy and it will be sometime before it is mass deployed in the coming years. However, people can rest assured they will soon have access to improved overall road safety with effectively coordinating vehicles which can identify motorcyclists, pedestrians and even infrastructure with the help of the technology Incorporated within the vehicle.

Connected cars are already operating on the roads in the United States with the technology being promoted by companies like Tesla and Google. However, they still have not been able to master the technology as it has been done by AutoTalks which is at the forefront of developing automotive qualified chipsets not just for connecting cars but also to improve connected car security with their technology. It may still be some time before we can enjoy the full benefits of connected car technology but it is a fact that the developments will be highly beneficial for everyone and perhaps help to bring down the high numbers of accidents which are currently being reported.