How Do Picture Background Remover Services Compare With Malabi?

It has already been established that for businesses which are operating on e-commerce platforms white backgrounds for images are the better option because They lead to better conversions and sales. Leading e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay have already intimated sellers on their platforms not to submit pictures with colored backgrounds because they will no longer be accepted. This has led sellers searching for a picture background remover because they couldn’t afford to cross corners with the major e-commerce retailers. Sellers also sought out for an automatic picture background removal API because they had hundreds of thousands of images which are all needed to go through the editing process for background removal.

Considering the demand from sellers on e-commerce platforms for a picture background remover several developers have begun offering tools which they claimed for the best available. We also decided to conduct a test to understand whether these developers were offering something different as compared to Malabi. We tested out their software which had been developed for users to give them the ability to create studio quality pictures without spending money on a photographer or a studio.

The free tool was easy to use and we could upload approximately 30 images to the API in quick time. Initially, we believed we may have dropped on the images one by one but fortunately discovered the option of uploading multiple images with a single click of the mouse. The results we were able to observe was great and the app also allowed us to edit the images we had uploaded to a certain limit. We were using the free app and therefore subject to the restrictions which most developers are applying.

When we decided to create an account with Malabi we were presented with a different version of the software altogether. We were offered a couple of plans for which credits need to be purchased every month. However, the plans were scalable and therefore we only needed to invest money for the number of images we wanted to edit. They have a self-service plan which requires the user to learn how to use and operate the software. This may be a little time consuming for an individual who may not want to spend time before a computer simply to remove backgrounds from images. However, the self-service plan was affordable and is a great way for beginners to start with this API.

Malabi also has an automated private user plan for which the prices will depend on the number of images you want to have edited. With this option, users can send a number of images and hope to receive them back within 24 hours. However large quantities of images over 500 in number may take a little longer.

With either of these plans, we observed that the quality of the images was surprisingly high. We had submitted various categories of images for editing and nearly 50 to 75% of the images were returned without the need for any touch-ups. They just needed small fixes which had been accomplished by Malabi.

Perhaps the only drawback we observed was the lack of the software to identify images that didn’t qualify for background removal. We believe Malabi will soon rectify this drawback because their customers are likely to get irritated because they are wasting credits by inserting images into the software and getting results even for images that are not suitable for a clear background.

The Malabi picture background remover is an automatic picture background removal tool, unlike other services which are offered such as Clipping Magic and numerous others. The prices offered by Malabi are inexpensive and will suit the budgets of most sellers on e-commerce platforms who are generally concerned about extending their budget. Sellers who want an appropriate tool for background removal of images need to look no further than the option being provided by Malabi because it is the best available.