Home Sleep Apnea Test Made Easy By WatchPat

Undergoing a test for sleep apnea was a cumbersome process until 2017 when companies like Itamar medical introduced thehome sleep apnea test which could be undertaken by patients with the WatchPat device. The home sleep apnea testing by WatchPat is the only sleep apnea diagnostic device approved by the FDA. At a home sleep apnea test the device uses unique finger-based physiology along with innovative technology to enable accurate testing for obstructive sleep apnea by avoiding the complexities and the discomfort associated with traditional airflow based systems.

The innovative use of technology has ensured that WatchPat can offer unparalleled performance, reliability, and satisfaction both for patients and healthcare professionals. WatchPat offers the easiest to use home sleep apnea test. The device can be worn like a simple wristwatch with the need for belts, wires and nasal cannulas being eliminated. The simple and intuitive use of the device leads to outstanding compliance with a minimal failure rate of -1%.

WatchPat offers the most clinically validated home sleep apnea test as compared to the in-lab PSG test which is considered as the gold standard with a documented correlation of 90%. The tests are accurate and comprehensive and the device is the only non-EEG available in the market which can measure true sleep time or real sleep time rather than just the time of recording to provide a complete sleep architecture.

Itamar medical is using advanced proprietary technology as the WatchPat operates on peripheral arterial tone signal. The signal can measure arterial volume changes at the fingertip to reflect the sympathetic nervous system activation.

Getting diagnosed for obstructive sleep apnea always scared patients because they had to wait for months before they could even get an appointment for the testing. Even when the appointment was granted the patient had to remain concerned about the high cost associated with the test apart from the discomfort they had to go through because of a number of wires and tubes connected to the body. Patients also had to undergo the testing in an unfamiliar environment which often lead to inaccurate results. It’s a different matter that sleep clinics often needed a couple of weeks to deliver the results after the testing was completed.

As compared to undergoing a sleep apnea test at a sleep clinic getting diagnosed by WatchPat is not only cost-effective but requires minimal preparation and training or handling before and after the patient has used the device saving valuable man-hours for the physician. Even better is the fact that fully automated reports are generated within minutes to increase workflow efficiencies and the turnaround time for the treatment.

More and more patients are presently opting for home sleep apnea testing because they can undergo the test in the comfort of their home without having to go through all the difficulties that are traditionally associated with getting diagnosed at a sleep clinic. Credit must certainly be given to Itamar medical for developing the WatchPat device which has made it easy for numerous patients to undergo testing for sleep apnea from the comfort of their home.

WatchPat is simple to use, accurate, fast and reliable. It can provide information such as AHI (apnea-hypopnea index), ODI (oxygen desaturation index), RDI (respiratory disturbance index) to indicate parameters such as body position, snoring, true sleep time, sleep detection, sleep stages and a lot more. Among the numerous devices which are presently available for conducting a home sleep apnea test, WatchPat is singularly among the best available because it can provide comprehensive information about the condition of the patient to the physician. Therefore people that are advised to undergo a sleep apnea test are suggested to inquire with their physician whether it would be possible for them to access home sleep apnea testing which is more comfortable and also cost-effective.