Consider These Factors If You Are Looking for A Mobile 3D Scanner

Consumers that aAre you looking for a mobile 3D scanner which is capable of delivering high-quality 3D models even in difficult lighting conditions with professional grade measurements? You may consider spending time conducting research to understand the specific device you should be looking for. Rather than waste your time you are recommended to read through this article because it will provide you information about the best mobile 3D scanner technology which is presently available in the market.

Conducting research over the Internet searching for a mobile 3D scanner will certainly expose you to a number of products which are being offered by numerous manufacturers. However, it is strongly suggested that you only look for the F6 smart which is a market leader in 3D scanning. As a professional, you may want to use the mobile 3D scanner for scanning large objects and areas from short or long ranges. You should, therefore, be searching for a handheld device which can provide you superb quality data based on a patented algorithm of innovative encoding. Most importantly the device must also be capable of scanning complex scenes within seconds.

The F6 smart features accuracy of up to 0.5 MM along with depth resolution of 1 MM. The color camera of the F6 smart can capture high-quality images during scanning and convert them into a photorealistic mesh texture. This mobile 3D scanner is equipped with a powerful scanning and 3D data editing tool which is suitable for both professionals and amateurs. The mobile 3D scanner technology is easy to use and features strong registration, measurement and meshing tools.

You could be searching for the mobile 3D scanner for using it in technical room scanning, reconstruction, manufacturing and maintenance, reverse engineering, modeling for CGI, cultural heritage, forensics, archaeology or any other requirements. However, you can rest assured that the scanner technology offered by the F6 smart will provide you with a software package which is a complete collection of scan and editing tools for 3D models. The technology utilizes the patented algorithm to perform 3D decoding and registration online for guaranteeing accurate scan results in a 3D point cloud format. The editing tools will allow post-scan actions such as noise removal, registration corrections, meshing, editing, file format conversion as well as export. The tool is being provided with the F6 smart allows the creation of highly accurate mesh and color texturing for high-quality output.

As a professional, you would not want to invest a substantial sum of money in a mobile 3D scanner which may not prove appropriate for your needs. You could easily receive a number of offers from online marketplaces for handheld 3D scanners that are being offered by numerous manufacturers. You may even be tempted into purchasing a 3D scanner which may be offered at low prices. However are you willing to compromise on the quality of images you intend to scan with the 3D scanner you choose? If your answer is in the negative you are suggested not to consider products other than the F6 smart because this is being offered to you by a 3D technology company which is acknowledged as the market leader.

The F6 smart is manufactured by Mantis vision which is a mobile 3D scanner technology company. This company is providing 3D scan solutions including the 3D object scanner, 3D camera phone technology as well as the unique structured light sensor technology. The unique VR technology can enable next-generation depth vision, 3D face recognition for smartphones and much more. As an investor looking for mobile 3D scanner technology, you are suggested to consider the factors mentioned above before you opt for any other product which may be offered to you.